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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Samwen, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Cadira Augur

    It does seem odd they made gloves and ring require just ros/eok stuff (and pop hunters, but meh) but the shoulders require...5...5 expansions worth of collections when 2 would have been bad enough.
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  2. Requiesce New Member

    This is honestly nightmarish if you're just returning to the game after a break. You're either looking at farming each HA numerous times, or spending as high as 100k for each collectible (depending on how greedy your server is).

    The average price of a single collectible on my server is 20k. There are 128 sets of collectibles to get across the five expansions. At 8 collectibles per set, that gives you approximately 1,024 collectibles.

    To buy every one of those collectibles, you would be paying 20,480,000 platinum on the low end.

    I really hope whoever thought 5 expansions worth of collectibles was reasonable is banned from the decision-making table at DBG.
  3. Brohg Augur

    I was mostly surprised because it takes Collectors off the table as a criteria for new evolvers. I hope each expansion going forward will include 1-2 evolvers so that the fancy augments can still be used, but finding criteria for unlocking is worrisome!
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    If you come back to EQ from a long break, getting the TBL shoulders is way down your list of things to do next to Breakdown in Communication and Hero's Journey.

    In other words, it's not really meant to be something that someone comes back to the game and does, but is instead something for try-hards like me to spend all year doing before the next expansion comes out.
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  5. Petalonyx Elder

    It's always possible it could be tied to current exp + TBL.

    I've mixed feelings about going into old expansions. I think most players are sick of eok, ros at this pt. I dont mind a small amt of stuff from old exp, but current evolvers are generally excessive.

    I think effort/reward is on point. I'd like to see a halving of menial tasks required, esp those in grey con content, and an increase in exp required to compensate. At least with the exp requirement, i can group with friends in a variety of current content.
  6. smash Augur

    Present requirements are as they should be. Except maybe RoF collections could have been included as well.

    To minimize it to only TBL would be too small requirments, as people already got rewards for that. And I suspect next expansion evolving items will require TBL + RoF collections.

    The requirements for the evolving items should NOT be trivial, which it would have been if only TBL collections.
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  7. Whulfgar Augur

    These are not designed for those whom just came back.

    And frankly.. those whom just came back.. should not be worried about these u til they have caught backup in all progression.

    These type of gears.. are designed for those who dont take breaks in game and have the time and everything to put into them.

    These type of gears are not.. designed for everyone.. to instantly have and instantly be assecible to out of the gate.

    They are designed to be huge time sinks ..

    So anyone just coming back again these should be the least of your worrys
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  8. Kamor Journeyman

    That was a jerk move rolling on a piece of loot that you did not understand.
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  9. Duder Augur

  10. Petalonyx Elder

    I don't have any issues with current requirements, really, except the collects being kind of lame in general, and any excessive revisiting of grey con zones (which i find less exciting, and sometimes disrupting to those using the zones as lvl-appropriate content). The shoulders do come with the option of purchasing all needed collects, which can help the well-funded that may not like the shiny hunt.

    Regarding next expansion, i wasnt meaning to suggest a lessor effort. It could be similar effort and still restricted to new expansion, or new expansion + TBL. There are options for evo besides the existing 4 TBL evo item requirements.

    Overall I love the TBL evo items and do hope we see more in the next expansion.
  11. Qbert Augur

  12. Xyphen New Member

    I dunno about that. Thousands of AA and millions of plat selling extra collectibles for a best-in-slot item that doesn't require raiding? That sounds perfect for a returning player.
  13. SubEffect New Member

    The shoulders were my first evolving item after a few FF runs. I knew what it involved, and it was a blessing and a curse. Our guild had intentions to get all the items for our main characters anyhow (and most do) so I didn't mind getting these when I was only at about 55% completion. I was determined to complete them regardless of the cost of time and plat.

    Anyhow, it took me about 4 months to complete the achievements. Along the way, I got some nice bags, lots of AAs, and sold a ton of extras for millions of plat. I'd say the time investment was way worth it. I saved extras for guildies and passed out some sets to others in our raiding force. Now that guildies are working on theirs, I am helping them again.

    Honestly, since technically all of the unlock achievements require grouping to get them in a traditional way (for the shoulders, given that you didn't want to buy any of the collection pieces) these items should be seen as community efforts. I won't go into detail on how you can get others to help (re: gloves), but you don't need to do these alone. Trade collects with others and work together to fill in gaps. Get a spreadsheet (I made one) and start tracking what you need and where the items are. Make a shared one online so friends/guildies can help track their progress alongside yours.

    I had a lot of fun with this and am a little sad I'm done. I do wish the requirements were less, only to leave open more sets for future items (i.e. maybe one less expansion, leaving one for a future item - not to lessen the work involved).

    Final note - everything in the game is incremental. You still die even with all four of these items fully aug'd. Don't get anxiety over it.
  14. Drayman Lorekeeper

    All three of my box tunes have all four of the chase pieces and they will rot in the bank. There is simply no way I could ever get the time to evolve them.
  15. Smokezz Augur

    All 5 of my chars that stay all access, have all 4 pieces completed to level 5+. Two chars always stayed up to date on collects throughout expansions... three of them I had to go back and get them all. I didn't buy any of them in the bazaar unless they were dirt cheap. It took a few weeks to go and get them all. The only truly annoying sets to get were Crypt of Sul and Scorched Woods.

    The rest weren't really that bad. I made myself a spreadsheet with everything I needed and went to town. The best thing about it, was it gave me something to do that wasn't just mindless killing TBL mobs hoping for an ultra rare to drop. I went to older zones again. /shrug
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