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  1. Nazzu New Member

    LOL. So they can advertise the release of Aradune with the intent of not providing access to it? Since as you say 'they don't need to give you access'. Hint, no they cannot.

    (Not saying they are denying access with intent, but the fact it's argued they can do that made me laugh).
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  2. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    I just gave up, and moved to Rizlona, and did a petition to get my bags moved. The people here are nice, and not so toxic in chat. Yeah I could have done chargebacks of close to $200USD, but I am not ready to stop playing this game just yet.
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  3. Aenvar Augur

    Can't believe I'm still reading the "play on another server" argument... People have enough reasons to be pissed off, I know it won't fix anything but at least let them vent their frustration.
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  4. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    I'm new to TLP's but not Live. Played for a long time and im having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

    Just to be clear, THE ONLY REASON I SUBBED WAS ARADUNE -- like MANY MANY OTHERS. I would not have given DBG a penny otherwise.

    So please, stuff this "You have access to all servers" nonsense. I'm not even debating the sub cost because indeed you are right. The sub is still good.

    HOWEVER, the station cash/bags I bought and spent on aradune are not. I can't get on to use them. This is my complaint.

    So please stop with your "you got what you paid for". Just because you like eating poop doesnt mean we do.

    It would if people would stop coming in and telling those who are complaining (maturely) to stuff it, or that we are wrong, or suck it up, or your a tlp tourist.
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Sure. If people would come in and complain maturely. Maybe YOU are, but look around you, sooooo many people are not. There is 24+ pages of it. I get it, people are upset. I'm upset, you're upset, they're upset. Coming here or discord and calling people names and yelling and screaming isn't helping. Or maybe it is, maybe its cathartic. But insulting the devs, making demands, spamming the discord server with NSFW pictures and racist taunts probably not helpful. Also re: bags, there was a guy posting last night that asked (probably nicely) to have his bags moved to Riz and they happily did it for him.
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  6. iamjignturjfnruy New Member

    I feel like a different argument would be, why is DBG or whatever the hell their name is nowadays, so nonchalant in terms of communication?

    Oh, we gave them an update 6 days ago about this problem that is a big dumpsterfire on the forums, Maybe we will reach out in the next 15 days and give them an update on how they need to log in between 1am and 230am next time.
  7. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    So the people quoting the "play on Aradune OR Rizlona" from the ads - that refers to the idea that your one account can only play on one at a time - this does NOT mean that you can ONLY play on one or the other ever...trolls
  8. iamjignturjfnruy New Member

    If it were free, maybe maturity would help. People are spending CASH - DOLLARS - REAL CURRENCY - MONEY, that is derived from their HARD WORK. In turn, they expect the person they are paying for the same HARD WORK to produce what is paid for.

    But. who gives a fk right?
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