There is only one way to satisfy Hardcore players...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Lortl, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Lortl Journeyman

    Ever since the beginning of EQ there has been racing and competition. Give us seasons. Instead of the constant exodus from server after server. Whatever you come up with for the "Hardcore" isn't gonna attract the hardcore unless it is a true race server. You will have to manufacture some form of competition to draw them away from the casuals. Casuals are a source of Krono for the Hardcore. It is very simple.

    If you can produce a server that has fast XP and 1 week unlock on content clears along with a full reset after 1 year.. you will get your Hardcores off the casual servers. I mean, they might still play on those servers for the krono farm.. but they will be all about the ego measuring.
  2. RandomStrategy Augur

    I don't think DBG wants to murder their player base with strokes from being up for 86 hours at a time every week.
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  3. Lortl Journeyman

    I mean the only chance a player has of seeing content past PoP is being on a dead TLP server... This way you actually get some real competition on OW targets for the first few xpacs and then you have speed races on the "newer" expansions. Every year you see if they can make it further. People get burnt out playing on time locked progression servers.. Works for games like Diablo etc. Launching with Classic-Vel would be fun for like a month.. but you would be right back where you started.
  4. Kittany Augur

    A apart of me thinks, "That might not be such a bad thing" then the rational part thinks, "That is a horrible thought and you're a terrible person for even thinking that!"

    But intense competition can bring out the worst in people tho. :p
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  5. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Sullon Zek rules or it's for soft blue scrubs
  6. Lortl Journeyman

    PVP doesnt mean hardcore. The game is not balanced for PVP.. If it was, I would say absolutely. Have played on a few unofficial boxes with pvp and it was entertaining but the class makeup was kinda dumb.
  7. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Sounds like something a filthy scared casual would say.
  8. code-zero Augur

    I'm curious, do you have a Magelo or something where we all can see what your gear/level/AA/whatever it is that you think makes you not be a scrub?
  9. Risiko Augur

    This would likely be the best way to burn people out on playing EverQuest faster than anything ever before. It would be a sure fire way for DBG to ensure that people don't come back.
  10. Lortl Journeyman

    The "hardcores" have been jumping TLP to TLP for the last 8 years. Nothing has burnt them out yet.. Why would this all of a sudden burn them out? We have fielded a raid force 90% of the days Coirnav has been in existence. People took breaks, came back.. Would also make the content that much harder if you are racing your equipment quality and other guilds. Can't spend 3 months farming NToV in Velious for Luclin or 3 months in VT for PoP if you are focused on the next unlock. I mean.. Wow VP keys will be hysterical and so will shard camps. It's rather funny just imagining the toxicity this will breed... But it's the Hardcore server so who cares?
  11. Ryak Augur

    Anybody remotely competent is likely to be bored after more than one time through the "classic" expansions. Most of the "hardcore" people are likely staying on their server with the goal to get to the harder expansions.

    There's a small number of new people joining/coming back from a long time ago which will naturally join a new server and there's the crew of people who legitimately enjoy playing classic over and over, but each new server is likely to be less populated than those before barring something like AoCs being introduced for the first time to drive up the population.
  12. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I honestly don't think DBG have the creative processes in place to come up with an appealing long-term ladder system like this.

  13. ElfSimHero New Member

    Which is terribly sad, because we spend all our time measuring our accomplishments every iteration of these servers against the previous champions.
  14. Mr Nobody Elder

    "1 week unlock on content clears"

    Has anything like this been tried?
  15. KegadinIsGod Journeyman

    The very first progression servers had content that unlocked as soon as the previous content was cleared. It was a lot of fun.
  16. Machentoo Augur

    A long term ladder system, the way most have suggested it, won't work. It is precisely the launch of a new server that brings together a population sufficient for progression. If the servers were just there, with no new launch, there'd be nothing to bring together a bunch of players at any one point and time to progress.
  17. Lortl Journeyman

    Short term ladder... 6 months or 1 year. That's it. Then have a yearly reset. You will have people playing EQ till they die in their seat.. Every reset they will be planning their groups and progress, etc. Learning from the previous attempts. Make a level ranking system for classic first to 50.. First to Epic. First to kill blah blah blah. It could be done. It would be a measuring stick for those who want to tout their Epeen.
  18. Machentoo Augur

    Personally, I don't think many EQ players would invest a whole year into characters that will be wiped at the end (or dumped to a live server, which is the same thing for all practical purposes.) I think it might have a few takers the first time around. I don't think it would be successful at all the second + times through.
  19. Lortl Journeyman

    Quit phinny play agnarr... quit agnarr play coirnav.. quit coirnav play new TLP... giving up characters to play again.. it's been done how many times now? What if there was a legitimate race aspect like there was on quarm? Some kind of reward for players and guilds. Something that qualifies what we sit here and argue about tlp after tlp. Who can get it done better? Instead of racing ghosts from the past we race each other for real. In the moment with a real leaderboard.
  20. Gremin Augur

    Bring back the eq website that had player rankings you could filter, I am sure the hardcores would love that.
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