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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kia-, Oct 4, 2020.

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    Drat! This just happened again, after 5 days of no issues. First time logging in on that account today. Crashed, eventually getting the "reset your password" message. Logged in on the other computer successfully, then back to the original computer. Remained in the same zone, Guild Lobby. Success!

    Really glad I have 2 computers.

    So what I seem to have learned is, resetting the C3000A "Cyber Security" setting will work for a few days. I guess I'll try doing that again. 5 days at a time is better than zero days.
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    BTW, it WAS either the CL modem or the CL service. After I switched from Century Link to Cox and buying a new Cox modem, the problem vanished and never returned. There has to be something about the CL modems or their routing or whatever that caused this problem.
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  3. Ndaara New Member

    Thank you for this update, even though it's not what I wanted to hear. We are still exploring non-Qwest options (that is how long we have been exploring alternatives), things are a little limited here and CL is the least-bad option.
    Anyway, thanks!!
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    Our limited options finally expanded! After years of CL sending us postcards to "upgrade to fiber now!!!" and being told, "that's not available for your address", it's finally here. Actually we were informed that our DSL was going away and if we want to have internet access, we HAD to upgrade =p
    Challenging installation completed on Wed 11/2/22. Overall it's working well. Went from 7.0 max download / 0.67 max upload, to 200 up/down (mbps? I am bad with acronyms). Hopefully the problem was just that darned c3000a gateway and I will never post in this thread again!
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