They better do something quick!!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Haldi, Apr 15, 2022.

  1. Haldi Elder

    DBG needs to do something about these new TLP servers if they ever hope to capitalize on bag sells/options etc. These have been the least talked about TLPs in recorded EQ history on the forums.
  2. Numiko Augur

    Not interesting servers are not interesting to talk about.
  3. Haldi Elder

    Well they should do something to make them interesting, because I for one am not going to spend my money on a dead server. I was hoping there would of been more hype for Yelinak, but it doesn't seem to be the case, I dont know why.
  4. JustAnotherOpinion Augur

    What would make Yelinak a better server in your opinion?
  5. Haldi Elder

    I like it the way it is as well, just not much hype. Only 3 guilds with all the same raid days so far. Maybe if they increased the xp rate by 25 to 50 percent keep everything else the same it might entice more people. I just want a server with atleast 2k players and a guild that raids Mon,Tue,Wed those 3 so I can raid and start fresh.
  6. Machen New Member

    Erasing the last two years of TLP releases.

    If there was no box friendly server and if there was no random loot/free trade server, Yelinak would be well populated and Vaniki would be through the roof because it would have been the first real new innovation in a few years. Coming as they are after Rizlona and Mischief, there is no ruleset that will be able to match what Phinny and Mangler put up population-wise.
  7. error Augur

    Considering how popular Mangler has been (and still is for this era) I don't see how a Mangler clone would be unpopular. Vaniki on the other hand I wouldn't expect to have the same mass appeal just because it sounds pretty far off from a traditional TLP. I also expect there to be a lot of issues with the first run of a "level locked" server where raid specific mechanics just straight block progression until the level cap catches up, and since Vaniki moves so fast they likely wouldn't be able to roll out fixes within the relevant time window.
  8. Jakuk Lorekeeper

    The OP of this thread is on to something
  9. sigalph760 Journeyman

    Everyone dismisses the casual player now days. By forum standards it seems you have to play full time or your opinion doesn't matter. I'm going to pass on this round as a casual player because it just seems like the theme lately is to push the servers as fast as you can to keep the full time players happy. The servers haven't launched yet and I feel like I already am behind the curve with my 10-15 hour a week play time. One thing to keep in mind. The casuals usually foot the bill by paying subs and buying krono. You push them out and guess what...

    To add, most casual players don't take to the forums much so their voice goes unheard but they probably make up the majority of the player base.
  10. Jakuk Lorekeeper

  11. Bhane Veteran N00b

    Hey, that's me, the casual returning player that'll be spending my 4 to 6 hrs a day playing on this server because it looks like it'll be a good leveling pace without huge dead times between xpacs while not feeling compelled to racefor every "win" out there. Great pacing for someone that's been off eq for awhile to come back and get the feel for what they've missed over the last xpacs without the all at once "is this even eq" of live.

    /shrug glad to be "stupid enough to waste my time and money on silly tlp"
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    4 to 6 hours a day is casual?
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  13. Bhane Veteran N00b

    For me, yes. I pop on to whatever I'm playing here and there through the day to craft when it's slow at work and then a few hrs of xp after work.

    But, even for someone logging in less, the xp cap windows nicely provide a steady stream of things to do, xp up, Don missions, tss is fun leveling, tbs missions, etc. Vanicki offers a lot of fun for a casual player not chasing pixels.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think you missed the point, doing something for 4-6 hours a day is no longer in the realm of casual.
  15. Bhane Veteran N00b

    That is purely subjective. Thank you for your perspective but mine does not align. I have zero interest in chasing raids "in era" and not that much outside epics. Imo, even if I was on 12 hrs a day, if I'm not chasing the "endgame" it's casual....and in the realm of EQ (and mmos in general) that's always been the case.
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  16. Zansobar Augur


    This is also a reason the free trade is such a good option for these servers as it reduces what a player has to do to keep up. The random loot was also another step towards embracing the casual player.

    With free trade there ends up being a much larger supply of items in the economy (raid loot doesn't rot, no trade items that are replaced are not destroyed, etc.) which means the cost of obtaining items reduces, which benefits the more casual player.

    With random loot - items cannot be locked down by the krono farmers. Items such as efreeti boots, ring of the ancients, etc. Plus since items can drop from many more spawn points there will be more of these items entering the economy. Again easier for the more casual player.

    I think they either need to add free trade to the classic start server or at least make no trade items that were flagged as free trade on Mischief, be flagged as Heirloom, so you could trade them in your shared bank. This way if I roll an alt I won't have to go through the toxic ring of the ancient krono farmers for each alt and will only need to obtain it once. Free trade would be better but at least heirloom would help a bunch.
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  17. straynge Journeyman

    It's not perspective, you thinking 4-6 hours a day is casua is a reflection on your very specific lifestyle.
  18. Zish Elder

    Bro, this is everquest. If you're playing for 4 hours a day you are incredibly casual.
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  19. Zrender Augur

    I agree with you. It's totally possible to casually play EQ 6 hours a day or even more. A ton of people I know watch tv, youtube or sports more than that. If someone is absolutely glued to the screen fighting nonstop 12 hours a day for months then that probably isn't the usual definition of casual but I myself will often park somewhere fighting 1-5 mobs that pop every 20 minutes for 10-12 hours possibly even a couple months at a time without in any way interfering with 6 other things that I'm doing casually like watching a show, research, coding, finance, chatting with someone, etc.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Just because you are not chasing end game raids doesn't make you a casual player. And if we are talking 4-6 hours a day it means you are easily talking 20+ hours in a week which is more then some end game raiders put in.
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