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  1. Deadshade Augur

    Many, probably most of us (especially on EQ), have seen about everything that happened in matter of OL games during the past 20 years.
    We have seen games sunsetting, servers crashing, CTD, lags and blue screens, bugs and more bugs.
    But what I think nobody has seen in 20 years, is a game asking for a subscription to access a server and then wilfully REFUSING said access for 3 weeks and God knows for how much more.

    For do not be mistaken, here we are far beyond the mere notions of lag, bug or a few days of server crash.
    With a queue over ONE HOUR every single day (it is 190 minutes as I write) this means that thousands of people who paid in good faith their subscription on May 27 didn't have an opportunity to log in the server they came for (Aradune) in a reasonable time frame (e.g in the evening or the week-end) during 3 weeks.
    In other words it is not that they received bad service for their money, they received no service at all.

    And there is worse.
    In any other game if circumstances prevented people to play for an extended period of time (think WEEKS), we would have a community manager providing information every day.
    We would know what the technical staff is doing and more importantly we would be given estimates about ETA of "normal" playing conditions.
    We would have probably all subscriptions extended for another month for all people playing on Aradune.
    Here we had Chan apologising for hardware problems what is at least something but we still don't know WHEN approximately we will get what we paid for, e.g an access to the server we choose to play on.
    And the absence of communication about problems and solutions is probably what most of us feel much harder than the problems and solutions themselves.

    I believe that all this is unprecedented in the last 20 year, that we deserve better for our loyalty and for the money we paid in good faith and I felt that I have to write it for the Daybreak staff if someone among them is still interested in what their player basis feels..
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  2. Willy Loman New Member

    Lost me here; they don't sell such a subscription.

    They sell a subscription to all servers (and multiple games).
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  3. c313 Augur

    Above poster is right.

    This is a Aradune problem. Not a Everquest problem. There are several servers locked behind a Paywall. Aradune is just the more popular one of the bunch. You're not paying directly to play there. You have Rizlona, Mangler, ... All the TLP's basically. And of course all the games that the Subscription has access to. The subscription is not intended for just Everquest. It expands across all the games to Daybreak not just Darkpaw.

    Again, this is not AraduneQuest. You can play this game just fine without issues. Its called picking a different server.

    You chose to endure this problem when there is no need to. I for instance chose not to endure this problem in the form of playing on Rizlona.
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  4. Grogak The Champion

    While true, he and many others paid for a subscription, and that subscription may or may not be entirely predicated on the idea of playing on a particular server - in this case Aradune - otherwise they may or may not have had any desire to pay for the subscription in the first place.
  5. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    I'm frankly tired of hearing the DBG fanboys use the argument that there is more than one server available to play on - no kidding. When you see an ad for a brand new red pickup truck at your local dealership, then show up an it's not available, do you just go buy a different color truck? Or maybe not even a truck - buy a convertible. No - you came to buy the red truck that was advertised. This is called "bait and switch" folks. In fact, this Aradune issue is even worse - you had to pay a non-refundable deposit up front to buy this red truck that is not available.

    Many people only subscribed to play on the new TLP server Aradune that was advertised. And I know, people will say they 'can' play on it - after 3 hours queues, crashes, long zoning, etc. But again, this was not as advertised nor expected from a professional company. But throwing out the 'play on Rizlona' is not the solution. Get it now, folks?
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  6. c313 Augur

    It still doesn't eliminate the fact that you, we, as the player chose to play where we want. And the majority are choosing to play on Aradune still despite the fact what its going through.

    You're right where they likely would have no interest in EQ if it wasn't for Aradune, however to come around and say they were "scammed" because they're paying to play on Aradune and can't, is just bologna.

