Time for /autofire for all?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Deux, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Deux Augur

    Is it time to consider /autofire for everyone? This command would allow us to hotkey repetitive tasks (in addition to it's standard function of weapon firing). The argument against it has always been it would allow macroing...but guess what macroing is already rampant in Everquest with 3rd party software that DB and most veteran players know about.

    The average age of EQ players has to be in the 40ish range...I'm in my mid 50s fwiw. One of the problems I'm starting to have is issues with my wrists and forearms from keyboard overuse (I'm an addict what can I say) and repetitive tasks require mucho clicking. At some point I'm just not going to be able to keep doing it without either quitting or looking at software to assist me (which I don't want to use).

  2. code-zero Augur

    I'm pretty sure /autofire already works for all.

    Or are you talking about making other tasks auto?
  3. Jumbur Augur

    I vaguely remember training my throwing skill on my wizard by using /autofire(i don't use thirdparty tools). I was level 100+ at the time though, is it only for high levels? :confused:
  4. Sokki Augur

    Autofire works for all classes already, I've personally used it on Shaman, Wizzy, and Zerker. They also added autoskill which helps with things like kick, bash, and frenzy, and some other skills as well I believe.
  5. svann Augur

    There are a few other skills that can benefit from it. IMO any skill that you *always* hit every 9 seconds or less should be available to autoskill.
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  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I think what you want is a /melody type ability for everyone...where we can assign a few abilities/spells to just repeat over and over while we're fighting, instead of having to constantly mash our keybind spam keys.

    I would be all in favor of that.
  7. Deux Augur

    So would autofire work with casting a spell or foraging?
  8. Qbert Augur

    I say sure, let it work on spellcasting . . . but: if you choose to activate it, all detrimental spells cast as a result have a 25% chance of landing on you and all beneficial spells cast as a result have a 25% chance on landing on something on your hatelist.
  9. Captain Video Augur

    At level 61+, combat skills such as taunt, bash and kick can be automated using the /autoskill command. It will not work on spells or non-combat skills such as forage or swimming.

    As it stands, /autofire is only designed for use with attacks that consume ammo of some kind (arrows, knives, pies, etc). Being able to legally automate arbitrary keypresses would be, programmatically speaking, something entirely different, and I would think entail a different command.
  10. Nadisia Augur

    /em puts a gnome in the ammo slot


    ... sorry :D
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  11. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Against EULA. (auto forage)
  12. Andarriel Augur

    People already autoforage why not make it so everyone can so theres a even playing ground? just look in the baz. i saw somebody once with a stack of coarse salt whats the chances of that being done legaly? same person thats always has stacks and stacks of the velious stew and drink. people who auto forage illegally and autoprice with software really tick me off unfair they need a un affair advantage over people who do it legit. Can eq not tell when people bot use autopricing programs or autoforage all night long?

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  13. Captain Video Augur

    There is a perfectly legal way to easily auto-forage. Simply put forage on one of your hotbars, and then bind that hotkey # to one of your movement keys. I use the forward key so I am always refreshing forage while I am walking from place to place. Some people prefer to bind it to one of the turn keys. If you're in combat a lot and re-positioning yourself, that might send more triggers, but bear in mind that forage can't trigger while you're in actual combat.

    This does not negate the fact that some people use third-party software to get an AFK toon to forage while they watch Netflix, but good luck getting GMs to enforce that.
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  14. Nadisia Augur

    Yeah hehe, good luck.
    Foraging with macros (3rd party ones, not EQ macros) is probably used since the very 1st day of the game, about the same for chain casting level 1-5 spells to skill up your alteration, divination, etc skills.

    They don't even seem to control the usage of macaroni quest (or really softly, cf. the long list of bot issues threads on this forum).
    So AFK foraging ... hmmm :)
  15. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    Fun Fact:

    The original, "3rd party" macro software, used for auto-forage/auto-fire (among other things) was incorporated into EQ and is now the same code used that creates the auto-fire function internally.

    Now.. if only they could do that with auto-follow instead of the cluster that it has been for 20+ years...
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  16. Nadisia Augur

    Oh hehe, thanks for the fun fact, I learned something that I didn't know. ;)

    Is it the same code sample used for the crafting «auto combines»?
    Probably not because this one seems to have hiccups every now and then and randomly stops working, while the /autofire seems to be pretty reliable.

    And I do agree for the auto-follow, even with the background FPS pushed to the max, it's still somewhat clunky (it works, kinda, but it's far from perfect)
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  17. Captain Video Augur

    /follow only works well on low-latency connections. When there is any delay between client and server, they can't accurately keep track of where the following toon is, and this breaks pathing. You can see this aptly demonstrated when your main toon stops or turns before reaching a cliff, and your following toon(s) dutifully walk over the cliff to their death(s). The exaggerated server latency problems we've had lately, since the shared character DB project went live, have only made /follow worse. I think the code logic is basically sound, for what it's trying to do, but it depends a lot on server performance.
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  18. Nadisia Augur

    ... /em slips

    SPLAT !!!

    Hey, that's NOT fair !!! I was still reading your huge warning wall-o-text , and now .. I am dead !!! :(


  19. Skuz Augur

    Plenty of gaming keyboards have programmable functions, and have macro software included as a part of their package. Razer being of them.
  20. Skuz Augur

    There are a couple of things that will make /autofollow better.

    Such as making sure the game still runs at decent fps when running in the background (I would set mine at 60fps when running in the background when boxing on same pc on live).

    If you are using a bard don't follow the bard, have the bard follow you while using selos (aa is also somewhat more reliable than the songs so long as you remember to recast before it fades).

    Other than those, run on wired (ethernet connection) to your broadband rather than wireless.

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