time to update the "offline" bazaar seller having to be logged in

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  1. FranktheBank Augur

    Lmao, what an amazing take.
  2. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    i made 3 accounts so i could sell more. just think how many traders there be if you didnt have to be full access to sell offline. I know i would get rid of my three accounts. As you can see they would lose of alot of $$$.
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  3. Bardy McFly Augur

    Having a trader up shouldn't block normal gameplay in 2022.

    The seemingly easiest coding solution I can think of is that /trader creates an NPC copy of yourself in the bazaar at your current location and that's what players interact with. Note this is without knowing the actual code but probably the smallest change from the outside looking in.

    If DPG is concerned about paying for the dev time, add online trader under one of the perks and get a few more people to pony up for one of those. Maybe pick the one that the fewest people have chosen so far. Those without the perk continue to have /trader function in the current offline mode.
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  4. fletchette New Member

    yeah uhh, its distracting. thats your argument? that you would see shiny things in the bazaar and not be able to play the game while searching the bazaar window. you're joking right lol, you can do this now. this has nothing to do with online/offline/baz traders, this a personal attention span issue. from casual to tradeskillers to raiders, everyone uses the bazaar and somehow people manage to raid and do progression and other stuff...

    this is about peak selling time and not being able to use your account because you, as a paying customer, are forced to decide if i am able to play the game i'm paying for or i have to lock the account to use a trader. all access isn't like paying for a mini storage unit, we're trying to play a game here.

    its also about freeing up some resources. theres hundreds of accounts logged in the bazaar alone only to trade. thats 100's of characters to load, 10,000's of textures, 1000's of pets, 1000's of familiars, 1000's of auras, etc. just overall unnecessary strain on old hardware and code. biggest complaint all of us have is lag in game. this a potential change that could help.

    How would the trader character be designated that it only be allowed in the baz? easy. its called code. Just the same as how you can't enter trader mode unless you're standing in a designated stall area. theres 100's if not more examples in the game of a requirement before something can be done. outdoor only spells for example. hOw CouLd tHE gaMe KnoW!?!

    i suggest a band aid fix like this so its more likely to be doable. no ones going to build a new trader system for a 25 year old game as much as we'd love it. but we can update their subscription model so that using the bazaar all access features DO NOT lock your account so you can't play.

    we're here to slay the dragons, not be bazaar NPC's 24/7
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    Devs should get rid of bazaar and make us go old school and sell in EC tunnel.
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  6. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Huh? You would have even more baz pc 24/7 with one account being able to do both. You would still have to load up almost the same amount of resources - they will still have the mounts/familiars up and auras. And this would not do squat to help raid zones.

    I meant distracting as in paying more attention to the alt baz toon and if he is selling or need to lower the price of stuff etc while on the main in a raid. Sure you can browse and buy the baz now but that is not the same as actively maintaining your trader.

    But I think your idea is excellent really, for baz bot's who run scripts.

    I doubt it will be taken seriously but hey we can all dream and sometimes ideas are great. Like the perk idea...whomever came up with that one was right on the nose. Great way to increase monthly revenue (most business need this to stay afloat) without hitting the rest of us in the pockets - those of us who choose not to perk
  7. fletchette New Member

    not sure you're following this conversation... i'm talking about not having a character logged into the game to sell. that the client is able to read the text bzr seller text file that has all of your baz item prices in it and list them without having YOUR character logged into the game. set your price in a stall like you do now, then click offline mode. BUT the game actually logs your character out. it just needs your prices that you specified like usual, then offline mode actually logs that character out of the game until you log back in on it. you would still be free to use your account to play any character.

    you keep saying this but it doesn't make sense lol. life is filled with decisions, you gonna have to make decisions on how you spend your time. let it go...

    No clue what this means. i'd ask for you to tell us more but i don't think you're grasping the conversation at this point.

    again man, 2 extra bag slots has nothing to do with the inherant issue of locking your account to run a trader. buy your bag slot perks, good for you. they just banned at least 100's of accounts for 3rd party tos violations. they need revenue, an extra 3 bucks for 2 bag slots isn't going to make up the difference in revenue from all those accounts.

    fixing the trading system so that it doesn't lock your account means people will actually see incentive to pay for all access that otherwise would not.
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  8. Cronar Elder

    Would be nice if the dev studio got some backing and just made a better eq1/eq2 combination in a brand new game so that they can actually get into the 21st century.

