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    Probably you
  3. modsiw Augur

    It's not a single person. Each thing is associated to the user who uploaded it. Each user has a profile page. The site has a DM feature. Some of the things have helpful descriptions with phrases like "pulled from Everquest EQG files".

    I don't know, but if I took a guess, it would be using to extract the assets from EQ. Google says there are tools to convert 3d models to printable STL files, but I suspect the auto converted STL won't be so good, or even viable, without a non-trivial amount of manual work.

    GLHF. If I were you, I'd DM the people that have made these and offer a bounty for a Staff of Eternal Eloquence model, or whatever it is you want.
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    All of those models were uploaded by the same person and they haven't added anything since 2018. I did find an extractor from GitHub and couldn't figure out how to make it work. Yes, it is the staff that I would like the STL for.
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    I printed the Hatred in resin once. Made it about 9 inches long. It's a plain model, no detail. I'd planned to print it full size but changed my mind.
  6. modsiw Augur

    There are at least five authors:
    • dmdover81 - Most models
    • noodlepirate - Epic 1.0 models
    • Zurkon
    • GamingNerd
    • Mekada
    The guy that did the epic models has is RL name in is profile. Linked In has a few public profiles of people with that name, nerdy careers, and of appropriate EQ nostalgia age.
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    I don’t feel like i even want to understand what Thingiverse is to be brutally honest.
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    For the average Joe, Download STL file, Send the 3D printer. That's it.
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    Thanks. Missed that. I though dmdover had done all of them. I didn't even catch that noodlepirate did the epics.

    I don't actually have a thingiverse account. I haven't really ever used the site actually. I'll try to contact them.