Fixed Internally Tides of Time Tower Missions Changed

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Zenn-La, May 16, 2024.

  1. Zenn-La Journeyman

    With this last patch, was something changed with the aggro radius of the NPC's
    First floor first two mobs aggro from zone in. Ranger was dead before i got tank zoned in. Cant single pull the mobs anymore, they just both come. IS like all mobs from any active wave all aggro together now.
    especially on the 4th floor, cant even pacy a mob now, both mobs fram all waves just aggro together.
    Now the 5th floor is a little nuts, all the mobs including the boss aggro from the start. Wind out with all those and the adds that pop during the run.
    Maybe you are trying to create a roll for the chanter again. sonce everyone just off tanks everything chanters arent in much demmand?
    Anyway, it is really a major change in how all the missions were working, nothing was mentioned in the patch notes, so can only assume its a bug, as I have tried and it can all be duplicated.
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  2. Alnitak Augur

    I did the mission run last night after the patch. Normal aggro for my group - only drake on 3rd aggroes on zone-in. Everything else as expected. And yes, 5th floor mission the mobs aggro all at once, I did not CC those, just 1 pet tanked them all no prob.
  3. Berline New Member

    I noticed the change in 1st floor (Sand) as well. First toon that zoned in had agro from jump, before anyone else had zoned in.
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  4. Orcen Elder

    Patch notes said "Widened the mele combat arc slightly to allow for your wider swings"
    Is this what is causing all the mobs to aggro each other now when one is tagged? Just an Idea on what might have caused the changes in mob teaming abilities.
  5. Galvanize Elder

    No that refers to hit angles, not aggro range
  6. Dwisst New Member

    Just did first floor task with my alts. One undead aggroed soon as zoned in -- killed and pulled second undead. Soon a second killed first croc aggroed. Second croc was standard have to pull. Withered also had to be pulled.
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  7. Arial New Member

    Yeah, the 5th floor is unfun if you don't kill it first attempt. I'll accept having to fight the 5 spirocs at once when you are already loaded in the zone if that's what is truly intended, but if you wipe and try to recover, you immediately aggro the entire pack while you are all zoning in. We wiped and were unable to survive long enough when being beaten on while loading to recover and crowd control and had to declare it a total failure and summon everyone's corpses. That seems needlessly punitive and not at all fun. Please make it so if you wipe, the pack doesn't automatically aggro people who are zoning in.