The Storm Boars TOV Progression Broken

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by HeatherPurrs, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. HeatherPurrs Augur

    The Storm Boars quest is broken. Killing the orc and reading the not does not progress the quest.

    Extremely frustrating with a new Expansion coming out.
  2. Zipe The Healer

    I bet the Workarounds have been posted thousands of times and that I may be missing something, but:
    Be sure to clear everything you have spawned before interacting with any item.
    Be sure that what you have cleared is what you have spawned and not by somebody else.
    I did the quest a couple of weeks a go for a new alt and everything worked just fine.
    I agree that this quest have some weird update times that are misleading and confusing and potentially may lead to thinking that it isn't updating.
  3. Gialana Augur

    For The Last of the Storm Boars, I'm pretty sure there are no steps updated by reading a note. I'm don't know if these are the steps you're taking, but I'll give them based off memory and what's written on EQResource.
    -- Spawn and kill 1 orc in the southern of the two huts inside the giant fort that's in the NW part of the zone. Then loot the terse note.
    -- Go to the next location update, which is east and a little north of the entrance to Crystal Caverns. When you find the correct spot, 3 orc will spawn in a group. One of them will drop an insignia that you need to loot. But to get the quest update, you need to kill all 3 orcs.
    -- Go to the bridge to spawn 3 wolves and 2 giants. Kill the wolves. Then kill the giants. Loot the insignia.
    You should now have 1 terse note and 2 insignias.
    -- Give the note to the quest npc (Yealdin). Then give the 2 insignias to Yealdin.
    -- Tell Yealdin "dead."

    These steps worked for me as of the beginning of September.
  4. HeatherPurrs Augur

    I'm doing the quest correctly.
  5. Derd Augur

    If correctly means :no pets, no dps or tank mercs then your quest is bugged.
  6. Alnitak Augur

    I've done this quest two dozen times for alts and guildmates (2 times last week). I never read the content of the terse note, it's not a required step.

    Simple sequence my tankless group of a mage, beastlord and ranger follows (yes, healer and dps mercs or a "passenger" or two):
    1. Ranger runs toward giants' fort and snares a giant inside the central room (where the orc will spawn later), if I get lucky (giants tend to get stuck in the walls of the room) I snare the second giant too and run away into the wild open area to the east from the fort.
    2. After a short time the mage cothes the ranger, which clears the aggro, and the snared giants just stand outside the fort in the wild.
    3. Mage runs into the room, orc gets spawned by proximity, mage positions and cothes the group. Ranger calms the remaining single giant and beastlord pulls and warder-tanks the orc. Routine kill, nothing special. Orc drops the note and task updates on loot.
    4. Mage IVU runs to the orc village and positions himself just east of 3 quest orcs spawned by proximity. CoTHes the group.
    5. Ranger snare-coth-splits the orcs.Beastlord single-pulls the orcs after the split. 3 orcs die as single pull, typical zone trash. 1 drops the ring. Quests updates 2 times, 1 for the ring and 1 for 3 orcs dead.
    6. Mage IVU runs to the bridge and 3 wolves and 2 giants spawn. Wolves do not assist each other.
    7.Beastlord single pulls and warder-tanks 3 wolves in a row. Sometimes a roamer skeleton adds on 1 of the pulls (depends on timing).
    8. Beastlord sends the warder against 1 giant, and mage pet offtanks the other giant. Typical trash,die 1 after the other. 1 ring drops. 2 quest updates - one on kills, 1 on ring loot.
    9. Mage IVU runs back to the quest giver, cothes the group, taskads, reforms the group for all toons to pop the merc for AA's and then turn in 1 note, then 2 rings. Then say "dead". Quest ends.

    Never had any mob spawning issue, never had mercenary problems, never had fighting issues.
    And I never read the note.
  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I did this a dozen times or more, only way to get the update from killing the orc was to not have a Pet or Merc on top aggro slot, it had to be a player.
    Same for the rest of the steps.

