Time for a new character. What should I play?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Weebaaa, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Weebaaa Augur

    Hi EQ! So I've mained an SK since forever. I'm getting the itch to try something else, to explore new horizons, to find new and interesting ways to die.

    Thing is: I'm an SK main, I'm used to being powerful and independent in the group game. So, maybe another powerful class?

    Ideally, after some solo play, I'd bring in a box character into the mix whenever I got caught up (or before, if I hit a wall)

    Things I've played:

    What class, that is fun to play, and has a decent solo/molo game, should I play/master next?
  2. blinder Journeyman

    Another SK, obviously.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Magicians are overrated
  4. Yinla Augur

    Beastlords are fun :)
  5. Allayna Augur

    Clearly, Paladin! We often die, so that checks a box for you. We even have an immediate death touch, self only, instant ability...what other class can claim that immense power!?

    So, Pally it up for awhile!
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  6. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    when considering what class to have as a box, the answer is always... ALWAYS a shaman. even if, as in my case, you are already a shaman.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    New ways to die? Play a ranger.

    Seriously though if you enjoyed the SK then play the ranger the same way - as a tank - and you will have fun.

    I used to fill in for tanks back in the day before mercs when the game was getting ready to die and there weren't enough tanks to fill in groups or a couple times I even did healing when clerics could not be found. Just don't play the ranger as a "back up" dps.
  8. Weebaaa Augur

    Thanks for chiming in!
    I was thinking I'd hear Ranger, heh. The only reason it might not stick is "too similar"

    To clarify this will not be a "box with SK" this will be a character that I will play alone, and possibly bring in a support character later in its career

    After sleeping on it, I've become aware of some of my biases, and would appreciate some more feedback on them.

    "Paladin would be fun to hunt undead with flashy slays"

    "Beastlord is a Mage that has to worry about Melee stuff too"

    "Enchanters are super powerful with the right training"

    "Mages are boring and consistent"

    Can Berzerkers pull of impressive things with decapitate while levelling? Or is it more or a superstition?
    Can Clerics effectively level alone, preying on undead perhaps?
    Are Necromancers still Death Machines?
  9. Iven Elder

    Its obvious that you want a powerfull character that does not have to care about melee stuff. So bye bye tanks, melee dps, cleric and shaman. You say mages are boring and you are not sure about necros but necros are pretty similar to magicians, basically they are evil mages. Try a wizard, their DPS provides alot fun and they can be boxed easily together with a tank or pet class. Berzerkers need to be boxed actively to be really effective and you don´t want to care about melee stuff anyway.

    Paladin DPS is the worst out of all melee classes and their undead proc buffs and nukes do not change this that much and its annoying to spam their nukes every ~4 seconds. Chanter is a very complex and versatile class and could provide good DPS when using charm. You could also try a drood for animal charm or quad kiting but zones will be limited then. They are also a good class for boxing with medium to high DPS and backup heals.

    Yes, but they will need the help of a merc tank at about lvl 50 and their DPS is low.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    If you are looking for a class that is different from what you have, mage or enchanter is it. Mages have fairly consistent gameplay that could be boring. Both have some capacity to solo, but the enchanter is more of a specialist in that soloing with charm is great, soloing without charm is mediocre.

    Two boxing a mage and an enchanter from the start could be fun.
  11. Spellfire Augur

    Personally I find beastlords very fun. Well played beastlords are quite extraordinary.

    Mage/enchanter duo would be a fun experiment as well.
  12. Iven Elder

    MAG/ENC is a combo with many synergy effects but does require alot attention to both toons and the DPS is pretty low as its hardly possible to maintain charm pets. The bad thing about this combo are the constant buff and summon orgies (2 PC + 2 pets) every 15-30 minutes in the lower and mid levels and the slow exp. On the bright side the CC (crowd control) is good and mercs are not needed. Its a pretty ambitious boxing duo for experienced players but can be alot fun. I cannot recommend it to players that only play every few days or weeks as of the complexity. Its also nothing for slackers.
  13. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    I still love playing my necromancer who has been my main for over a decade. Sure, the class has some issues with our dots (notably, the time it takes to stack them in the group game as well as the volume of them in the raid game) but there just isn’t much I can’t do with her. Our pet isn’t the best (nor should it be relative to mages and beastlords) but it’s more than serviceable as a tank. And still arguably one of the best classes at soloing if that’s your thing.

    I also enjoy playing my beastlord. For starters, playing a melee class is a great change of pace from sitting back casting dots like the necro. The pet is a fantastic tank, even against most T2 TBL named, and the class has some great buffs and utility. I also like that if I feel like being chill or want to more mana efficient with my DPS, I can just fire off some nukes. If on the other hand, I’m pushing the envelope to maximize my DPS, I have several dots at my disposal that I can utilize too, albeit at the expense of mana. Just gives more options i how I want to play the class. Plus, having FD is nice too.

