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    servers up
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    From the past progression servers, what I know about the Que is that it is a rough estimate on how long you have to wait until someone logs off the game or is booted before you can join. If you were in the Que on the past progression servers and clicked it again the time would go up but that is a rough estimate of someone just then entering the Que. Your position was still the same from when you first entered the Que unless you logged into another server or logged out of the game. What I don't know is on this Que is how to keep from getting the the time out error messages. The past progression servers you just bounced back and forth from the chat to the server selection to show activity. That has proven false here today. I have been waiting since a little after noon and have had over 12 time out errors long before my Que time was up despite bouncing back and forth to show activity. Each time the time has increased and now up to 6796408 minutes. I am now desperate and trying something different and just not clicking the OK button after entering the Que. I highly doubt this will work since I am probably already timed out error and just don't know it. I was hoping for some feed back from Roxy or any Dev what we should be doing to make sure we are all fairly waiting our turn to get into the game. Thank you.
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    Thanks, Fireworks!
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    Not the login server apparently
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    The listed que times are not the time it's going to take you to log in, it's the average wait time of the people who got in before oyu. It's going to keep going up as more and more people log in. The first wave might have waited 5 mins, but the second wave waited 10, etc etc... so when you see "average wait time" it just means it's going to be longer than that, and that's how long the last person to log in waited.
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    Someone reported that Selos has only 120 people in game. Not sure of the accuracy, but how is that?
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    The problem with a clone server is that it will be a dead server in a few weeks (or months max). Don't forget what happened to Lockjaw:(.
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    Yes, clone the server so they can mess up the merge of it with the real one at a later date and delete all your characters and wipe your stuff.....
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    This Que system is a joke.... either you end up sitting here waiting wayyyyyyy longer then you should or you get a Time out issue. would be nice to play the game that we PAY for.
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    Holly tweeted that the queue times are inaccurate. They are somehow manually throttling people in.
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    did you keep the queue prompt up or did you hit OK and it still let you in
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    90 minutes and 10 new people..

    [Sat Mar 16 16:07:09 2019] Channel Selo.general(115) members:
    [Sat Mar 16 17:25:47 2019] Channels: 1=Selo.general(125)
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    well i went from a 9 year queue to a 10 year queue
    so i will be in on the 30th anniversary
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    Made it 'in game' long enough to get the log out character message on disconnect.

    At least you should have a character name.
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    The world may never know Strickin. He is probably enjoying the game as we grumble with envy.
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    Confirming that I also got in from the queue. I did it by clicking "ok" then switching to chat server and checking back every so often. It logged me in automatically while I was tabbed out checking the forums here.
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    Mangler (Timeout Progression)
    Selos (Fast Timeout Progression)
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    Lockjaw didnt die, the population was actually just fine. Had 6 raid guilds, now its done to 3. It lost the majority of its population due to Phinigel release.
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