things id pay for outside of an expantion

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  1. Bobokin Augur

    I said at the beginning, when housing was being created, that there should be housing zones connected to each city in the game that are unique and have their own bazaar. Wouldn't it be nice to a have a Freeport Docks housing zone that ONLY accepted ship housing types in the water areas.Having a housing zone that looked like Dulak Harbor on a sunny day would be fun.

    Instead, the devs created bad generic housing zones connected to the guild lobby and killed cities by having Crescent Reach the default starting zone.
  2. Cuuthbert Augur

    I want an Item that will MAX shrink the entire raid that cannot be buff blocked.
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  3. SOLARAXUS New Member

    Like this is the biggest thing I do not understand at all. Who thought 9 raid events was the golden number? Cause it most definitely is not. If you look at what expansions do really well in TLPs it seems to be SoL through OoW. What does that content have in common? Lots of raids to do. Luclin has what? 18 raid mobs between VT and SSRA? Not to mention Grieg, Seru, Akheve, Acrylia.... PoP has what? 16 outside of Time? and then another 11 or so in Time. GoD has probably 25-30 between all the progression expeditions and the 2 end zones. OoW has 12 and dozens of 2.0 targets.

    The current trend of 9 raid targets with the first 3 being done 3 times before the next 3 unlock, then another 3 clears for the final 3. It basically sounds like being in a live guild is 1 week of 1 day raiding, 2 or 3 days doing required progression, then raiding once a week for about 3 months just to unlock all the content and raid merchant items. then another 9 months of asking yourself wtf do I do? Log on and raid one day for 9 months.... cancel my sub for 9 months... or maybe slowly work my way through a bunch of pointless achievements.

    On TLP's this is becoming increasingly problematic with only 9. There is no way to properly fit an entire raid with quality gear in 3 or 2 months in these expansions. On Selos it is even worst. You are lucky if you get 6 or 7 new pieces of raid gear before the next expansion comes along and for half that month you couldn't even access all the content.
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  4. Tegila Augur

    Um, most of those raids are open zone. Instanced raiding makes a big difference. When guilds we're fighting each other for the ability to kill a raid mob, there had to be more(not to mention 1: mechanics were often almost nill on many of these, and 2: lot more devs)
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  5. Herf Augur

    Reliable servers? Oh, wait, we're already paying for that. Just not getting it.
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  6. Dorflock New Member

    Spelling lessons should be on that list ;)
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  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    A persistent "Autoplay" check box on the Launcher. Why do I have to click the Play button?
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  8. Kreav New Member

    I'd kill for separate storage for collection items. Those things take up so much darn space...
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  9. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    They would make a killing with bigger trader bags but they would screw it up and price them real high were not many would buy them. Just seems to me they rather sell a few real high than sell alot for a good price.

  10. KarmaKitty Elder

    I'll post here as well. A collections compactor which takes a set of collection items and compacts them into a single collection set item bearing the collection name and stackable to 1000.
  11. Vumad Augur

    And a lot of the DBC stuff is gameplay stuff. The cash bags being better than the crafted bags undermines crafting. Being able to buy illusions undermines questing. So many DBC suggestions greatly impact the gameplay and people just don't see it.
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  12. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Think of it this way:

    If we didn't have the marketplace, we would be able to craft 36-slot bags with crystalized velium ore, or something like that...

    There was a time where we could just buy a fast and fancy-looking mount from an npc-vendor with just plat...but now we got the marketplace...

    In earlier expansions we got ornaments from completing mercenary achievements...but now we got the marketplace...

    Completing certain achievements would often yield a fancy illusion as reward...but now we got the marketplace...

    Remember when housing furniture dropped from mobs? yeah...marketplace...

    Lots of stuff were removed from the game and transferred over to the marketplace...:(
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  13. Angahran Augur

    Add tradeskill recipes for hero's forge suit consolidator. Maybe via various skills, tinkering, smithing, tailoring.
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  14. Tegila Augur

    You can quest a lot of 36-42 slot bags.

    The best looking mount still, I'm, is the undead nightmare whatever rits name is, dropped in Sverag I think.

    We can still craft ornaments, and Overseer give sthem too if you want.

    Plenty of illusions around from all sources, I personally am not a big fan though so idc much.

    Housing furniture dropped for an extremely narrow timeframe, and it was after Player Studio was in full swing. Not much new has come out since, except carious decorations I see on a vendor unlocked by quests/achievements.
  15. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Fair enough, I still think a lot of stuff only found in the marketplace would be great as quest rewards though. I remember getting a lot of weird/fun clickies in RoF/CotF for example. :)

    But maybe that is more a question of dev-resources, rather than hiding it away in the marketplace?
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  16. Tegila Augur

    We used to get a lot more..stuff..just for buying an expansion. Now you get absolutely nothing unless you pay 3-8x the price. That's not a marketplace thing, but it does lend toward a feeling of some things lacking outside the marketplace. You'd get a new mount every year, often a new Merc, and the premium expansions gave another version, but you still got one with normal. Plus, you got 999 of them. And a painting with every expansion, another with premium. Etc etc. Often a new Merc, or illusion as well. A clickie teleport. Etc.

    There have been many things added to the game since RoF, but a lot has also gone down a lot in availability.
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  17. Fenthen Augur

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  18. Evye Elder

    Everytime I bring up the kickstarter idea someone poops on it.
    I'm glad im not the only one who thinks that way.

  19. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I would pay alot to be able to sell more items in the baz and i would buy for my 4 accounts! i actually had to create two more accounts because 100 slots to sell wasnt cutting it. how do other games baz work must be one on wow are they limited to 100 items too? im guessing not.

  20. Goranothos Augur

    How about instanced versions of old raid zones (PoP and earlier)?
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