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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. PodofWater Journeyman

    get in line?
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  2. snailish Augur

    Rox said in another thread the queue timer # will not be accurate, but that it is working.

    They are throttling logins and letting more people in when they feel servers can be stable and handle it.

    Problem is... people aren't logging off in big numbers and are all concentrated in the same zones --so I don't anticipate that necessarily being a fast process.
  3. AeHaze Journeyman

    Time does not matter, Roxxlyy has already said that, Theyre throttling the logins, Pretty extensively at that...
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  4. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    It has been 4 hours since unlock. My computer has been sitting in the queue since about 3:30pm with an average time of 6 minutes in the box.

    What will be the record I wonder.
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  5. ArrMonk Journeyman

    We will be waiting for another 3 to 4 hours as well. This is not a simple fix. They refused to allocate resources to fix this. They have known this has been a problem since the original TLP server years ago. For them, they don't care if their customers are upset, they already got your $15 for the first month.
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  6. Evade Augur

    No one is going to quit? Meh, I came here for the nostalgia factor after I heard of the progression servers. I was quite happy on p1999 and I'll glady go back there till Pantheon. Seeing what today brings before I make my decision
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  7. Arnuphis New Member

    Making even Funcom look good at this point!
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  8. DingoJack Journeyman

  9. Clyve Lorekeeper

    This post is false because you're not actually in a queue.
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  10. Chanaluss Augur

    i dunno, theres a lot of people around here who are awfully surprised.
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  11. Kcooler Lorekeeper

    I got in pretty quick every time on Agnarr, but this time its, just Que, Wait - Time-out rinse and repeat, for hours.
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  12. Remind Journeyman

    4 hours and nothing. blame the login servers
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  13. Lovik New Member

    In the background behind your 'in queue' message, is a time-out of your connection to the server. You are not in queue. :(
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  14. OldRodKS Elder

    How did you stay in the queue 4 hours without timing out? Are you a wizard?
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  15. Lateryn Augur

    THere's nobody on selo now, since it DC'd everyone about 30 minutes ago. So they can't even use throttling excuse.
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  16. Cham New Member

    That is 10156 days
    That is 27.824658 years

    Thank you DBG
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  17. Kruggan_Darkblood Lorekeeper

    Like others have said, I appreciate the responses the dev team (Roxxly) has given in regards to setting up a queuing system for logging in... however it's of no value as I've sat for 4 hours watching queue after queue after queue sit there and time out, only to start the process all over again. The queue process isn't working. I'm sure you don't appreciate your time wasted - we don't either. Can we get some updates, a different process, or simply take the server down while you sort this out?

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  18. Duality Augur

    Maybe next time they will offer platinum queue status for 5kr
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  19. Crayon123 Augur

    Rizlona is inc
  20. Lateryn Augur

    No one even on Selo now. It DC'd everyone out and no one has gotten back in since then.
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