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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Iove, May 7, 2020.

  1. Machen Augur

    Going to bed before I get into even ore trouble. Thanks for the conversation.
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  2. SunDrake Augur

    I like the idea. In EQ2, I got really into the Carpentry trade skill. Making furniture and strong boxes, etc. I loved the fact that your creations carried your name on a tag. I'd see my furniture and boxes circulating in the market months after I had made and sold them. I also got tells from folks who had purchased something I crafted asking if I'd make ___. Fun stuff.
  3. Jimmy2times Elder

    Bump for FV TLP please. Guess I’ll wait till next year and keep my fingers crossed. I thought this time around we were definitely going to get one though.
  4. Cezz Journeyman

    Doesn't it stand to reason that if I can trade my way into a good set of gear I am actually *more* likely to see *more* content? It really makes the entire game more accessible. Not sure why that is confusing to the two or 3 people on here who like no drop items.
  5. Skuz Augur

    More content overall, perhaps. But you won't be seeing the content that the gear you bought came from most likely, as there is no point going there if you already got what you wanted from there.

    Contentious at best.

    But I'm not against a Free-Trade TLP.
    It's definitely a lot more popular idea than a PvP TLP with AoC was.
    It's definitely a lot less popular idea than a boxing TLP with AoC was.
  6. Cezz Journeyman

    Most every person I have ever played with raids because they like to raid. The gear is just what enables them to take on more difficult content. I dont think people are buying gear to skip content, just to make the content easier.
  7. Skuz Augur

    I agree they buy raid gear to make group content easier for boxes/alts, but that's in effect actually content skipping twice.

    First they skip needing to do the raids that the gear comes from for those alts on those alts entirely.

    Secondly using raid gear to trivialise group content on alts that never earned that gear on a raid they are not experiencing it at the intended difficulty/challenge level.

    Most raiders do the group progression followed by the raid content, often that's required to open or be flagged for the raids.
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  8. Cezz Journeyman

    These arguments are a huge stretch lol. What do you care if people don't raid on their alts? In your example they are even still earning the gear with their own characters... And even if they didnt, what do you care if crappy players get a leg up so they can take on stuff thats too hard for them? Raiders will still have to do group content first for flags...
  9. Skuz Augur

    How do they ever learn how to tackle the content & utilise their skill set properly if they are crappy-players propped up by overly strong gear?

    I would only care if I was recruiting for a guild on a server with Free-Trade, crappy players like that may not even get recruited in the first place but definitely wouldn't make it past trial.
  10. Pawtato Augur

    So, your argument against free trade is that you might have to decline someone's app?
  11. code-zero Augur

    I know from personal experience that some FV guilds maintain "guild" accounts with powerleveled and fully equipped characters that can by made available to players recruited from other servers.

    I'd say that sort of thing is potentially a real problem.
  12. Pawtato Augur

    How? Your scenario can occur on any server, if you're just passing off the account info.
  13. Magic Augur


    Ya its big problem, only because of it DPG never should open any free-trade servers and close FV also :)
  14. mark Augur

    i like to point out that if you use krono instead of a sub you actually are giving daybreak more money because some one paid for that krono,even if you have 100 kronos or more someone paid for them also theres always a lot of kronos being traded so more money for db.
  15. Mink Journeyman

    Some krono was purchased long long time ago and not generate any money for DPG, as fresh payment for sub.

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