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  1. Bobokin Augur


    Read the posts. The poster stated that these casual players were also sucking at the teat of this task. My post simply stated that they could not have because they were not at the minimum level to do so.

    The statement that those players should go to zones meant for their level just proves the point that this gravy train will not be available for them when they get to 100 or 110 or whatever. The same goes for GMM, which was great for those who could take advantage of it with mass play, bot groups, and such, but that does little good for casual players who come later.

    Think about what a player will have to go through to get from 96 to 115 now that GMM has been castrated, TBL is relatively empty, and this task has been nerfed. Compare that to what those that could do these earlier and push to 115 in a matter of weeks or even days upon the ToV release and max out AAs in GMM and with this task.
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    So you crying for those people who are not yet 110 to be able to take advantage of stuff ?

    Got it ..

    Keep it up you trooper you.. #cantstopwontstop.. Dats all you all day..

    Its nobody's fault sept their own if they can not make friends an get help .. But you can continue to keep trying to portray them as Victims of the evil corrupt system that is Everquest ..

    Keep up that good fight you S J warrior you !
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  3. Bobokin Augur

    Soandso ... it won't let me give it to you; you are not at the required level.

    Do you understand how minimum levels work? Read the posts before posting a reply.
  4. wiha Elder

    what is new they always neff things so the raid players get past it neff it so the groupers can not get to far in always the way help raiders and f the groupers
  5. Cicelee Augur

    The sad part isn't the change from 25 to 9 AA for about five minutes of running around...

    No, the sad part are players who think it is perfectly acceptable to get 25 AA by running to five update spots and killing one trash monster.
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  6. Nesalie Journeyman

    Listen, I fought for the content to be done by casuals in beta. The content ended up in a pretty good place. If casual players weren't at least 110 and haven't made it to 111 or done anything in ToV so far, they won't even know there was a nerf by the time they get around to it.

    You're just mad you can't exploit it anymore and sit there putting in no effort for an overtuned reward. Don't use casuals as a cover for your own inability to make a friend and do more than a quest that takes 10 minutes to do with a single kill for 25 AA. Get real. You probably cried when they nerfed Old Man McKenzie missions too.
  7. Bobokin Augur

    Well, I say they roll back all of those AAs, and then let's see who is crying.

    Just because I spend time helping others play Everquest at lower levels doesn't mean I could not have run the race instead. I was at 110 when ToV released, and I could have taken advantage of this for my main, but I care more about friends, family, and guild-mates who are not able to.

    If Everquest continues to only be for players doing the latest and greatest expac, it is an empty shell of a game.
  8. Whulfgar Augur

    Wont happen.. you are clearly reaching here.. period.

    Are you the only person in everquest history up to now to claim this ?
    Everquest will continue to feed its LARGEST player base with what that player base wants .. Why ? Because its that LARGEST player base that keeps the lights on ..

    Not the less then 100 TOTAL across all server's who play so casually they have not yet reached level 100 on their mains .. (Those people feed off of the larger player base's ability to keep EQ running, not the other way around .. )

    And thats truth.
  9. Bobokin Augur

    If you don't think players understand what is nerfed in front of them, you lack the understanding of that entire group of players. They know full well. In fact, the GMM changes caused many casual players to quit the game altogether because they knew it would be just that much harder to keep up.

    You don't know me, so don't make yourself look like a jerk for talking about me like you do. I could have used this, but I did not. I was busy helping characters come up from the 80s and 90s because my kids were home from college over the holidays.
  10. Smokezz Augur

    You're not a returning player. You've been whining on here constantly about pretty much everything since we got the level 110 increase. If you're not in ToV getting xp from that quest already, that's amazing. And it still gives 9AA for 3 min work? That's amazing too.
  11. smash Augur

    If it had been me, I would have gone more drastically to work.

    I would have let it be 25 aa, however instead I would have done something, I would have increased the lockout to 6 hours which is normal for partisan quests/missions.

    So people would be able to get the 25 aa instead of 100+ per 6 hours.

    Or even have made the task individual instead of group, which is what make this so bad.
  12. Whulfgar Augur

    Then you just proved what I said earlier..

    Its those that play the game none casually .. who keep the lights on in Everquest..

    If they quit .. an EQ did not shut down .. looks like it was not a bother then.
  13. Niloiv Elder

    I would happily welcome the rollback of AAs from this quest in exchange for the coin difference they are doing for the heroics missions! That will bring a far more enjoyable gameplay for those who are moving more slowly than those who rushed. How come you are not demanding equality for this change as well?

    This is not a matter of casual vs raider. The dev team works really hard to provide a fun and challenging game to all its players. Unfortunately, they are human (well not Ngreth, he's an ogre). Take a step back and place yourself into their shoes . . . "Oops! we let that one slide through the cracks, did not mean to make a quest that grants 25AAs for killing 1 mob. We had better fix it with the next patch so the game is balanced." If they over-corrected, it will be corrected again (remember the cactucii mission from RoS?).

    Do you agree that this quest reward was over-tuned? How would you propose a better balance than the one offered?
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  14. Mazame Augur

    Ummm no.
    Anyone that was bought TOV and over level 100. could do this quest from day one. Raider vs Group has nothing to do with it. It was a simple update 5 loc and kill one mob. If some one could not kill the 1 mob then they should not be in Tov.

    Anyone over 100 could of gotten plenty of task adds if they wanted.

    @at the person that said it unfair because he was off helping friends. I am sorry but that was a choice you made. you could have also made the choice to run the task and TA your friends to help them out.

    This task didn't Require 115 / Didn't require raid gear.

    The fact it was giving 25 aa when all of the other tasks were giving less then half that go to show it was an over sight. the other task took more effort and more time and rewarded less. Everyone knew this one was going to be fixed. I say in joy the fact you had a month of it if you made the choice to run it over and over. I for one got sick of doing the same quest over and over.
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  15. AZerker New Member

    If everyone would all just play the game and do what you enjoy, everything will come at it's own pace. Life is not fair and sh*t goes wrong that needs to be fixed. Get over it and stop taking it like someone is out to get you and make your world so horrible. I swear some people just like to read their own spew for the sake of having nothing better to do.
  16. Bobokin Augur

    Naw, ... I was just proving a point. Taking away this from the future is no different than taking it from the present. If it is fine to nerf this and GMM, why not do it retroactively?

    Really, ... you wanted this nerf? You wanted the nerfs in GMM and the progression walls in TBL?

    The reason the LARGEST player base are top ended is because those are the people the devs cater to. Maybe the rest of the server wouldn't be so empty if that wasn't so. Maybe the staff wouldn't all fit in a mini-van.
  17. feeltheburn Augur

    THE yet again group vs raider whine fest ...amazing. get over it and play the game or just move on jeez
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  18. Whulfgar Augur


    You right.. You right .. tick off the largest player base the game has .. watch 7/10 people walk away from EQ ..

    Then they will cater to those 100 people spread across all servers bruh..

    Common sense .. CLEARLY .. is not as common as it imply's..
  19. bob2 Journeyman

    great nerf the xp, but make the mobs xp worth while to kill them.
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  20. Rarthin New Member

    This is hilarious, easiest expansion in years for us casuals to get through and farm yet people still complain.
    They want their cake and eat it to. whats next, "casuals" fighting to be granted max AA's and max level on expansion launch so they can keep up with the dirty raid guilds that put in the time and effort?

    Pure comedy gold right here!
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