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    Asatrua - Thornblade

    We are a EU guild on Thornblade. Our aim is to provide a casual, family oriented atmosphere that can also cater to your raiding itches!
    Zumsa and Nefedion are the GM's of Asatrua, between them they have led guilds within EverQuest and other games as well carried out raid leading and other guild like things. Our guild relations & communications officer is Nefedion who has many years of EQ and other gaming experience and has just about seen it all!

    We thoroughly enjoy EverQuest as a game for many of its activities, social and raiding. Being able to have a tight community that you can group with or kill some big bad bosses, have a laugh and enjoy your play time with is important and we aim to provide that here on Thornblade.

    Guild Rules:

    Whilst we do not think it is entirely necessary to have a long list of rules for our guild, we do expect that members will act like kind, decent folk.

    No kill stealing, training, camp stealing, ninja looting or general asshattery will be tolerated - There are plenty of guilds that will likely let it slide, we won't. We all play this game for fun and so we should all be able to have fun - That includes people both in and out of the guild.


    Tuesday (Offnight/Unofficial/Epic Raids) - 19:00 UK
    Thursday (Official Raid Night) - 19:00 UK
    Saturday (Official Raid Night) - 19:00 UK


    Our loot system will be done via DKP. This will be done using a closed bidding system, this is to stop the loss of time usually dealt with by bid wars - Given the fact that raid bosses on Thornblade drop a lot of loot, we feel this is the best route to go.

    Because of Thornblades unique rule set, loot priority will go as follows:
    Need: To equip/use on your main character
    Greed: To be equipped/used on an alt/box or sold for Krono/PP

    Loot will be done this way to ensure that people raiding are able to become equipped in order for us to continue raiding and progressing but also to give members the opportunity to cash in on some big items once every one has them, or just gear their alts!


    Social invites are open to all. As a social member you are also able to attend raids where we have space, generally at the moment that will be on every raid whilst we are growing. This also gives you a great opportunity to get into raiding if you are newer to it!

    Bard: HIGH
    Cleric: MEDIUM
    Druid: MEDIUM
    Enchanter: MEDIUM
    Magician: MEDIUM
    Monk: MEDIUM
    Necromancer: MEDIUM
    Paladin: MEDIUM
    Ranger: HIGH
    Rogue: MEDIUM
    Shadowknight: LOW
    Shaman: HIGH
    Warrior: MEDIUM
    Wizard: HIGH

    You're welcome to send a tell to Zumsa, Nefedion or Porceleina ingame for more information!

    See you around, GL!

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    Lovely humans. Excited to see where this guild goes :)
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    Bump :) Velious in less than one month, jump in!