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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Ansla New Member

    Pretty crappy way to spend a Saturday afternoon indeed. The lack of a response to the issues is the most annoying part.
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  2. Lisfin Journeyman

    But I have watched them all already, I want to play EQ now!
  3. Whistling Jimmy New Member

    My due time just keeps going up... /sigh
  4. Psalmz Elder

    No evidence there's anyone at DBG working today, or that they care..
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  5. Kywen Augur

  6. Sultan Elder

    This will be ongoing until Midnight tonight, mark my words, take note of the time and #highfiveme at midnight.
  7. Whistling Jimmy New Member

    I just want to sell my goods at the 2nd torch in the tunnel, is that so bad?
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  8. ArrMonk Journeyman

    We all want to play EQ, they decided not to spend any resources to code an actual queue, or increase server cores/bandwidth. They already got our money, they don't care if we only sub for a month. $15 from 10,000 people is still $150k. Especially when over half of them give up in frustration within a couple of hours of trying to log in.
  9. Whistling Jimmy New Member

  10. Artaserse2 Elder

    You may just be right. Just one question-----Are we talking about EDT or PDT:D?
  11. vylo Augur

    Honestly, though. I have several MMO devs as friends and they would be fired out of a cannon for this kind of thing. This might have flown in 1999 or 2004 when EQ and WOW didn't know what they were doing and logins numbered in the 6 digit range, but its 2019, these things have been figured out and implemented by any company that wants to even pretend to know how to run a MMO.
  12. nope1 New Member

    I'm here to complain. Let me level my character u bad server.
  13. Flood New Member

    Mangler is full. The goal of being impartial by making this a weekend opening, has failed. Those in game are grinding leaving everyone else behind.

    We need Mangler clone server that is able to accommodate everyone that is shut out.
    This worked well with The Sleeper/ The Combine.

    Making new threads really won't help (unless they are requesting this.) . Every login, disconnect, que, creation, thread points to this fact. The sooner the devs get this message, the quicker it can happen.
    #newclone #mergelater #playerbase
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  14. Ayar New Member

    This right here. Bunch of threads on this forum asking for any kind of explanation for what to do to stay in the queue, and nothing from devs except a "lol I didnt really mean a million people".
  15. Sultan Elder

  16. Bento Elder

    Lol good luck with that. We can barely get the devs to tell us whats going on.
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  17. nope1 New Member

    Whatever they need to do to make it so we can play all at the same time with our guild. this is total bs
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  18. Clyve Lorekeeper

    Hey, look on the bright side. You're averaging about $5.99 per hour of entertainment for the price of your sub thus far.
  19. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    We are with ya man! Took forever to get in Que..then it timed out lol, It's about time to go nap and worry about it later.
  20. fireworks Journeyman

    Reporting I was able to get in with a 72 minute queue, it automatically pulled me in to char select