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    Wondering what's happened in the story since PoP because I haven't played since then. Thanks!
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    You kidding me...........

    You are wondering what's been happening since PoP.

    Good luck getting somebody to write this up. If they do they have a major amount of time on their hands.
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    There was a write up of EQ lore, but too bad it's lost in the archives.
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    I feel like a newb now. I mean't just a little bauble of story on each expansion. :) Nothing big
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    aliens invaded somewhere, we helped. aliens invaded another place, we helped more. mayong mistemoore became a god. some stuff in some mountains with giants and dragons or some such. we killed mayong. aliens went back in time, we fixed the timeline. we went underground to find brell and kill some ants. i mean cliknars. some stuff about dreams. some continent "appeared". fear rained down. some dragon from eq2 came and said sup?(i think). we went back to TBS cause lanys and firiona catfight again
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    in short?

    Legacy of yekesha - the gromezek stone was found (the stone that the troll hero used to unite all trolls), stolen by priates and stolen by a barb rogue

    Lost dungeons of Norrath - the gromezek stone was found to have powers like that of a compass. . . that almost didn't work but resonated with various spots around the known world. raid them, collect the resonating pieces to empower the stone to find out what it does!

    Gates of discord - the gromezek stone, sufficiently 'empowered' points out across the sea in to an ever lasting storm. the barb rogue builds a city ship and heads out to find. . . A NEW LAND! :eek:. Whom the inhabitants have been overrun by an invading army of ugly MoFos. Fight them and find out where they came from, and stop there invasion!

    Omens of war- we found out the invaders from gates are from the plane of discord (you know where the priests of discord gain there power?) so with the help of the PoDs we invade to try and stem the tide of war that is comming (evil overlords want to rule everything) Fight to become worthy of challenging the overlord!

    Dragons of Norrath - Some one (a gnome potentially left behind by the barb rogue) breaks though into an undiscovered part of norrath, think Japan ruled by dragons. Of course, THERE BE DRAGONS and adventures rush to kill them

    Depths of darkhollow- Silly gnomes are at it again, this time in Nek forest. This time they break though to the underbelly of Norrath, WHERE MAYONG MISTMORE IS RETRIEVED. . . again? (is this the 5th or 6th time? Really he is at cockroach level of survability.) Well lets stop Mayong from going God-hood

    Prophesy of Ro - We fell into mayong's trap! Killing him in darkhollow was part of his plan! And now he is leaching from (Anyone Ro?)(goddess of music?) to obtain his god-hood. Purify the goddess and kill Mayong AGAIN. Did I mention, Mayong has surpassed the level of a cockroach at this point?

    The serpents spine - GNOMES ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!! Wait they didn't cause this one? Something is wrong with Norrath the gnomes are scheming! Anyways a new area is found off highhold pass with giants that have hidden from the curse of the Rathe Console (you know the one that makes them dumb and idiots) Also we find a new race called the Draken. Think dragon human hybrid that can be aligned to any one of the five normal resistances, with a dragon representative. . . that we don't get to kill cause they have a society built around them (worships them) the Draken were made for some reason and the dragon overlords rulers separated from the ring of scale and claws of veshawn cause they were emo over something (not really emo, just disagreed)

    The buried Sea - the wizzy's have finished studying the spires on the moon, turns out, the civilization that MADE the spires still exists. . . at the bottom of the sea hidden by another impassable storm (presumably made one of prexius mood swings for killing all the kedge) surrounded by a magic dome that keeps the crushing depths out of the city, besieged by Kedge, and sisshar (them undead snakes from the moon) Ermm. . we gotta do something here. . . stop the Sisshar? Meh, things to kill let go.

    Secrets of Faydwer - GNNNOOOMMMMMMEEEESS!!!! this time Melderath (The only truly evil gnome) is back and with vengance! and he has a flying mechanical fort that he used to literally lift part of Faydwer off the face of the continent and is flying over everything ready to rain doom down on the gnomes who made fun of him. Its a gnome SQUISHHH ITTT!!!!

