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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Kraggo, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Kraggo New Member

    Hi all. Orginal player from 99 to 04.
    Looking to possibly return.
    Still have my 60 iksar warrior from old xegony server.
    Was highly armored and armed with many aa abilities..

    My question if I do what's best possible step .ie servers . Grouping/areas etc to proceed with

    Many thanks all.
  2. Atama-Xegony New Member

    Xegony is a viable server still, one of the more popular ones too. If you are interested in being mobile there are several guilds that would take you in so you can use their guild halls for porting around. You have about 50 levels to go to be max level, and I am sure that as you level you will be auto granted AA's. If you get to 105 you should have around 12-13kaa's. To go from 60 to 110 you can probably have it done in about a month if not sooner. /tell Atama a tell if you need some help or some PP coming back to get back into the swing of the game!
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  3. Tayvial New Member

  4. CatsPaws Augur

    The best steps are:

    #1 Don't pay yet
    #2 recover old account
    #3 while waiting for that or if you have access to your old account make a level 1 character and run thru the tutorial

    Now you can decide if you want to pay which will allow you to play on Mangler or any of the other TLP Servers

    However you can play free for many levels.

    There is a tutorial quest given in POK to allow you to join the in game guild just for ports so no rush to find a guild.

    You can "auto grant" if your a paying account - this feature gives you all AA for the level you are at and every level after that if you leave it on, so long as your a paying account.

    WB and enjoy!
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  5. Prepared New Member

    1. Agreed, don't subscribe just yet. Play for awhile first on a normal server (not a Time Locked Progression server) because you can play for free just by downloading the game and logging in.
    2. Given that Kraggo stated he has his level 60 Iksar Warrior, he wouldn't have to recover his old account as he already has it.

    "auto grant" only works up to about level 103 when you're subscribed. After that you have to earn the AA's yourself by using experience. If you purchased the expansion, you can level up to 110 otherwise you stop leveling at 105.
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  6. Kraggo New Member

    So kraggo is alive on xegony. 65 iksar warrior 100 105aa roughly .getting used to keys etc and movements again.
    Hes in few reax armor.kizak etc..unbffed was 8200ish ..low yes but at time he was great tank.

    My question..should I tank up or heroic up .
    I left in 2005 06 ..last expansion.used with consistancy . Was Pop but was expanded to DoN.i think.

    Forgot alot. Went and did a lvl 1 warrior and ran around doing tutorials etc .feeling better..
    But itching to know are there still 65 to heroic chars out there or mostly 85 up etc cause of heroic option.

    Kraggo vilevenom
  7. Scorrpio Augur

    Seriously, if you have $$ to burn, I suggest subscribing first. You immediately get 500 DBC and 10% savings on all marketplace stuff.
    And yeah, do go Heroic since 70s is where grind really slows down. Easy abundant defiant gets rapidly outdated. I.e. top Omens (Anguish) raid stuff is par to Elegant Defiant, and further expansions top it. Meaning using defiant up to 70 you are OP compared to content, but past that defiant is underpowered. Things like discipline tomes become quite expensive. Merc efficiency relative to content takes a nosedive. Going heroic now saves you a lot of plat, time and frustration. You get a set of very adequate gear, all spells/discs to 85, almost all skills maxed, can right away do an easy quest for J5 merc access, and are now in buffing range of lvl 110 buffs. Grouping at 85 is far more viable while 70-85 is kind of a dead zone. Lvl 85+ folks wanting to do UF/HoT/VoA will NOT want a tank in a mix of defiant and maybe some Paragon.
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  8. Kraggo New Member

    thanks all, think gonna do heroic ,and just catapult, been playing and this best course, seems little 65 to 85 groups
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  9. Scorrpio Augur

    When you do go heroic, reject the offer to set up your hotbuttons. You likely want your own layout.

