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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Tharvog, May 12, 2021.

  1. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Thanks, nice to see you!
  2. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Don't be scared if you dont do things in the right order. Hell i didnt think id have desert for breakfast today but here we are.
  3. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Looking for a few more active players before launch!
  4. Karasu New Member

    Happy Taco Tuesday!
  5. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Thornblade just around the corner. Limited spots available. Start recruitment tonight!
  6. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    7 days......Bolster that booty with our exclusive bun buster work out. You still have time to prepare!
  7. Karasu New Member

  8. mark Augur

    that train looks familiar in god i had a huge train invis droped and i died near the guild i was in the guild leader was impressed on how many mobs i had following my warrior.
  9. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    We've had enough of the tavern music! Let the quest begin!
  10. Karasu New Member

    Less than a week left!
  11. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Come young and old! Prepare yourselves for battle once more!
  12. Tharvog Lorekeeper

  13. johnnie Journeyman

    nearly there we have a few groups ready to go still recruiting.
  14. mmorpgfan327 New Member

    Trying to join server but can't.
  15. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Recruitment open again limited consideration for all classes, Come see us!
  16. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Looking for a few active players.
  17. Karasu New Member

    Recruitment open for all classes except Monk!
  18. Karasu New Member

    Active players always welcome, apply today!
  19. Tharvog Lorekeeper

    Looking for friendly active players to fill our last raid slots. Shamans, enchanters, bard mains high need. Join discord and say hello to see if we can take on your class!
  20. Karasu New Member

    Tactical bump in anticipation for Kunark! Let's get ready to rumble some dragons!

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