    Seeds of Destruction - you remember that big evil invasion force from discord? seems we didn't quite kill the mastermind, we do such a bad job really. there back and trying to do something to take over the world . . . again. But THIS time they are fudging with the time line to make things go there way! Poor Zebuxoruk he is trapped in his endless timeless entrinty and only he knows how to stop them. Help Zeb right the wrongs of time, put the timeline back on track and Finally (we hope?) get rid of this discord infestation.

    Underfoot - dammit. . gnome infestation AGAIN (i'm starting to think that gnomes are worse than Mayong) any-hows, remember that sealed door in THE HOLE? dammed gnomes broke it and now underfoot (which was Brells domain) is loose! Also Brell, god of creation and all things dirt related (gnomes, dwarfs, gnolls kobalds etc), has gone mute, and his creations are running amok! Set things right and kill the first creation and try to bring Brell back to his senses before the core of the . . . a who really cares, we get to kill god-created creatures!

    House of thull - Cazic Thull (god of fear terror and general unpleasantness) is about to be killed and eaten by . . his kids? Well as much as having the faceless god gone. . . that's not good lets go stop them! Getting to kill gods is an added plus!

    Veil of Alaris - Wait. . . the kids were just pawns in another set of god's plans? and there gods of an entirely different continent. . . . that existed before Veshawn, and the other gods came to Norrath? AND these gods were once mortal? Whom are now trying to sap our god's strength. . . well KILL THEM . . . and save our gods

    Rain of Fear - Cazic Thull was saved! but his crystallized power exploded and spreed throughout Norrath creating alternate versions of several zones. Well lets go save him again. Wait, Mayong AND some random triple-merged-god thingy from Alaris want his power? well lets stop him/them, and piece Cazic back together.

    Call of the forsaken - dammed it the alternate time line (EQ2) is merging with our's and Lady Lendra (the female dragon damm these names) who was about to be killed is now in our time line. . . by punching a hole though space-time. Zebuxoruk is not happy and an unknown thing is trying to invade our dimension. Find the relics that still exist, and recover the ones from the alternate time line to preform a sealing ceremony to mend the shattered rift and send Lendra back (to be killed again)

    The Darkened Sea - Due to Lanys T'Vile obtaining (momentary) the alternate version of the Lifeguard in the sealing ceremony from Call of the forsaken she is here and trying to take our version of the lifeguard from Firona Vie. Lanys being manipulative ***** convinces the upper generals of the city Firona Vie (who is trying to heal the sick emperor, that we didn't quite cure in time back in TBS) is evil and should be stopped. Well lets rush to Firona's help and try to save the city! (Okay we are just trying to lay the smack down on Lanys)
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    Why do people say Solteris would fit lore-wise to return as an upgraded TDS tier?
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    Because people think zOMG old zone from parallel-themed expansion fits into new expansion because it was in old expansion. :rolleyes: Fairly certain people really say it just because it would mean more raids and if the lore comes along with it... yay?

    That's not to say I wouldn't love it myself but if Mayong showed up again we could start equating the lore of EQ to a Fast and the Furious movie plot. Oh, I know... Irrissa the seer went back in time and reversed us killing Mayong (again) a la Druzzil Ro. All I know is A Ro better make an appearance because she has a bad@ model. :D
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    I think besides isolated shout-outs to the major characters, about none of that is right
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    you forgot the part where we kill the sleeper during secret of faydwer.

    but gnomes are clearly a major problem...
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    OMG so much incorrect lore! Must......not.......diatribe.....
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    I like this version better.
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    I want moar Discord lore plz.
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    I think this is my favorite post ever.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. Also, I still have no idea what happened in COTF. It's going to be one of those great mysteries in life, like finding out how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop. Or how to properly insert the straw into those Capri Sun pouches without spilling its juices everywhere.
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    I vaguely remember a poster from like two or three forum revisions ago that posted quite a bit of fan fiction, if not lore, about the Kuuans and all things Discord. He was kind of an elitist on the forums and in game, but his contributions to the storyline made for good reading. Damned if I remember his name though.
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    I don't know if you're referring to me or not, but if you are, I don't post fan fiction.