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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. ArrMonk Journeyman

    It was never fixed before. I am pretty sure once they found out about the broken mount issue, they have never increased the max server population. Mangler is at high capacity.
  2. Ayar New Member

    "Queue times are not accurate" only response you're going to get from devs
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Does that make the Selo Queue useless?
  4. Shadix New Member

    I understand the desire to throttle the server to increase stability. However, what has occurred is while I could login before throttling, I cannot at all since the throttle has begun. People are not even able to reserve names. No one will log out either under these conditions causing false interpretation of usage. Those few that are there have an awesome play experience with a low pop world, while the majority of us are having a miserable wishing we had not made plans for the opening. Many of us have planned our day, our week, and month, our time with families around what DGB said it would deliver on. Please at least remove the throttling so we can at least get our names and then go do something else while the server balances out.
  5. ArrMonk Journeyman

    There is no queue. it is a server is full message box. Selo is having issues and no one can get in it. Mangler is slowly letting people in. very slowly..
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    Any old software system has some defects, especially in network code, that no one has ever been able to fix.
    The timeout problem is one of those.
    No one will respond to any question about it, because there is no answer they can provide.
    Unfortunately, it renders the queue as meaningless, since you have to log back in every few minutes.
  8. Evade Augur

    Just hope they launch Rizlona and roll there
  9. Fastlane Journeyman

    Yep the queue is a myth. It doesn't work, at all. Just keep trying to log in, eventually you'll get in... I predict late Sunday / early Monday...
  10. EQ_Scotty Journeyman

    They can't remove the throttle, it'll crash the login server. This is what they're trying to prevent.
  11. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    Even if they launch another server, which will hurt the TLP community, it will still have to go through the same throttle system.
  12. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    Sat in the Que like you said to do Roxxlyy and it resulted in this[IMG]
  13. Mazikeel Darkangel Journeyman

    I now it's fruitless to post here but 4 hours and 21 minutes after the server launch and I've only gotten to the character screen once. I managed to create my character then crashed when entering the world. Rumor has it the average wait time for the queue means nothing. It has to when it says 1 m and 30 minutes later I get a time out error.

    There has to be a better way to handle launch day.
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  16. DingoJack Journeyman

    4.5hrs and a dozen different error messages later I think I might be done with this game.
  17. Fluffhead New Member

    Don't think I've ever seen a smooth MMO launch. Patience folks. Can't imagine dealing with this sudden ramp up.
  18. ExpvpXchanter New Member

    For three hours plus now, I cannot even get passed the server select screen. closing the window and reopening will sometimes give me a wait time of 83min, 72min and sometimes give a wait time of 2,809,402min.
    I will let it sit on the advice that I am in the que and it times out every single time.
    should I stay in that window and keep hitting play or
    keep closing eq down and retrying.
    this is getting really old after so long.
  19. Shadix New Member

    Please remove throttling so we can reserve our names and then go do something else till it stabilizes. It is unlikely you will be able to create a queue that will give everything to everyone. Let everyone at least get their names.
  20. Evade Augur

    I've never played a MMO where launch day went smoothly. Probably close to 20 MMOs over the last 2 decades and all have been rocky. But with that said, I have never not been able to log on by hour 5 of launch.

    Fix your queue. Fix your server
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