[Thornblade] <Pacifica> APAC region, social, raiding guild

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  1. Faydark New Member

    We're mainly targeted at players from the region that covers Asia, Australia and New Zealand eg UTC +7 to UTC +13 timezones
    • We run a Discord ( https://discord.gg/UMbqKSc3Vb ) to facilitate communication/group finding for players from these timezones, open to all, no need to be part of the guild for this.
    • Family & Real Life friendly.
    • No class or level requirements to be part of the guild.
    • DKP raid times are 7:30pm AEST Thursday and Sunday, with "off-night" (usually non-DKP) raiding on 7:30pm AEST Tuesdays.
    • Raid attendance is optional
    • We are progressing through Anguish.
    • Must be level 70 to raid (game requirement to zone into some of the raids)
    Jump on discord or send an ingame tell if you'd like an invite to the guild.
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  3. Faydark New Member

    Update: We've survived the OoW "New shiny TLPs" transition with a good core of raiders still and have successfully completed our first OoW raid night with half the MPG trials knocked out.

    Contact us if you're interested in joining us on this fun server!
  4. Suvi New Member

    Can also vouch this guild is great. Some distinct benefits:

    1. People. Great group of people and fun to chat with in-game or on discord. Leadership very solid.
    2. Raid times. Great for oceanic people and even works for people who want to raid in US mornings.
    3. Server Rules. Free trade makes it easier and cheap to catch up.
    4. Server State. Thornblade is a hidden gem. With the exodus to new servers the people who want to be here are here - the population is the warmest and least toxic I've seen in my 14 years in EQ. Super chill, yet get things done. Many (like me) quit around the OOW time so it's a unique opportunity to see newer content yet relive nostalgia at the same time.
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