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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. ArrMonk Journeyman

    The "Queue" is just an error message that generates a random number after the "Average wait time:xx." A queue does not actually exist. It is the reason why they don't answer the "do i click ok or not": questions on the forum.

    What is happening is that no one could get on yet again because everyone tried at once and they have no queue. They lowered the max population to like 100 people, once that fills up, then they increase it to 200, 300, etc.

    Ignore the message box and keep trying. They are banking on the fact that people will leave the error box up and think they are in an actual queue.
  2. Lisfin Journeyman

    What a PoS queue system.
    Wait time: 13 mins, times out...
    Wait time: 26 mins, times out...
    Wait time: 33 mins, times out...
    Wait time: 46 mins, times out...
    Wait time: 56 mins...wonder what happens next..
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  3. Paithian New Member

    the queue is crap, it means nothing. its there to let you feel like something is happening so people calm down. mine has gone from 17 to 53 to 1490209 minutes. doesn't matter what you do, its all RNG for getting in.
  4. Bento Elder

    It was very stupid to launch it midday Saturday. Launch it midnight and work it out overnight. Very disappointing.
  5. ikrouki New Member

    they using 1999 server lol
  6. barrth Journeyman

    What I want to know do we stay at server screen after the time out or reload the game again. I keep getting time out every 5 mins so unsure which option to take
  7. Dragon Jockey Lorekeeper

    Average wait time 1490209m, or 1,034 days.
  8. Duladin Lorekeeper

    Gonna take a wild stab but...63 minutes?
  9. Lisfin Journeyman

    I agree, this was a terrible time and date to launch...what were they thinking...
  10. TLP_Mage New Member

    After my St. Patty's day celebrations, I'm glad i didn't make the mistake of waiting for this to work since noon! How is everyone else's Saturday going?
  11. yraapt New Member

    I've tried both (two comps) and it always seems no matter what I do I eventually get a connection error :(
  12. vylo Augur

    How can you still be this bad at launches after 2 decades?
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  13. Xiss Journeyman

    6796408m -- Up from 22m earlier. I'm hoping that Pantheon may be ready by the time I get on to Mangler.
  14. TLP_Mage New Member

  15. FL!P Augur

    Hold my snickers?
  16. Thexian Journeyman

    6.6M minute wait for me. This is just gross negligence.
  17. Artaserse2 Elder

    Actually until this bust my Saturday hasn't been bad. I got quite a few things done.
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  18. kdomg Journeyman

    That's nothing, mine is 6796408.....come at me bro!!!
  19. vylo Augur

    Well, europe is going to bed, assuming a decent number of players are european, that should mean a slight fall off. Otherwise, you have about 4 hours left before the east coast starts to tapper off.
  20. Ootax Augur

    Past history shows that wouldn't change anything. If they did what you say like they have done in the past there would be dozens of posts from people complaining how they took off work for this, etc, etc. Bottom line is it wont matter when they launch, logging in will be an issue and always has.