The TLP Question? New character vs New Economy?

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  1. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Why does such a large portion of the player base keep returning year after year for a new TLP server?

    I really do not think it is because people love the 1-30 grind (which does not take very long.

    I am not sure it is even new characters many if not most tend to play the same class race combo each time through.

    Or is it simply they want a new economy to play in?

    I have two reasons for rerolling when I do...

    1) Server without Defiant Armor. (defiant armor renders actual old school EQ drops moot) When trash drops make a joke out the armor you worked to earn just kills the fun for me.

    2) New economy

    Qakwynd being my first server with krono. I bought with real money FIVE krono in first week.

    Only sold 2 for plat to stake me early on and make tradeskills go quickly.

    I now have over 40 krono and around 7 million plat. I got one krono for loot rights to the Ring of Ancients (AC-JBoots) EARLY ON...The rest I bought with plat I made through Research, Tailoring, Smithing and Brewing. My two main characters are well equipped both have shawl quest done, boots from Tormax head lots of mana regen from Luclin but the economy on Oakwynd was absolutely destroyed. It probably was hit the hardest because most the krono farmers were on Oakwynd when the trade skill depot issue occurred.

    I enjoy raiding through OoW. I went a couple expansions beyond The Serpents Spine on my original server Innoruuk/Nameless/Erollisi. I was on Combine and I did the 51/50 server but the defiant armor on a 51/50 server just point out how ridiculous Defiant armor was.

    I have characters on Agnarr but would prefer a server that goes to OoW locked just to get to relaxed boxing rule set and then STOP well before Defiant Armor, play there until EQ3 is out and see how well I like it.
  2. Zansobar Augur

    Have you ever played on a brand new server during launch?
  3. Critt Augur

    first two weeks of a new server are super fun and fast paced.
  4. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Combine, Mayong, Fippy & Oakwynd all from day ONE.

    Innoruuk on day one but standing in line to kill an orc in East Commonlands chased me away in first couple days, came back early 2000 and rerolled a dwarf paladin back then.
  5. Slik New Member

    sorry to hear that. the dwarf paladin part i mean.
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  6. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    It was Innoruuk where I fell in love with the two box combo of a Druid/Enchanter. Which became my highest level characters mid 80's. had 5 different level 70ish characters along with the dru/enc.
  7. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    In regards to the dupe, I will quote Battlestar Galactica, "All of this has happened before, and it will happen again." Have fun with a new economy, til the next big dupe.
  8. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Yes have gone through many....but none that were allowed to run for well over a week after being reported....never seen the amount of plat flow from an exploit like what happened on Oakwynd.
  9. SnapVine Augur

    Have you ever played on a TLP?
  10. Arclyte Augur

    Fresh start + most other games suck
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  11. Leorium The Fluffy Wolf

    Fresh start, even playing ground and thousands of people to play with all together. Never LFG for long.
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  12. AethDW Elder

    Adding simple/rough/ornate defiant armor onto the loot tables of classic/kunark/velious motm mobs would be amazing. Itemization is complete garbage early, like casters don’t even have gear in Kunark.
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  13. Doezit Lorekeeper

    Defiant drops would overshadow most raid dropped armor thru Velious. I don't think we will see defiant armor on the 2024 servers unless one starts at a much later expansion. Even Vaniki had only the Glooming Deep (crude defiant armor) until later.
  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    It has been well documented that it was reported long before they took any kind of action. The most conspiratorial among us would suggest they intended it to happen, for a variety of reasons. The weak minded will accept their answer that "it wasn't reported the proper way" and that's why it slipped through the cracks. And then there's me, in the middle, knowing it was probably a mix of both, with a heaping portion of everybody on the CC email list out of the office for the holiday, and nobody doing anything about it til it had blown up. The poorly handled aftermath did more damage than the actual dupe. I know several people that left the game over it.
  15. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    There were many that certainly left Oakwynd over it as it also happened on top of the Legacy AA not working as intended. which made it even worse. I am sure some left the game in disgust over it...

    Does not change the fact that that one was one of the worst in the history of EQ and there was ZERO thought given to a roll back due to the gap from start of exploit to the remedy to it.

    Could not care any less about the conspiracy theory angle...if it continues to happen in the same manner as it did on Oakwynd I too will leave for good. I enjoy the game through OoW and will reroll on server till they get past that point...unless they get blatant about exploits to simply try and spur krono sales.
  16. Tuco Augur

    After Oakwynd, anyone who spends $$$ on TLP 2024 should be advised that there will likely be a lot of exploits, duping and botting that will severely impact the market and DPG is unwilling or unable to stop it. It's just baked into the game at this point.
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  17. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    TLDR: bunches of different groups/people restart on new tlp's for a bunch of reasons.
    I think you underestimate the number of those that just like to come back and grind 1-30 or 1-50 or 1-??, and the I only play Classic/Trilogy/???? Expansion folks, the other large group is the "this time I will stay caught up and nothing will happen IRL to mess it up this time" people, there are also the people that just like to play while the server is busy and dip out when the initial rush dies out, some just like that yearly nostalgia hit for a few weeks. I'm sure there are even more reasons out there than this.
  18. Lejaun Augur

    There are a thousand different types of players and each has their reason. Here are what I think are the most common reasons:

    1) They love the initial big population and excitement that TLPs have. Plenty of groups and social interaction
    2). A fresh server is the easiest way to make krono. Some pay for their live account by dabbling on TLPs
    3). Everyone who fell behind thinks this is the server where they will keep up in gear and levels and guild. They are going to be a rock star this time for once!!!
    4). They prefer the simplicity of classic eq over newer content.
    5). They are server change addicts. “This is the last server I play on, I promise!”
  19. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Those would be in the New Character
  20. MileyVyrus Augur

    We play the new server to play with friends playing on the new server. A lot of folks didn't get the chance to play on mischief/thornblade because they were loyal to mangler or raiding on some other older server.

    It's actually exciting to be able to experience random loot with buddies who weren't there on mischief/thorn.. How fun it was to fling parcels back and forth to buddies... Giving away low to mid level gear in the tunnels because it was so plentiful. It was pretty wild to get the ring for jboots from killing the mino hero, or having the death beetle and stone spider type mobs in zones like solb have a shot at dropping sashes and smrs and such.. Having mithril arms and legs dropping from Hole named.

    I don't even want the extra drop loot bonanza mischief/thorn had. Just the random feature, its the closest we'll ever get to EQ Diablo and by god i've never been so excited to see normally ho hum mobs like lesser blade fiend and the undead barkeep and goblin foreman pop up because dang near *anything* might drop on em.

    Also it's gonna be glorious watching the half dozen people on here who constantly post that mischief is a unique snowflake collectively lose their minds and melt down. Screaming that any other server getting random loot before Mischief reaches live would cause riots coast to coast, crash the us economy, and ruin their ability to please women from that day forward.