    Go thoroughly through your disciplines, read all descriptions, setup hotkeys.
    Go to your AA, filter by 'Can Activate'. And very carefully read descriptions there, setup hotkeys. Remember you can assign labels and icons to hotkeys to make them more to your taste.
    If you did not yet do so, type /veteran to claim veteran rewards. They are quite good and are accessed from 'special' AA tab. Pay special attention to 'lesson of the devoted' and 'throne of heroes'.
    Type /claim to see what rewards you have available. You might be surprised.
    Do the auto-assigned 'No heroism without fear' quest in Feerrott the Dream and then get your Journeyman Tier V merc.
    Also go find Quellious in PoTranq and do the 'Into the Temple'. Then talk to Neelo Leafwind in PoHealth to do 'Seal of Approval' totally non-combat quests. You will get a good chunk of xp and will be ready for 'Into the Temple(B)' that unlocks TBM gear - but you will need to find people willing to carry you through it. If you post here when ready, I could do it with my box team, it is a fairly quick task.
  10. Kraggo New Member

    Yeah spent last 2 3 days ..merc tanking. Practicing my emote and hot buttons again.
    Getting my bearing to areas again.
    At time I was well staked with plane gear.
    Guys saw was a returning char from old school 99 00 era gave me bunch of elaborate and some elegant

    Leveled up to 66 in 1day or 5hrs. Or so of battle. with merc. Suprised used to be such a grind.

    Great info.. deff gonna take advice.
    My question are there diff levels of per pay now too.saw silver and gold. .really daybreak..
    Thanks scorp
  11. Scorrpio Augur

    There is only one pay level: gold.
    A new free account created today is 'green'.
    An old lapsed-sub account (like yours) created before advent of free to play is 'silver'. It gets a few perks over green but not much.
    A subbed account is 'gold', and at high levels, especially on a tank, you pretty much have to be gold to be adequate.
    There are several pay schemes for gold. Most cost effective is annual at $120/year, least is monthly at $15/mo. If one plays a lot, and makes tons of plat/scores chase loot, they can stay subbed by buying and consuming krono.
  12. Kraggo New Member

    Yeah .noticed those kronos seller/buyers..
    All great information.
    Take it your on xegony too?
    I'll hit u up in game if dont mind .if got more questions.

    Thanks again bud!
  13. Scorrpio Augur

    The characters I am most often playing these days are Worri and Longren. Sort of 'second wave' to my mains.
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  14. IblisTheMage Augur

    Agree on paying for subscription and going Heroic.

    Remember your character is a /veteran and therefore gets nice stuff, the most important is Lesson (of the Devoted), a half hour daily XP boost.

    Remember to turn autogrant ON. This will be your main source of AA until 106, but only if you subscribe.

    Most important: find a large family style guild. You have a hurdle to get over to get to max lvl, this can be a pain or it can be a breeze. Three days ago I heroic-ed a toon, it was 93 yesterday, because I have higher toons to PL it...
  15. Scorrpio Augur

    A quick note: Being a melee class, even with 'Throne' veteran reward, you probably want an easy-ish way of getting back to PoK. And now with Anniversary going on, there is an opportunity, a shared group quest that starts with Brasse in PoK. You need not do whole quest, just load up on Ogre Swill and Bitter brew, get the task and head to Abysmal for the stein.

    The reward piece is a stein clicky that gates you to PoK. 30 min recast and only half second cast time, so can be used in a pinch if things go pear-shaped.
  16. Legolit New Member

    play another game, DBG supports krono farmers and will do nothing to stop it. Im sure you have seen by now groups that atuo run at a camp, DBG wont stop that either.
  17. Kraggo New Member

    Shoot I just saw worri last night in pok. Was doing feerott with a merc cleric. ..slowww
  18. Scorrpio Augur

    Not sure if you tried to send tells - I 3-boxed all of Feerrott for heroic augs as well as a few HAs and boxing is busy work. Pretty sure I got tells configured to go to separate popups.
    Molo is going to be insanely slow, in particular doing any mobs that have 'relatively weak' in con message. I am running an SK/chanter/ranger box team with healer and two caster mercs.
  19. Scorrpio Augur

    Think I saw you LFG on general yesterday, already 89 so not that slow. I would imagine at this point heroic gear is starting to get a bit lacking - or did you already upgrade? Anyways, I plan to drag my upcoming crew through 'Into the Temple B' tonight, likely around 9-10pm EST, in order to unlock TBM upgrades. If you did the prior footwork, I can taskadd you.
    Did you get Drunkard's Stein yet? No telling how long anniversary quests will remain available.
  20. Buri Augur

    Oh, don't be so pessimistic... this is not a problem on Xegony.

    To the OP: have you found a guild yet? I am in Alliance of Hope, always looking for more 95+, just be aware that pretty much everyone in the guild is gold with all expansions, so you'd want to have that to "keep up" with where the groups are headed. We do some alliance raiding, but not required and no pressure. Another good starter guild is Lions of the Heart.

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