    I agree with nearly all statements players are putting out, except this one. You chose where to play, you chose Aradune.
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  7. Trey Elder

    Worst response I've seen yet. No one wants to play with box-armies else they would be doing it already. Nobody wants to start eons behind everyone else on expansion 2,138 with the other barren TLP's. Aradune offers what we want, and it's basically the only option...but you know that.
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  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Have you tried logging into Riz? By all accounts its mostly 2-3 boxers and even some solo players. This idea that its just a fistful of 100 man bot armies is wrong and perpetuated by the Aradune or bust people or the ones who had a bad experience from Ragefire
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  9. Nazzu New Member

    I’ve seen this argument dozens of times and while its not incorrect and the one DPG would likely make, this situation isn’t that black and white. Aradune is the new promotion, they have advertised it and it came with a launch date and time, so it’s reasonable that someone subbing and purchasing items at this time is doing so for the new promotion.

    Also, while there are numerous servers working fine and your sub allows access to any of them, if you purchased bags or xp pots or other store items and claimed them, then they are no longer available on all there other servers, nor is your character. If someone truly cannot play on Aradune and they made one of these purchases than they do not have access to something they paid for, its not just the sub that people spend money on.
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  10. Sikkun Augur

    How many car dealers have an infinite number of red trucks? No one is going to win a bait and switch argument after the 4 red trucks they had sold out.
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  11. Dyzalot Augur

    I think the argument about the purchase of bags and other things from the store have more "legal" merit than the "I subbed for Aradune" argument, even though that is what I pretty much did. Luckily for me I don't spend money on bags and other stuff from the store so don't have that problem but I can understand the frustration level for those that have. And yeah, if an amusement park had a new ride and sold a bunch of season passes while advertising the "launch" of that new ride but then it was always down for repairs or didn't operate as advertised, I think those people would have a legitimate basis for complaining even though their purchase of the season pass gave them access to the entire park and wasn't just for the new ride.
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  12. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    No, Aradune is not the "new promotion". Aradune AND Rizlona are. They were announced together, all the posts about them were together, the couple email blasts then sent were about them together.

    So even that falls flat since you can play just fine on Rizlona.

    Now, the bag issue is a different beast.
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  13. JergensLivingston Journeyman

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  14. Pelrond Elder

    Yeah, I wish I had waited a while before using my bags on Aradune. I bought them on 2 accounts. I'm playing more on Rizlona now so wish I had saved them for that. Oh well, aradune will eventually stabilize and I will get back on there.
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  15. Arog Augur

    What you say is correct. If you had a subscription prior to the launch of Aradune then this is the most logical conclusion. But how many new subscriptions did DPG get because of the announcement of Aradune server. Its obvious the increase in subscriptions is directly a result of the advertised server and not preparing for the increased subscriptions is baffling to me.
  16. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    This totally falls flat - Yes - they were announced together - play Aradune AND Rizlona - not OR. Your argument would be like ordering a burger AND fries, but only getting the fries. You ordered BOTH - not just one. Of course, there will be those that argue the fries are better than the burger, so be happy...
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  17. Malachi Augur

    So reasonable, concise, and tempered. You sir are in the wrong forums. Go on now git!
  18. Hottcakes New Member

    How are there so many little t**t's defending this kind of scam?
    You know why we want to play on Aradune, because we came to play an MMORPG, , not a single player/multi box RPG, I want to play with others, group with others, enjoy my play time with other players
    Not play solo on abandoned servers. I came back for Aradune, I've spent my money for Aradune, I bought pots + Bags, etc. 2 Weeks later after every day enduring a 3 hour que I still haven't been able to burn through one 4 hour pot with all my game time before the game crashes (Something thats never happened on other serves, only happening now after I wait hours in ques)

    Stop defending this garbage player service.
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  19. code-zero Augur

    There is no scam and no one is defending anything, just telling you the unpleasant truth. I understand that some people may not want to play on Rizlona because they might see someone having fun the wrong way.

    The people who have been playing live and the other TLP's for years find the attitudes of some of the new TLP tourist who think they signed up for Aradune only to be more than a little bit insulting.
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  20. Leoden New Member

    Playing on a different server is a BS argument, there isn't a different server that has the same rule set. Many people paid for an advertised service (true box, max 2 character, GM available server), that service isn't available, therefore something should be done about it.

    I get it, they underestimated the hardware / interest. The response has still been crap.
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