This is Ridiculous - Booted to desktop

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  1. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    Regardless of WHY some people's games are crashing (yes, some may be due to problems on the client end, some may be on the server end), the fact that these crashes put people back into the horrendous queue is the real issue, in my opinion. As others have suggested, if DBG can modify the queue management such that people who crashed (not from going AFK) can get back in without the wait, 99% of the outrage could be stopped. I'm sure most of us can tolerate ONE queue wait to initially get into the game - just not multiple.

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  2. Senlronia Journeyman

    I just crashed to desktop, no error nothing, it's like I hit ALT F4.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I've heard a number of these stories since last patch. It happened to me at least twice but not on aradune.
  4. Matt L New Member

    I've been playing with the same group of IRL friends for a year now. Nobody had any issues of the game crashing and closing to desktop. Since starting on Aradune this has been happening to 3 of 6 of us. The ones affected have been reinstalling the client. Trying the website client then trying the Steam client. Regardless, this is a continuing issue and only seems to be happening when there is a que. Aka doesn't seem to crash from 12am-7am PDT when there is no que. This is affecting our group that we had planned so I've been trying to research this and all I find are threads like this. To blame the player is just bananas.
  5. Senlronia Journeyman

    Finally got back after 40 min, then crashed again after 2 min
  6. Dragon Jockey Lorekeeper

    Waited in queue today. Got in and played for 30 minutes. Crashed and now I'm back in queue again. Aggravating.
  7. Gafgarion Elder

    Gonna have to agree here. The responsibility for an unstable or crash-prone program falls on the developer. You can make an argument that it's up to the user to remove corrupt files, or whatever else you want, but the problem wouldn't exist if it wasn't for bad design.
  8. Sikkun Augur

    I did finally have it happen today, in commonlands here also.
  9. Cannan Journeyman

    Lvl 50 SK on Aradune. I'm chain crashing in commonlands today. Never had any issues at all up untill today. I've tried everything.....
  10. Dyzalot Augur

    Is the fact that I've been waiting 15 minutes to zone from solb to lava because of my corrupted files too? People are crashing because the software is old and buggy.
  11. Dyzalot Augur

    Still staring at a wall in solb with the words Entering The Lavastorm Mountains... on my screen.
  12. Dyzalot Augur

    Still waiting to zone...
  13. Dyzalot Augur

    Finally gave up and used my task manager to close EQ. Hooray for being back in queue!
  14. Not-Happy-Customer New Member

    Just happened to me, too. My wife and I have 4 accounts (2 ea.) and play on multiple TLPs, but I'm playing on Aradune. Thankfully I can spend time during the day when there is little or no que, but not always. This evening I spent 2 1/2 hours waiting and got kicked to desktop within 3 minutes of logging in. This isn't the 1st time it has happened.

    Even if the crash was on error on my end, it is DPG's responsibility to service their paying customers and quite frankly, I do not feel the service has been worth my subscription fees over the past few weeks (including the extended down times and database crash issues).

    I'm thankful for being able to play some during the day, but that is about to end for me and its going to be just evenings and weekends.

    Two of our accounts expire on 6/9, and the other two expire later this month. If the issues surrounding Aradune are not addressed by 6/9, and if we (all of us paying customers) are not accommodated for the unacceptable inconveniences suffered (idk if its just xp pots - DO SOMETHING), I will be canceling all 4 of our accounts.

    And no, playing between midnight and 7 AM PDT and stricter AFK rules is not an acceptable solution that will help you retain my business.
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  15. Crazzie Lorekeeper

    3rd time is a charm for me, back to a 91min timer.
  16. Velven New Member

    This same issue happed to me two times last night in the common lands back in que both times.
    Now Every One here should go and post/tweet your sincere apologies to John Smedley for all the misguided post we all did towards him.
    When he ran this game, we never experienced customer service like we are experiencing now.
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  17. TheChosenOne Augur

    Hope your tongue doesnt hurt from all that boot licking

    I have a $2,000 gaming system and work in IT, I don't have problems with any other game and I have never had a problem with Everquest crashing when playing on Coirnav, Selos or FV over the last 2-3 years.

    My client crashes regularly when I'm in East Commonds on Aradune. Only server it happens on, only game it happens on.

    Telling people "its your fault, your PC sucks and mine is flawless/awesome" is zero help whatsoever and basically just rubbing people's faces into the fact that they can't sign in or stay connected

    Someone waiting thru a multi-hour queue to get in, only to have the client crash and have to start queue back over is ridiculous and extremely frustrating on the end user.

    Go troll somewhere else
  18. TheChosenOne Augur

    You're a real piece of work, if you're able to login and enjoy your time playing, then why the f*** are you on the forums trolling people who are incredibly frustrated and having issues, while offering no guidance, advice or feedback whatsoever other than to be a giant Dee-Bag towards them and adding to their frustration?
  19. Gemstoner Lorekeeper

    Yeah, i too thought that the random crash to desktop people have been talking about was some sort of problem with their rig/install. I honestly don't think I've ever had EQ just crash to desktop in the last say 5 years.

    Until today on Aradune. I was leveling near the BB zone line in Everfrost when a raid group streamed through heading to Vox. Heck, I wasn't even right at the zone line but out in the snow area. Bam, crash to desktop as quick as if I'd turned the power off. Its as others described as an oddly clean quick crash. My character of course was still in the world. My other box wasn't affected (and its on a much older rig).

    I haven't seen this on any other TLP, but then again I haven't played Mangler over the last 6 months either (I had read it had issues as well). Definitely out of the ordinary.
  20. Febb Augur