The Vocal Minority

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Krysanth, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. King Dedede Elder

    This is the great skill us filthy casuals can't possibly obtain.
  2. taliefer Augur

    i guess you missed the link to the thread where your guild leader is admitting to having 150 mage boxes at their disposal, keeping alts camped out at raid targets, sending a box crew to snipe CT while socking another mob? and also says that this is nothing when it comes to what y'all have planned for kunark.

    i dont particularly care btw, but to say you dont use bots when your guild leader is saying otherwise just makes it look like you are trying to defend something that doesnt really need to be defended.

    this is the raid environment DBG wants. you guys are just content to lockdown all targets and steamroll everyone else, with no thought given to playing nice with others. and why should you, when you are just playing in the environment given to you.
  3. Krysanth Elder

    Can you give one example where bots were used to snipe any target on this server? LOL when did this happen? I would like to know, so I can throw my bots in there too!!! Before we do this next time please /tell Krysanth so I can join in. Thanks bud.
  4. King Dedede Elder

    I am not sure it's the environment they envisioned. Wait, envisioned requires forethought...

    They are making due with limited staff / resources. DGB lead Holly also caters to the non casuals as already admitted too. This leads to little hope of meaningful change and/or if EQ Next will even be worth playing.
  5. taliefer Augur

    ask Thraka. hes the one claiming it happened. he would know better than you or I.
  6. taliefer Augur

    it is most definitely the environment they wanted. they want contested targets. all of their actions and words have said exactly that.
  7. Reece Lorekeeper

    Whats the point of this entire conversation? We used alts to kill Cazic Thule when we were socking one of the Dragons... everyone posting in this thread sounds ridiculous, myself included.
  8. Vaclav Augur

    Having standards of how to treat yourself, your guild and others is not them being "better than you" in many uses of the word. In fact not all the primary uses of them.

    There's a reason why we add asterisks to many hall of famers for various sports that used "techniques" that were considered illegal and/or immoral. (even after the fact)

    Hating what some warped something into is different than hating the core product itself.

    This was billed as "nostalgia" - i.e. "a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations." according to

    Notice the mention of the "happy" bits in there? Not a focus on almost all the negative with little positive?
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  9. Vaclav Augur

    It's not often communicated but I've had multiple members of your guild confirm to me that around a group or so is boxed at a given raid that they're aware of across four different raids.

    The numbers they gave weren't excessively box heavy, but there was SOME. (And frankly, the last example was the last raid I heard of y'alls since I've basically gotten bored of playing on XP days - so my chats in game have become sporadic)

    Perhaps the same myopia that struck you in starting this thread also struck you when it came to noticing when folks are boxed at your own raids. The people I tend to converse with over there are generally quite astute folks that do notice and figure things out after all.
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  10. Grish Augur

    Das Zerg ist hier
  11. Tarrin Augur

    Krysanth the newest TL forum warrior?

    Congrats on the new job.

    All I see is a vocal minority defending TL ( I am joking ).
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  12. lalaloup Augur

    Do you really attribute that purely to jealousy? To me that's like saying people are jealous of mage crews. Hard to be jealous of something that makes you think of clowns and yakkity sax.

    The forums are much different. In game it's more of of a humorous eye-roll situation than, waah I'm being locked out of the stuff I want to do type whine fest. Most don't take it as personally as the few do here.

    All strong opinions come off equally as goofy. From the softest of the cuddly instancing crowd sad that dbg doesn't "care about them" to the hardest of the raiding crowd sad that "no one likes them".

    It all bleeds together on the forums.
  13. AngorfLadroTholuxeP Augur

    TIL having a job and being able to post on the forums from my cubicle makes me a "Forum Quester." It's clearly my fault for having a job where I can't sit here and play EQ all day.

    Now aren't you quite the special snowflake...oh, wait, you're in TL; why am I not surprised. By the way, how about your friends Greg, Detheb, and Frenzic, are they also "Forum Questers?"

    A quick look at the subjects on the front page are lets see... based on the subjects I see exactly 2 positive posts, and around 16 negative ones. For every 1 person you find having a grand ole time, I'll find you at least 5 with legitimate complaints. I am not talking about incessant whining. I just checked, and it seems they are all posted by different people. Now I'm no expert, maybe I have the wrong definition of "minority," who knows? I always thought in order to be in the "minority," you have to be part of the smaller group -- oh well! /s

    PS: Honestly I'm disappointed that a Developer (Prathun) liked your post.
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  14. lalaloup Augur

    I'm not referring to type of player that is logged in enough to see all of the broadcasted messages, but the average type that isn't as plugged in or emotionally invested. They have no rage for you guys, just amusement and bewilderment at the pace and tone set for the server.

    It wouldn't have been much different it had been another guild that took over the server, even one with members that didn't troll so much from the start. I'm not slamming you and have no reason to hate your guild, just trying to point out that even when it seems personal, it's not really personal.

    It's an incompatibility of play-styles. I've even attempted to help a couple of your members with handouts of things they were looking for, and you guys all refuse to take anything without paying for it, like there's guilt or some kind of power-exchange play going on.

    edit: Just take the freebies dag-nabbit.
  15. Jaxarale01 Augur

    Now now now... you know that link was photo shopped, or taken out of context, or the GM doesnt speak for the guild, or the dog ate their homework, or they got a flat tire, or they overslept...
    any excuse in the book needed after being busted out...

    IRNMW is in full effect as usual.
  16. Krysanth Elder

    Like I stated, it is a vocal minority bringing the whining to the forums. The majority of us are just playing the game and having a good time and not bothering on the forums. I can't believe I waded into this cesspool myself. With all the personal attacks, name calling and butt hurt directed at my post here I can see why most people don't post here. If everyone was SOOO dissatisfied we would being playing on an empty server. We are not and there is a healthy population here.
  17. Krysanth Elder

    I know that post, well hell I shoud know, I am in the guild!! I guess that puts me at a better understanding of our internal affairs than those claiming to know more.

    That post outlined a strat for taking down multiple targets if there was a poop sock. I haven't seen it utilized though. I do however, think it is a genius plan.
  18. Finwen Augur

    We're about at that point in the thread where someone brings up the sacrifices they make because they work at The Home Depot while taking part-time classes on Pre-Mediterranean World history and still have time to raid EQ so I'll start us off.
  19. AngorfLadroTholuxeP Augur

    I would LOVE to see it taken to an in-game poll (in regards to if people are happy with the current meta, or they would rather see changes) so I could prove you wrong but it will never happen. So you just keep on believing whatever makes you sleep at night, and thinking IRNMW guy. At the same time, you have ZERO way of proving your point, so please don't state it like it's fact. Do you seriously think you can speak for the majority of the server? Cause honestly, the idea of that made me LOL at my desk chair just thinking about it.

    Personally, I took my dissatisfaction and left... I will agree with you on ONE thing, if people are dissatisfied, they should leave. Although, the last time I was online before my sub lapsed, there were much fewer people online than there were a few weeks prior.
  20. lalaloup Augur



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