    If you did this already and had a player tanking it and was on top of aggro when it died then you were bugged.

    They have "fixed" the no update when using pet or merc tank bug multiple times but it keeps coming back.

    To Clarify:
    The locate the Orc update at the giant fort is a kill update, and a player must be top aggro when it dies to get the update, prior fix attempts to allow groups to use pet tanks & merc tanks have failed.
  8. Alnitak Augur

    As I wrote - I do it entirely plated-tankless. My warder is always on top of the aggro list, every kill. In fact - I watch carefully to make sure the warder is on top of it. And the quest never failed for me.

    Perhaps, the bug is related to sensitivity of the FIRST aggro on the list, not the top aggro ? I.e. I always pull with a beaslord slow, so my real character is always first to aggro. Maybe some other teams send in a pet first ? I dunno, this is just a speculation.
  9. Warpeace Augur

    Just did the Quest and it works fine. You don't need to read anything, Kill mobs loot quest items, move to next step.
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Multiple players have reported it as being doable with Mercs & pets and dozens found it could not be.
    All I reported was how I got it to actually work for me.

    I tried it every which way, if I used the shaman pet to tank then it failed to update, if I used a merc tank then it failed to update - and every single time, win or fail, it was me on my Berserker pulling it so whoever pulls it is irrelevant as far as I am concerned.

    Only way that I got it to work was making sure nobody but a player was top of aggro when the orc died, that was on Phinigel at least, and a few months ago.
  11. Thunderkiks Augur

    Just did this quest last week for a new char and it worked fine for me.
  12. Warpeace Augur

    Its possible there is a bug if a NPC is top agro. I did not experience that though.
  13. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Completely broken: no - borked like hell: yes - like always since beginning of time (ToV) but with tricks it works.
    I did that quest around 30+ times with many alts.
    I got em to work but only with many tries and some of the functions explained above.

    But as always.. everybody says it is a feature... I say it is a bug - at least a horrible design bug (not using pets, not using help from outside dps even if the quester gets aggro first, gets damage first and gets the kill, no /picks, etc..).

    I have run yesterday Stormboars too and it is so boring that this horrible quest has its bugs.
    Doing that thing mostly in /picks and in /picks this quest is the more bugged.

    My most important function is: "try again" at the quest giver.
    Every step can be repeated which is pretty necessary with this bugged quest.
    And I say BUUUGGGGGEEDDD because I had IDENTICAL cases which worked on the one side then on the next try it didn't worked and I mean EVERY of the steps. Yesterday i repeated with the "option" "try again" the first part 3 times, the second part 2 times (while a third popped additionally) and the last part 2 times (while a third one popped again). I assume that some "try again" calls to the questgiver mulitplied somehow but in these times with all alts I got that quest always running. My maximum fails was around 10 times on ONE PART but this was around 6 months ago. If somebody will tell me that is proper quest design... sorry...epic logical fail... at least in my world of MMOs and that does not include only Everbug!

    But with the hints here and the option that one guy or toon stands at the quest giver while the rest is doing the quest repetitions, this quest is possible to do. But some remarks for the hints (I did it often enough and feel that I stumbled over the most problems).

    Pets: it works... sometimes...sometimes it doesn't - this is a stupid "bug by design" or excuse because DGB seems to not find any solution than the "try again"-option - we will never know... for safety suspend pets

    /picks: It works... with a couple of "try again"-repetitions.. if you want to avoid them, use /pick 0

    Outside-Dps: It is annoying and it works partly but the last step: do it alone or in your quest group - never get some outside dps to speed things up - never got that working regardless if the quester does first aggro, gets first damage or simply gets the killshot...

    Perhaps that helps a bit...
  14. NeverPayForLag Augur

    oh.. another nice "don't"...:

    Tell your rogues and bards that they should never try to pickpocket in a quest stream.. they could pickpocket quest items from the mobs and the quest does not acknowledge that as next step. This funny thing is the issue on a couple of missions and raid missions too and stormboars has the same issue... ;)