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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Meridian Augur

    Timeouts and unknown errors. Ahh, memories!
  2. Roxxlyy Augur

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  3. EnchFWO Augur

  4. Tchanam New Member

    ....but at least we are not trying to log in with Windows 98 OS and a 16Kbps connection to the internet.
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  5. Supersong New Member

    There is way more than 2000 people trying to log in. I think we should be happy for the increased popularity of everquest. Everyone needs to stop complaining. just give the team some time.
  6. Hateseeker Augur

    Didnt you mean Classic experience?
  7. windbearer Lorekeeper

    I saw Roxxlyy's response on another thread about 1million people logging into a 20-year old game. That's a cop out. I was on dial up 20 yrs ago, Im using a MUCH better connection now. The game might be that old but the servers and networks are not. This should not be happening
  8. Sakuraba Augur

    Is this problem only on Mangler, or is it effecting Selo's too? I also notice now that they're investigating problems with FV...xD
  9. Knasher New Member

    Was notified that server was at max and that i was in a queue ~1 min wait time...we will see
  10. ikrouki New Member

    i keep geting time out
  11. Gremin Augur

  12. windbearer Lorekeeper

    Sorry, but I can't buy the "20 year old game" excuse. The game is not being run on servers from 20 years ago on networks from 20 years ago and being accessed by those on dial-up connections. :)
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  13. EQ_Scotty Journeyman

    How you gonna jack my thread
  14. Ishbu Augur

    Thats strange. Looking at the recent forum posts it looks like youre the only one.
  15. Primanti New Member

    Yeah I remember the last time this happened and just like that time my wait time increases as I wait
  16. KennyJr New Member

    Been trying to get on for almost an hour now and just got a message that says the server is at full capacity. WHY WAS I EVEN BORN!!!!!

    /joke. calm down hecklers lol. Seriously though, full capacity server. sigh.
  17. Gremin Augur

  18. nazgull2k1 Elder

    ROFL.. 1 minute?!?! You lucky bastard!!

    Current Que for me is (get this..) 121243 minutes

    So.. I cant play for 84 DAYS...

    Now THAT'S a login que!
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  19. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

  20. Skaeth New Member

    How does the queue work in this game? There's no indication other than a message saying you're in the queue, avg wait time 1 min, but it's not true, nothing happens after a minute or even 5 minutes.