The stigma Wizards have

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    Yeah I stuck a wizard in my box group, and even without using rains (because I'm way to lazy for that life when boxing) my performance on the wizard has been fine, equaling or exceeding my mages and enchanter depending on the content. Pets definitely do better on things with abnormally large hitpoint pools or when hunting well above level and spells aren't landing as reliably. For general exp grinding the wizard has been fine, and just watching a mob blink out of existence from 40-50% health is deeply satisfying.
  2. Blastoff Augur

    Wizards win every non sky parse in classic except necros can often win on inny. While mages may hit as hard, wizard rains are way more efficient than any nuke a mage has...which is what makes them so strong(also having a cold nuke helps in a lot of fights). Learning how to rain in bellycaster range(while not nuking yourself) is really challenging on some bosses and a lot of fun. Also having to really max out your resists so you can stay on the boss while the rains tick adds a little extra complexity and excitement to raiding as a wizard.

    For the group game wizards get a nice long single target stun, infinite target aoe snare, and root. If you're sitting on your hands you aren't doing it right. Have a mob mezzed next to the one you're fighting? Throw a rain on another player and see if your ranging is good enough to hit the mob you're fighting and not the mezzed mob. Or just last hit the one you're fighting and break the mez for your tank to get that 4th hit out of your rain and that double mana efficiency over a lazy wizard who only likes to st then afk. Tons of fun stuff to do on this class and you can be as active as you want with your min maxing especially once concussion hits in kunark.
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    I rolled a wizard expecting to be able to AFK half the time and then realized all of this. You have to micromanage rains to be efficient, at least until PoP. In static camp groups I usually outparsed all other DPS except enchanter pets until monks become absurd.

    Unfortunately being a good vs bad wizard doesn't matter for pugs, and the class is quite bad in terms of versatility and support.

    Rogues are still worse tho
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    Wizards have about 17 different nukes and knowing how and when to use them is key. Big tip is to balance the nuke landing and bringing the mob just to the point where it would typically start running. Who wouldn't like having a mobs hp drop 50% from one spell. I know I do.
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    I finally got a chance to play around with the rain spells and they are definitely more efficient, even on a single mob. With that said, in my situation, using a Mage pet to tank with no healer, I can only use them on mobs that are a level below my pet or more. Otherwise the pet dies too fast and the mana savings are lost to re-summoning. It's a great option to have though. At the moment, both the Wizard and Mage have similar level rains to cast, and neither is fire based, so that's happy times.