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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Dimento Graven, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Dimento Graven New Member

    Hello everyone, my wife and I played this game A LOT for about 10 years (was in a semi-serious raiding guild [Fusion] on Rallos Zek, before the server merges and ending up on Povar), a little over 10 years ago, and feeling a bit of nostalgia and with the tremendous help of Daybreak support have recovered our old accounts.

    I logged in and realized almost immediately that I have damn near COMPLETELY forgotten how to play this game (hard to believe, BUT... I did/maybe still do drink a lot).

    I'm wondering how would one reintroduce themselves to the game and become moderately 'functional' in it?

    Our primary accounts were Wood Elves, I a druid, the wife a rogue...
  2. SephiroFiore New Member

    I was in the same boat and decided to start a new character from scratch. Once that character was caught up with the older one, I boxed it alongside each other (shaman + SK w/ cleric and wiz mercs). If you guys happen to choose that route, I highly suggest leveling a tank considering how poor the tank mercenary performs at higher levels. If you do decide to level up a tank, an enchanter/bard/shaman will compliment your group in the long run. You could run your main characters (druid/rogue) with the tank and cc, then hire a cleric and wiz/rog merc. This would allow you two to easily duo until you found a solid group of people to play with. Just my two cents.
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  3. Dimento Graven New Member

    Ok, you can hire in game mercenaries now? These are NPC characters, AI'd?

    Multi-boxing is allowed now? I remember it being verbotten "back in the day"...

    Our main characters are level 75, how long would it take to 'level up' another character to that?
  4. SephiroFiore New Member

    Yeah, mercenaries are pretty awesome and multiboxing is allowed now. They are npc characters that have presets on different play styles (burn, conserve mana, etc), and they’ll help you level up really fast. If you level up in “hot zones,” you guys should reach 75 fairly quick. Less than a week, perhaps? Depends on the play time that you two have, but just make sure to grind away in “hot zones.” These zones reward more exp for kills and Franklin Teek in plane of knowledge tell you where they are. Be sure to pick up the daily quest from him, each day, because they reward a nice chunk of exp, some coin, and equipment.

    As a side note, if you plan to do all-access on those accounts, your mercenaries can be hired at journeyman rank 1 and will carry you both. While leveling my shaman, I used a journeyman rank 1 wizard and she just demolished everything while I healed her large hp pool. Around 75, you can upgrade them straight to journeyman rank 5, which is a huge boost.

    Link to J5 quest for when you get there:
  5. CatsPaws Augur


    First off Make a new level 1 character and go thru the Gloomingdeep tutoriol. This will teach you the basics about mercs and some other changes since you last played.

    Then head to POK and do the rest of the tutorial from Secalna Galnor called "Out of Gloomingdeep"

    Don't forget to download game maps. I and most of the population use both Brewells (just google brewell eq maps) and Goods for maps:.
    Maps (Goodurden)

    It will not take long to level up another character to 75. And the formula for him getting exp is 30 levels between or 1.5 times his level. So around level 45-50 you can group them all and new one will get exp. Those tutorials I mentioned will get you to around level 20 in a few hours or less.

    If your Silver accounts then you are stuck with the lower mercs and they will do well for many levels but if you go paid on one account then stick a merc tank on it (the J5 as they are called) and he will do well for casual groups well into level 110. And help you guys level!

    Most of all have fun!
  6. Tugg the Mystic New Member

    What kinda merc should a returning 60 ogre shaman get? I still have all the old gear from 2001-2002. *Used* to slow enemy, dot enemy, have pet biting and melee the mob, but then when I needed a heal I went torpor myself for a big heal at low cost. Would I need a real tank now, or would I still tank, and then get a DPS instead? Where do I pick up my first merc? Can I merc as FTP?

    Will try to look for that guide thing you mentioned. Thanks
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes, follow my post above - create a level 1 and run thru the tutorial. Its a well spent hour or 2. And will bring you up to date on many new things in the game. Then you can just leave the low level guy and go back on your Shaman.

    You can buy mercs in POK or any city. Look under your find button and you see the vendors listed.

    Most everyone will tell you to go with a tank merc. However I ran my shaman, a ranger and some others with a healer merc. Some classes are great tanks at lower levels depending on how you play.

    My advice is to try a healer or a dps or tank and see which works for your playstyle. Mercs are not expensive and you can have more than one merc in your stable so you don't have to keep running back and buying a new one. But you either have to buy the slots or do a quest that is quite extensive for the other slots to open. And you can only run one merc at a time.

    Yes, you can use mercs as F2P but if this is a returning account then your called Silver. Even though you are free to play its not the base F2P account. Silver accounts has some enhancements better than F2P but not quite as good as paid.
  8. Tugg the Mystic New Member

    Yep! I'm Silver apparently. Didn't know what that meant. Read differences about 250 vs 1000 Augs.
    I will make a level 1. Thanks
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  9. CatsPaws Augur

    One good thing is that you have max loyalty tokens! And you will earn 120/week, usually added on Sundays but sometimes they lag in getting awarded. You get them automatically.

    They are account wide. 2 loyalty merchants - one in POK under the find key and the other in Sunrise Hills (where players put houses and guild halls)

    You can buy different things. I like "tokens of resurrection" cause even though my healer merc will give me a 96% rez they won't do it during battle and you can use these on your self or friend anytime.

    Another fun thing is the "vicious rabbit" he just runs out and attacks your target. Kinda nice for a little added damage and he can distract the mob. I use him to pull sometimes also

    When your ready to look at houses and plots then the houses you get off the loyalty merchant will not charge you rent which is nice.

    The loyalty merchants also offer some other things to paid accounts - bag of plat that can hold 13-15k plat. But its so easy to make plat just doing the dailys or farming certain mobs.

    One other thing - do you have a guild? If not there is a short quest so you can join a game created guild. The only purpose of this guild is to allow the members to use the guild portal to go places. Can come in handy.

    WB! Hope all this is not too overpowering all at once lol

    Edit - loyalty tokens are maxxed for you at 5760 so you cannot earn more than that. And you cannot earn partial so you will need to spend anyway. The articles that say Silver is capped at 1440 are out of date.
  10. GriefPK Elder

    check out the guide I am working on ...

    Also feel free to jump in the IGC discord channel to ask questions, link is below.

    Welcome back!
  11. GriefPK Elder

    +1 to leveling a tank box. Mercenary ones will drive you nuts in current content

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