    The two classes complement each other very well but also play fantastic by themselves too.
  14. Sathayorn Augur

    Druid. It's fun to port around, it's a passable healer, has buffs and utility, and can DPS well. Don't know if you're looking to box or just play a single account. I love my druid.
  15. Drayman Lorekeeper

    No matter what you play it won't be as fun or satisfying as a SK. It ruins other classes for you.

    My opinion anyway.
  16. Mazame Augur

    Cleric can do ok soloing. Playing a cleric solo is very different then playing a cleric in a group or raid.
    If you learn to swarm with a cleric they can do rather well soloing. It been a while from when I was swarming 100+ mobs in DS and they have made changes to how a cleric swarms but I still feel that 10-30 mobs is doable based on where your at.

    When soloing re look at many of your spells as they play different when your soloing.
    Nukes that backdoor heal you are great for soloing but heal for less when using Vow of Valor so you have to plan for that.

    Ward of the Divine, Shining, Divine Retribution, are all good spells to use when soloing.

    Back in the day I would load up my DS, and run around pulling with the viral mark to build up a pull.
    pop Ward of the Divine and pop a DA and watch them all kill them self. when DA faded I would then AE what HP the mobs had left.

    The higher you get the more tricky it becomes but it still doable to get 6+ mobs as a solo cleric
  17. Vumad Augur

    I have always been an enchanter. We are a class like no other. We can tank, off tank, DPS, etc and we do it in ways no one else does.

    Our charms make incredible tanks. We charm and reverse charm. We can chain charm to take down named solo (insanely risky). Charming is an incredible high risk high reward skill that a lot of enchanters do not do because of the difficulty and how quickly things can go sideways. They nerfed us in PoP, which completely sucked, but charming is back and pretty well balanced when considering the risk.

    When TBL came out we actually main tanked a lot of the named with charms. It's a lot of fun because a coordinated effort with a weaker tank and weaker cleric can become quite the rush for the whole group when an untimely break occurs.

    I parsed out my Phoenix in Ash and it puts out more DPS than I do. This brings us up closer to the DPS of DPS classes, although we usually remain lower with hugely more risk. Some groups will object to charm but if you are prove you are good they will often encourage it.

    Reverse charming is when you kill your pet. I molo'ed Essence of the Dragon mostly with charming and reverse charming (I returned from HoT during RoS). I would send my pet into a group of 3, root the group, break charm and then charm something else, killing my pet. It was much more efficient to let the mobs DPS for me. Again, very high risk which is why such a powerful ability is balanced to the other classes.

    We also off tank like no other class. I've created plenty of disagreement with this statement but it is true. No other single class can control 9 mobs at the same time. We also stop AEs when we mez which can control even 2 mobs in a way that other off tanks do not. Controlling AEs greatly improved our value in TBL compared to the previous expansions.

    Many ENC gear like wizards focusing on mana pool, INT and spell damage. I focus on HP, AGI, STA and AC in that order. My ability to stay alive when things go sideways vastly out performs my DoTs and nukes.

    We can also pull with lulls and FD with stasis. Alliance also makes questing easier and illusions can be fun. Rune tanking... so on.

    Anyway, there are lots of great classes. I enjoy my Ranger. I would play a Knight if I joined a progression server and I would probably enjoy a bard. ENC is the only class that fills a place in the game that no other class can substitute.

    But, it's easy to fall into the rut of slow, dot, nuke. If you are going to play like that, then roll a mage, necro or BST. But, if you want to push yourself then ENC is a class that can do it all (except heal, yay molo clerics). Just know you are going to have to work hard and push yourself to get good to do so much while being so squishy.
  18. Duder Augur

    Its clear you've never played a Beastlord or played with a well-played Beastlord. No further comment because that statement is a joke.
  19. Vumad Augur

    Wow you took my comment so incredibly out of context. I just can't even...

    Necros dot better. Mages and wizards nuke better. My point was it doesn't make sense to roll a chanter and then play it like another class. Every class can DPS better than we can. If a person isn't going to charm, pull or CC, then why roll a chanter? I can't imagine how my statement was an insult to beastlords. I quite literally said that beastlords do a better job than chanters at everything except the things chanters are specifically designed to do.
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    Glad to hear charming is alive and well. I wish it was powerful and charmable mobs prevalent enough that it was just assumed that people will maintain charmed mobs. I also wish bards charm was significantly closer to enchanter charm in usability.

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