    In another world, in eq2, you don't have to be logged in to sell. Wonderful system. I scream that it should be ripped off for eq1, incoming replies that moms spaghetti code and too much effort not enough help no money and no room at the inn. Every single time. Excuse after excuse. Lame because the excuses come from the player base and never the devs.

    List of eq2 things for eq1 to rip off:
    1. broker system
    2. play housing system
    3. any race/any class
    4. better shiny system
    5. varying zone types (solo/adv solo/group/raid)

    List of eq1 things for eq2 to rip off:
    1. Norrath not all blown the hell up
    2. Luclin actually makes sense
    3. Can level from 1 to a billion without touching a quest

    All the threads asking for nice changes that are always ignored.

    The End
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  9. Enuen Journeyman

    I think the "bazaar merc" is a great idea. But to alleviate the issue with the income loss from fewer accounts, make bazaar mercs purchasable from the DPG store just like bags. DPG gets its money and we can free up an account to actually play the game. Win-win.
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  10. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Now this is brilliant.


    Edit they could make them only hold X amount of goods so we have to purchase another one for larger inventory
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  11. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Larger Trader Satchels FTW
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  12. Annastasya Augur

    i feel like everybody knows this. Who checks the bazaar for stuff at peak play times (evenings US )? And if that's you making purchases at this time, you are probably paying the most for whatever you're buying.
    Some very cursory research would show any interested buyer that US time zone- raid times are when the fewest items and worse deals are to be found.
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  13. aftergloe New Member

    Maybe this is crazy but i always wished that they would make a app for my smart device that i could manage my bazaar character while out and about. Maybe even connect it to chat system too, i know that this is a far fetched idea with a aging game though.
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  14. Arkanny Augur

    there used to be a chat only client a long time ago. or maybe it was the card game client that you could log into chat channels or something like that. No idea why they stopped supporting that, but it's certainly possible.

    And if the bazaar merc idea flies, lets keep it free as long as you're subcribed, enough cash grabs.
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  15. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Yes, your right it was LON - it had a separate server and you could log in and chat while you played the game etc.

    It was discontinued cause no one could comprehend all the rules.

    Most of the employees who worked for it up in Denver were laid off and the server was closed. It was an added expense to run that server then so I doubt they would pony up more money now to run a separate server for anything like this.
  16. Laronk Augur

    Honestly the people against a better bazaar system likely mostly pay for an additional account already so they can sell during prime time when they’re playing. Not improving the bazaar system only serves the current farmers, my bank is full of stuff other people could use or need and if I could sell it auction house style (or if baz and barter were better thru those systems) but my limited play time needs to be used for … playing the game.

    A lot of the time when im done for the night im done for the night, the idea of transferring gear around to another character so that chartacter can go setup and sell the stuff is the worst of any mmo that I’ve played in the past 20 years. It could be improved. I’d gladly pay a 10% listing fee to just throw stuff up for sale for 7 days.
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  17. error Augur

    Some kind of NPC trader system similar to FFXIV's retainers that others have mentioned would be the logical progression, but realistically I don't see them changing traders in any significant way at this point. Too major of a revamp that would require too much QA testing for EQ's current development resources for too little return when the existing system "works".
  18. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    What we need is even larger trader satchels :)
  19. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    I am a bit confused with your post. Are you saying that the current system is okay because everyone knows the best deals are in off-peak hours and the work around is to shop during off-peak hours (ie when I am sleeping or at work)?

    If so that isn't really a good option for those of us who have commitments outside of EQ. Personally that is the only time I can check the bazaar.
  20. Flatchy Court Jester

    What about overseer? You are only able to run it on your trader unless you are going to interrupt those oh so precious PEAK SELLING TIMES! Gotta cover all bases so we maintian max profits so our stockholders get share value added!