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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. DingoJack Journeyman

    When I play Path of Exile on a launch, that has many more players than EQ, I get entered into a queue and wait maybe 5-15minutes, then I'm playing.

    There's no excuse for this in 2019.
  2. wharfrat New Member

    If it's a login server problem howcome I can log in to all the other servers except Mangler and Selo?
  3. Sebaten New Member

    Any ETA on the server evening coming back up?
  4. Fluffhead New Member

    Anyone know the difference between locked and down for the server?
  5. MrZev New Member

    WoW launch was just as bad. Atlas is probably the worse i have ever seen. People waited hours at the login screen, just for them to say ohh we delayed it 3 days.
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  6. Hive New Member

    I have the same problem.
  7. Patrol New Member

    100% Curious to know on this as well. It's been a hot minute. But they're probably evaluating what to do over the mount situation, or simply going through and making sure they cut them all out.
  8. Drakkal Elder

    Lol, you obviously have not been in the MMO scene as long as you state, several MMOs over the last two decades have had days where people can't log in, not hours.
  9. Strickin New Member

    Sad times when a server launch that has been done multiple times by the same company compares to a game made by Wildcard
  10. Patrol New Member

    When Luclin launched, I was a kiddo on baby internet. I got it "Early" for Christmas eve and we went light looking after I installed it, with the hopes it'd be done when we got back.

    We returned to a 28 hour download on a game that had required physical CDs....

    I actually cried, because of EverQuest, on Chrimas Day. Because it was still 6 hours away at bedtime.... Lol.
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  11. Pissing-In-Cheerios New Member

    Does it matter, you still won't be able to log in!
  12. Lateryn Augur

    Haven't played many games then.
  13. ArrMonk Journeyman

    There are multiple login servers. There is a login server for all of the EQ servers, and each server also has a login server. It is Selo and Mangler's login servers that are borked.
  14. Daimos5 Journeyman

    8 hour queues on WoW launch day...
  15. Madae Elder

    I have to reboot my computer every time it fails because closing EQ and relaunching the game stops working after the timeout - it just hangs on a black screen and won't load. :)
  16. Zanatos Journeyman

    I'm assuming most of us have played or are playing currently on another TLP. We knew (or should have known) it was inevitable that you would not deliver on what your promised your consumer. With that, another day wasted looking at a server select screen. No, you're not forcing us to sit here and wait, we're actually doing that by choice because we want to play the game we all love so much. The item/bag/potions duping that many have witnessed on streams, the wrong mounts being able to be bought have given select players a very unfair advantage. You completed fubared the launch, make it right and roll it back.
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  17. Lovik New Member

    Problem solved! All servers are now locked!
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  18. Patrol New Member

    Selo is locked for reasons I've stated several times, unintended purchases were allowed, breaking the race.
    Mangler is maxed because both TLP pops are trying to get in.
  19. Trizek Augur

    Ah, this is pretty funny.

    This que system is honestly one huge joke. But yours is just the greatest thing I've seen. What position am I in? Where exactly is the que status? (pretty sure they don't even have one) and by the love of god, when we're in Que WHY DO WE KEEP GETTING AN UNKOWN ERROR FFS
  20. Trizek Augur

    The launch of Warlods of Draenor was pretty terrible with Ques. After Warlords though they upgraded their servers and made sure they do not suffer from this again, needless to say DBG just embraces it.