This is Ridiculous - Booted to desktop

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yourmaker, May 31, 2020.

  1. Trizek Augur

    Because I use the forums for what they're intended for. Discussions. Not complaining, virtually rioting. I am here to share my opinions on matters such as yourself.

    What can I say other than I get a kick out of seeing people complaining, coming up with fixes when they have no idea the work involved into implementing those ideas players think of and type out to a dying, understaffed, underfunded company. This isn't Blizzard. They don't have 100s of millions of dollars at their disposal to fix this current predicament.

    All we can really do is understand the situation. It is packed, over packed, extremely crowded. Just like in real life if you go to an event and 5x its capacity of attendees show up, you're going to have instability issues. Lines, problems in general.

    We can sit here like we have been, throwing out ideas to fix this. Whilist it is easy for us to sit here and conjure the best possible fixes, they're the ones who have to get the time, money, resources involve to implement said fixes.

    So everyone needs to honestly be calm, wait it out, and shut the &@#! up.
  2. Mr Blue Sky Elder

    Daybreak should never have opened the server without fully checking it is capable of running.
    Abit like the overseer thing, they just threw it out, take the money from bag and krono sales and just leave the problems until later.
    Just reeks of utter incompetence.

    I thought I was lucky today with a 9 minute que, log in move 3 feet and disconnected to desktop. Next log in 1 hour wait, same again stayed online for 3 minutes booted out. Next log in over 2 hours waiting.....
  3. Trowx New Member

    Maybe I've been lucky but I haven't crashed once. I don't play hardcore, but a decent amount. I'll take the long queues any day over insane zoning lag and tell lag when I am playing. At least I know that once I get in, I'm good. That being said, just open another server already. This is dumb.
  4. Boilon New Member

    192 wait time queue because I got booted to desktop while in EC trading.... completely bogus, first time i've had a crash on Aradune but given that its peak time...
  5. datan70 New Member

    I've never crashed to desktop until I decided to move with friends to Aradune. I've crashed 3 times just today on at least one of my accounts- 2 friends have already cancelled the subs today over this poor service. 3 hour queues to play for 7 or 8 minutes before you's understandable people would be cancelling. I have not gotten to that point yet but being in queue for 9 hours and only play 25 minutes total today has gotten me close to it as well.
  6. Trey Elder

    +1 Happened to me too. Now I'll be missing a raid I leveled to 50 and worked hard to prepare for...thanks Daybreak! Great experiences...meanwhile that crappy bot-land server Riz is running like a charm. What a waste.
  7. Fabieli New Member

    It truly amazes me how many people are out there, defending this company. Sure, he could have corrupt files, but DBG, knowing people crash out of this game, might just give priority to an account that has recently logged out. I'm sure the company gets plenty of crash statistics, so it's sent to the server that it was a crash, and not a camp-out.

    But yah, blame the guy who has corrupt files, not the company that has plenty of latitude to fix a situation where someone who queued up for hours might crash.
  8. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    The game code (20+ years old mind you) already has built-in accommodations for these 'random' disconnects/crashes such as no-rent bags/weapons persisting for 15 min after a log out, dropped bags remaining for awhile, etc. since these things happen occasionally on on-line games - they always have.

    Why DBG can't implement such a scheme for the queue is beyond me, frankly.
  9. Fabieli New Member

    I came here with 5 total people, and 4 of them left, and I'm the last one to remain. Not sure why I'm remaining, but the 4 that left basically told me this was their last attempt at EQ, and they have no wish to go back. They all did $100 worth of chargebacks, which will likely ban their account, which is their way of saying, for sure, that they're not coming back.

    GG Daybreak.
  10. Steiner88 New Member

    Twice for me today. Waiting in queues (latest time was a 4 hour queue)....the pop-up message drops and then the game crashes/closes itself. Been trying to play since 10:30 AM this morning....100% sure it's not on my end. Blaming the players is just not necessary.