Theater of Blood on Ragefire, please consider instancing

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  1. Golgoret Lorekeeper

    Please consider doing something to ease what a pain point Theater of Blood could very well end up being on Ragefire. There are 3-4 full guilds (one with two raid crews) which will be looking to get flagged for Deathknell up front. There are also multiple heavy boxing guilds which also plan to do Deathknell. On top of that, these flagging mobs are kind of unique in that they drop extremely nice loot for open world mobs and some can be killed with smaller numbers (which plenty of box crews on the server could do).

    There isn't really a precedent for this in most previous content. The elemental minis would be the closest comparison I can think of, but those don't drop essential flag pieces and are in zones that require a huge amount of raid progression to reach. Same with the Qvic goats (which spawned in picks). Theater of Blood is trivial to get into, and there are people who will have an interest in killing these named who don't care about Deathknell access, which adds even more competition.

    What worked back in the era due to small numbers of raid guilds doing end-game progression will not work here, there are just too many guilds. What worked on Phinny due to an agent of change obviously won't apply on Ragefire by default either.

    The drop rate of Inspirations just does not scale at all to the number of guilds/toons that will need them, and the fact that they drop from mobs that also drop last bloods and Demi quality loot in an open world zone that is easy to access is really worrisome. There are any number of ways this could be addressed which come to mind

    - Making them like goats, 8 hour spawn and appearing in picks (which would make ToB on par with what Qvic was back during GoD)
    - Dramatically increasing the number of inspirations they drop (relatively harmless imo, they are not at all difficult for any guild who actually needs the flags)
    - Allowing them to spawn in picks without dropping any loot (allows whatever competitiveness is desired in open world while still allowing all raid guilds to progress)
    - Just straight up putting in the agent of change Phinny had (plenty of precedent for this in the form of Vule, would completely solve all issues)

    Please, for the health of this server, consider making some tweaks to this. You already instanced Vule in DoDH, which to lots of people's immense relief, prevented a major source of inter-guild drama, so there's precedence for doing the same thing here. Ragefire has been a very laid back, chill, fun place lately. A new end-game guild joined the server, there are lots of guilds and people joining, general chat is usually full, we're all getting along. Please help keep it this way. Everyone would benefit from this!
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  2. Dythan Augur

    Heavy box crews won't get past DK2, these people are just wasting their and everyone else's time if they are competing for DK flags early on. ToB takes no flagging to get into, as (at least on phinny) the auto granted AA will take you there even if you are not flagged.
  3. Machentoo Augur

    You don't need to get past DK2 to make the ToB minis valuable in and of themselves. Box crews will have motivation to kill them other than for flagging purposes.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    This is all definitely true, although those box crews will certainly be interested in the Theater minis' loot even if they never set foot in Deathknell. That instant port to Theater via Harmonic Dissonance the moment the expansion unlocks is an obvious bug that should be fixed, but I doubt it will be. Just fixing that AA would do a lot to curb the rush of players fighting over Theater minis all at the same time.
  5. Golgoret Lorekeeper

    While it's possibly true that box heavy raids might not get past DK2, even if that's the case, it unfortunately doesn't change anything. The reason these mobs are so tricky is because there is a reason for everyone capable of getting into ToB (in other words, everybody) to want to kill them, even outside of progression, because of the Demi level loot and chance for last bloods.

    Traditional methods of ensuring people can get access to progression raid flags don't work here. There isn't a bunch of elaborate flagging like PoP to insulate these mobs from people randomly deciding to kill them, and rotations don't really apply because there isn't a strongly compelling reason for people to respect them. People serious about raiding Deathknell will care about these mobs long enough to get 85% or so of their raid force flagged, at which point they wouldn't have a reason to enforce a rotation. People who just want to kill them for gear have no reason to respect a rotation since it would, by its nature, favor guilds who want to progress in earnest.

    There's a quick, easy solution, they already did it for Phinny because of the logistical problems that result from large numbers of guilds needing small numbers of resources on a server with greatly shorted expansion unlocks compared to when the content was first live. The gear (6ish pieces of Demi loot per week plus a chance at last bloods) isn't remotely good enough to be a serious source of gearing up, so no real danger of people getting excessive loot.

    In my mind, it's basically a win-win to simply instance the mobs. There's not really much downside, and if the developers do want to foster a sense of open world competition, there are still open world versions of the mobs for those who're interested, while leaving those of us who just want to get along and do instanced raiding with the ability to do just that :)
  6. Trotts Journeyman

    As one of the top guilds on the server, yes we will, lol

    Also please instance ToB, there are like 10 guilds on Ragefire that are capable of killing these things so DPS races are virtually inevitable if nothing changes.
  7. Gremin Augur

    and this is why Dead Halfling Society has NOT made the move to Ragefire, but WILL once we are done in PoR(see you in the summer!)
  8. Lacka New Member

    Bump, don't let this get lost in the new server posts!
  9. Intin Elder

    Throw us a bone. AoC with PoR.
  10. Khyrra Elder

  11. Intin Elder

    It's not too late to do the right thing.
  12. Dythan Augur

    Sometimes the answer is in the silence
  13. Intin Elder

    Really hate to just bump this, but we are just over a week out. Please please please Flip that AoC switch on Ragefire.
  14. Bewts Augur

    The answer is they couldn’t care what happens on Ragefire unless the server is unstable or content is unplayable.

    Anything to do with politics or quality of life or really, anything that doesn’t relate to Krono is so far off their radar for both Ragefire and Lockjaw that you might as well be in 1999.
  15. Intin Elder

    I have a feeling more than a few Kronos and subs will be lost to frustration.
  16. Boze Augur

    By the same argument the box crews could keep down the much easier open world minis required for Daosheen and SZ access. ToB bosses drop 3? Flags each? And not all of them are total pushovers. Y'all will be fine. 36/ week for the server means a raid force can get in to DK each week and those events all drop backflags. PoR was Phinny's biggest population decline because there was nothing to do after you got DK flagged, drawing out the flagging process could honestly be a good thing to keep folks logging in.
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  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Truebox and AoC coming to Ragefire and Lockjaw next patch, sounds great!
  18. Intin Elder

    Trying one more time. Only a few days till PoR.
  19. Dythan Augur

    Lol. Few days is like 90 days to few. I'm sure all the great players will work together to make PoR a sussess. I believe in you.

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