TLE Queue Times

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. ExpvpXchanter New Member

    enough said. well, except for total bs. and if you want original eq experience again, you got it!
  2. Lynxtan Twistedtail New Member

    I've just been sitting in chat
  3. Joeyrgegjwj New Member

    I'm calling it lol. Over two hours of staring at the same error messages has me feeling like a bigger moron than the guy running the login server.

    Quite the anniversary event they put on for all the returning players to check out lol.
  4. Dawdle Augur

    So glad this guy made it in so I can watch somebody else play. Almost level 4 already. Some people will be level 20 before a lot of people get in.

    So few people have made it in and stayed in it's not even funny. The actual server populations are Low for both Selos and Mangler.
  5. Storm Cloud New Member

    77 Min Queue .. .and it took almost 2 hours to get that....
  6. Ponter Elder

    Uhg I'm so jealous...
    Watching this will have to suffice, but at least this is forcing me to study for my exams.
  7. Drtox New Member

    So yeah, your saying you don't want anyone to log in or use your TLP server for the next 10 years.
  8. MonkeyDivision New Member

    Glad I resubbed for this. Meh!
  9. rando New Member

    Any word on when the actual launch time is for the new prog servers?
  10. Psalmz Elder

    The queue is a myth (trying to be polite) , it times out no matter what I do. Then more time out messages. Putting up with the same crap for 20 years does not make people like this!
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  11. discordkitty Augur

    It eventually let me in just after I had hit the button again and the queue told me I'd be waiting 75 minutes.
  12. RainbowTest Augur

    Which is funny cause in 10 years Selo will be merged into a live server, so maybe we should all just login to that server now and avoid all the fuss?
  13. ArrMonk Journeyman

    This is not a login queue message. There is no login queue. That is an error box message you get when the server is full. It gives you a random average wait time to join the server. This wait time is a completely made up number. Ignore the message box and watch a movie, when you come back, check to see if they increased the server size. If they haven't watch another movie.
  14. CaynEnable New Member

    @ hours and my wait time just keeps getting longer... Oh well... maybe a nap and try again at 4am..
  15. Malik_Fippy Journeyman

    Ive been in 35 min que for an hour now .....
  16. Dontez New Member

    Is the server at max capacity or are we able to get in eventually? If its max, just fill us in so we can write this game off as no room.
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  17. Hinastorm Elder

    Give up for at least a couple more hours, 100%
  18. Whistling Jimmy New Member

  19. Kywen Augur

    It is way not max... server status page shows Low population. They are just letting people on very slowly.
  20. windbearer Lorekeeper

    My queue time keeps increasing. Either people are butting in line or your system is broken. Most likely the latter.