This next patch will almost be like Christmas time!

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  1. mmats Augur

    People keep saying OP classes dont affect anyone else as if its true... Does it not trivialize other dps classes that have put thousands of hours into their character, and suddenly in the 24th expansion they realize there is no reason for them to exist when druids can easily match their dps AND fill a support role?

    A raid roster is limited, so why would they open recruiting to a necro over a druid in their current state?
  2. Fohpo Augur

    I mean, I understand what you're saying but in a game like EverQuest - class power is often cyclical and trying to invest that kind of time into another alt to catch it up is brutal. At least in cutting edge, having all those Heroic AA's and such can make a difference, going back to get all of that as well as max AA grind a new _____ class, and everything else that goes into nearly 20 years in this game is a daunting task. Benching all your necros for druids just to have the change reverted in weeks/months/hopefully not years is a pretty serious commitment.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    what time do they normally do the test patch and update the notes? I know its suppose to happen today. Santa needs to hurry up and bring me my presents already! I even have cookies and milk sitting out.
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  4. Horyuken Augur

    later in the day around 5 CST. If you patch test you can usually get them 30 min or so before someone gets around to posting them.
  5. Dart Lorekeeper

    The problem is that you aren't addressing the issue, and you are calling for nerfs on another class (that is only slightly more popular than your class) and not addressing the issue... which is that Necros haven't had their DoT's consolidated, and are limited by mob debuff slots and having to stack 20 dots. I'd have no problem at all whatsoever if necros got their dot consolidation, and made druids shamans and enchanters seem anemic in comparison.

    The silly part is that out of the 4 classes (Necro, Shaman, Ench, Druid) necros are usually played as a main, whereas the vast majority of Shaman, Ench, and Druid are bots or alts. So we have one under-represented class (necros) calling for nerfs on other under-represented classes. Its just silly and it shows a huge lack of knowledge to the classes in question, specifically druids who are THE DPS priest class, and are the healer version of a bard (aka many different abliities, but you have to choose what to use to fulfill your current role and situation).

    I get your frustration mmats, and other necros, but calling for others to be nerfed, when what is really needed is your own class to be addressed for known problems that have been back burnered for years is the real problem.

    Another person doing well, takes nothing away from you, this isn't a zero sum game, and its not like druids are, have ever been, or will be taking raid slots away from necros.
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  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur


    I'm sorry but this argument is hilarious. That exact argument has always been used against Druids. "Why should I invite you to my group/raid, Clerics heal better, Shamans support better, Wizards DPS better". Druids have always had that asked of them and it's funny that now that they have the potential to fill a top slot somewhere people find it outrageous.

    The reason you recruit a Necro is the same reason you recruit a Druid. The game isn't black and white. The single burn scenarios aren't the only thing in the game. Much more importantly the player behind the character is a bigger factor than the class they play. Class dynamics always go through ebbs and flows with different hierarchies in sustained and burn DPS. You want to recruit players who enjoy playing their class and learn the ins and outs of it and learn to make the best of whatever scenario they are in. Whether that be exploding parses with short DoTs in HoT or rolling 25+ DoT weaves in RoS or whatever it is now a days.

    Plus... in my experience most Druids are awful raiders. Too many of them come up (leveling/AA wise) either from grouping or soloing by filling a single role. Whether that be a solo charmer/quadder, or being a main healer or being a DPS in their group. When the real strength of the class is having the flexibility to change your focus depending on the Raid makeup or raid event. I've been in raids with only 3-4 clerics where Druids fill into Cleric roles. I've been in raids with 8 clerics and 5 shamans where Druids fill into Wizard roles. Plus everything inbetween. This may be why some of the raiding Druids who see parses done by other Druids may not believe them, because they've played mostly a healer role their entire career and haven't delved into the intricacies of burn orders and ADPS stacking.
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  7. Smokezz Augur

    Because... changing an entire roster around one class is stupid. Things get changed and suddenly you can't kill anything until you retool. So most, if not all guilds simply don't do it. They might add a couple extra of the "class of the year" people... but you certainly didn't see a guild with a tank group and 40 zerkers last year. Even though that would have clearly killed things VERY quickly. This year, they wouldn't be getting past certain raids at all. Guilds stay balanced for a reason.

    No reason to exist? Being dramatic is your speciality isn't it.
  8. svann Augur

    You cant open presents until your grandparents get here.
  9. Fohpo Augur

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  10. mmats Augur

    I play 6 classes and necro isnt one of them. I was just pointing out that druids can keep up with, or overshadow, other pure dps classes. And as I already explained, yes it does affect others when raid spots are limited. Guilds arent currently recruiting druids based on their OP dps because they know a nerf is coming. If druids stayed in this state for another expansion or two, guilds would adjust and try to recruit more in place of other classes.

    Yes, it is hilarious that you think a hybrid should be outperforming a pure class in their own specialization. Druids should be able to dps, but not at wizard levels. Sorry, but the nerf is inevitable. Take it up with the devs if you have a problem with it.

    And making an unsound argument is your speciality. Some guilds were starting to adjust their rosters to include more zerkers and bards, because those classes had some OP abilities for the better part of an entire year. The only reason most guilds didnt do that, is because they knew a nerf was coming eventually. However, if zerkers and bards had stayed in the same relative state during the following expansion, even MORE would have gone this direction and started building their guilds around it. This is why its important to make the corrections sooner rather than later. I am sure this makes no sense to you, but maybe you can have a friend explain it to you.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    Which guilds adjusted their rosters to allow for more zerkers and bards and by what margin?
  12. Fohpo Augur

    Recruiting 2-3 more zerks to make sure you have 2 in each melee group is apparently a paradigm shift within guild rosters. I don't know any guild that is shoving a bard in every group, letting alone recruiting and actively trying to accomplish that goal.

    Sarcasm aside, the argument being made is that guilds actively only recruit small numbers to abuse certain classes and don't actively seek to stack one class or another. Guilds are always adjusting rosters for some reason, he was simply saying that you don't see DRAMATIC shifts in rosters because of class tuning.
  13. Oakenblade Augur

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  14. mmats Augur

    Yes and the reason you dont see it, is because generally classes dont stay OP for longer than 1 expansion. If it does go on longer, you will see those shifts. Would you agree with that or not?
  15. Horyuken Augur

    How many zerkers do the top 5 guilds usually have participating during RoS raids?
  16. Fohpo Augur

    Zerks were strong for two expansions recently alone...
  17. AnzoRagespirit Augur

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    anyway, all you people whining about class balance here's my 2 copper.
    1. Did the mob die?
    If yes great job, woot we got lewts!
    If no, OMG MOAR DEEPS!
    2. Everquest is (was) a team game. If someone else's dps makes you mad because you think you should be doing more damage, then make 6 accounts and play with yourself.

    I don't understand how dps is such a giant argument on this game, I mean for Christ's sake, if the tank(s) are alive and your targets die, who the hell cares how it happened be happy with the win.

    Buncha snowflake whiners.
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  18. Tiggold Augur

    So what you're saying to balance it out is give Berserkers the ability to dual wield 2hd weapons? Risky, but I agree.
  19. Smokezz Augur

    And I wanna be able to kick with both feet, wielding daggers damnit!
  20. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    If that was an option it would be FANTASTIC watching the wizzies and I guess druids now being all like " OMG NERFZ ZERKERZ THAY HAZ TU MUCH DEEPZ!!!

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