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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Nuther Augur

    Didnt think to add more login capacity for the 20th, eh?

    Ive been sitting here 4 hours now.
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  2. Sinnje New Member

    now you've done it. Server down!!
  3. Remind Journeyman

    Agnarr had the same login servers. And the same huge influx of players
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  4. vylo Augur

    What huge influx? we are talking 4 maybe low 5 digits. Games have been handling those numbers for logins for well over a decade without a hiccup. Your techs aren't doing their job.
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  5. Psalmz Elder

    How can the world server be FULL when DBG explained that dynamic sizing with zone instances would prevent this?

    For reference: In 1999, Tholuxe Paells had over 400 toons in Greater Faydark on start night. It wasn't perfect but better than this.
  6. Evade Augur

    If you had a workable queue system that didn't time you out after 10 minutes it'd be fine. Oh look im 400th in queue with an est wait time of 2 hours? No problem, I'll just watch Game of thrones.

    But this current method doesn't work. Timing you out after 10 only to have to head back to line again is terrible
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  7. wharfrat New Member

    It's a sign of epic incompetence. That's all, and nothing more or less.
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  8. Juniper New Member

    Now it says Selo is Down in red text. Is that a good sign? *hopeful*
  9. yerm Augur

    rollback likely
  10. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    Well as far as I could tell I created 2 characters on Selos and I still cant get in, so its something else not just creation or I'd be able to jump right in like other servers.
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  11. Juniper New Member

    Selo 39 min..... :(

    The locked status keeps jumping around too.

    I'm not sure if I should keeping trying to log back in, or if I should just wait after I am told I'm put in a queue (although time out happens pretty quickly after that).
  12. Tendrils Journeyman

    As if it wasn't already
  13. Fuiri New Member

    I agree. This is getting to the point of being unacceptable. I have played on most of the TLP servers when they came out and none of them had this much of a problem. Well maybe the first one that came out.
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  14. Stanky New Member

    somehow everybody else except this company did!
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  15. Malik_Fippy Journeyman

    This is why you "NEVER" do a release on a weekend at midday ...
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  16. Pictarous Augur

    This is the 20th Anniversary.
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  17. ShivanAngel Augur

    Its about the same as the ragefire launch tho!
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  18. Clyve Lorekeeper

    If only people warned them...
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  19. Lisfin Journeyman

    Selos shows its locked for me now...
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  20. Bonified Lorekeeper

    Everyone should request a refund or claim any charges from DBG are fraudulent get all our money back. Lets just see how they like that then they will know how we feel right now
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