Time to bust out the Rizlona server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gremin, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Fethos Lorekeeper

    Have you ever been on those servers that have been merged? characters, entire guilds, etc.. all deleted and lost.
  2. Lumiens Augur

    It's a lot better to deal with hefty populations at first than deal with dead servers later because the initial population was split up too much.
  3. Fethos Lorekeeper

    even better if they could just push out two servers and merge them.. but again, as posted above. brains.
  4. Gremin Augur

    Its the login servers to a degree, but when i am sitting in a que its the server capacity. I have been in this que over an hour now.
  5. Dannynine Journeyman

    you should just launch the other server roxxlyy rather than just sitting on them and forcing people to wait as it is people have already got a 2 hour head start vs other people who still cant even log in

    atless this way it is far on the people who cant even log in they will get to start at the same time with everyone else
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  6. Overcast451 Augur

    Can you count them again? Because really, it seems like 1 million and 20 people. I don't buy that '12' stuff..

  7. Gremin Augur

    Layoffs have occurred many times over the years.
  8. Rukis New Member

    So at what point Roxxlyy are you going to to deem populations for Mangler and Selos as hefty and open additional servers.... I mean its kinda obvious its going to be hefty since you launched it on a Saturday at noon...
  9. Zevered New Member

    Yeah this is a complete joke. Got in as soon as the server came up, made my char, timed out. Got the classic "you have a character online, kick him out?" errm sure. Now it's almost 2,5 hours later and the "average wait time" is up to god damn 84 minutes. Are you kidding me? It's 22:18 over here, bad enough the servers came up at 8 pm in mid Europe, now we wont be able to play "possibly" till like 2 am or what?
  10. Zevered New Member

    Scratch that, 89 minutes....
    Edit: 90... 93... 95... 99....
  11. RolePlayith Journeyman

    We do this every year, it always takes 4-5 hours to smooth out. That is on a weekday at a time when most of the US and western europe are at work or at least commuting. By popular demand they opened servers on a weekend, it's going to hurt worse.

    Opening duplicate servers makes no sense, most people are just looking for some idle fun, not that many are actually interested in investing in these servers right now. So you open duplicate servers for the initial rush, and have to combine them and deal with namespace mangling when they inevitably taper off by week 2. Imagine if they had duplicated Coirnav due to exactly this problem, which we experienced last year? You'd have had two ghost towns until SoL launched.
  12. Respexn New Member

    @Roxxlyy Are we delayed enough (2 1/2 hours later) to open another server?
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  13. Cham New Member

    Thanks for the backhanded launch. Your talks of this "bottleneck" isn't giving back the (already) hours wasted waiting for your company to actually function. What a joke.
  14. nope1 New Member

    this a colossal f up
  15. Toonstring New Member

    Guys guys, remember this is a small indie company that has never done this before.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    THey need to merge old servers that have pops of 1 guild and redirect resources!
  17. Shadowpaws2003 New Member

    obviously populations are hefty, cause my timer keeps growing and I keep timing out. please fix your que, or open another server. Going on two hours waiting now, getting pretty rediculous
  18. Evade Augur

    Please DB. Just release the server so all your paying customers can play this wonderful game
  19. ShivanAngel Augur

    There is only a small handfull of players on mangler and Selo's... like 200ish.

    Far from full, its a server stability issue.
  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Now Selo is locked yet again, can we break out Riz????

    Pretty please, pretty please with cherries cream and cake!