TLE Queue Times

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Roxxlyy Augur

    Queue times are not accurate.
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  2. Radloh Lorekeeper

    This is not a new idea. The first progression servers in 2006 allowed character creation a week before launch.
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  3. ZuukP Journeyman

    Are timeout messages accurate ?
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  4. Zish Elder

    Cool, good to know.

    Can you please explain how, then, we get into the game that we are paying to play?
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  5. Aterminator Journeyman

    of course they are not... you get timed out after 3 minutes.
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  6. Gremin Augur

    I sure hope so, if it wasnt for Legend of Grimrock to play I would be insane right now.
  7. Primanti New Member

    Can you please tell us more information on throttling? How many people are being let in and in what increment? At what point is the throttling supposed to end? If I knew this I could go do something else instead of constantly relogging and frustrating myself to no end.
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  8. Tankage New Member

    This is absolutely inexcusable, 4 hours in and nobody can log on

    Ridiculous, absolute joke of a company. Sad what EQ has become
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  9. ArrMonk Journeyman

    I am sure people are aware of that by now Roxxlyy. The more important question is... Is there any estimated time for Selos to be fixed? Last I have heard, still only 200 people in it. Mangler at least has a higher population and is letting people in.
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  10. Coirnav Augur

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  11. Coder Joe Journeyman

    *staring at errors

    Can any dev or anyone who has access to the servers behind the scene at LEAST give us the tiniest courtesy of an ETA? We are wasting an entire Saturday trying to take part in YOUR 20th anniversary celebration.
  12. Jontrann Augur

    Yeah nothing is accurate, even you're launch time.
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  13. ShivanAngel Augur

    You click on any server except selo's or mangler, lets you play the game you pay for.
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  14. Evade Augur

    May I ask why? Why would the queue times not be accurate? Do you not have competent programmers on your payroll?
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  15. NoMoreQPls New Member

    It doesn't matter if it is accurate or not. It times out and the whole process resets itself every few minutes. Have you all not had someone attempt to log in normally from the office? Seriously it doesn't take a genius to see there is a serious problem.
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  16. ** Dragonslayer ** Journeyman

    well 4hrs something might be messed up with it Roxx ya think?
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  17. Asskicker666 New Member

    Roxxlyy can you explain to us whats up with the continuous time outs then please
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  18. Cham New Member

    I know, I was being sarcastic.
    Can you give a realistic timeline of when people will be able to log-in?
    I'm half embarrassed to say at this point but I planned my Saturday night around this........
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  19. Lowlife Lorekeeper

    Why do you keep replying to posts saying queue times are not accurate but not giving any useful information? We all know that after 4 hours the queue times are not accurate. Give us useful information and/or maybe fix it.
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  20. flimflam New Member

    saying the que is working is a joke and a flat out lie
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