The search for the intricate defiant silk robe

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Hendar, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Hendar Augur

    I know this is a silly topic. I'm just here to vent.

    I have a couple of casters and wanted to get them robes rather than continuing to level them. Armed with the information on Zam and Magelo about where these robes drop I have began my own personal quest. 13 chest pieces later I have multiples of everything but the silk robes. Not a single drop. Now I see via Magelo that these are rarer. Some mobs in the Noble's Causeway are reported to drop the robes about 1/1000 of the time. The 1/1000 figure is common for the other chest pieces, and I've reported how many of them drop.

    Something is not right with the reported numbers.

    Can anyone suggest a good farming spot?
  2. Qbert Augur

    I haven't been there in a few years, but I found that Chardok B was an excellent spot to farm intricate defiant. Specifically, the "cave" type room that has an exit in it (and everything in range that you can pull) - in the middle-south of the zone was fruitful for me when I started up fresh characters on a new server some years back.

    The whole zone is good, but as you start in the zone you're more likely to see flawed, where the mobs are a bit lower level - farther in as the levels rise is where you'd want to be if you try this zone out.
  3. Hendar Augur

    The robe drops there? Magelo does not list any mobs from Chardok B that drop the robe. Granted Magelo may not be up to date. I'm running Magelo Sync btw.
  4. Shanarias Augur

    I had one drop today on xegony in Velketor's Labrynth near the entrance from The Great Divide. I couldn't find anyone to buy it on Barter, so I sold it to a vendor in my Guild Hall. I don't remember which mob dropped it, but it was not far from the entrance, I think on the slippery side.
  5. Hendar Augur

    Hah, thanks. Magelo doesn't even list anything from Velks. I recall that Zam mentioned those spiders. I'm not sure what is going on with Zam the last couple of days, but it must be pretty extreme.

    Anyhow I will pay Velks a visit soon, since I haven't been there in a bit. Hopefully 1/2000 or so for the drop. Encouragement very much appreciated.
  6. Shanarias Augur

    I don't know what your level is, but I went in there with a Journeyman Tank merc, and went from 52-53, but it seemed like some of that stuff was "under-conned" so to speak. We got them, but I had to join in on the fights. If you are lower level like me, bring a big gun. :)
  7. Toruch Fleshrot Augur

    I seem to remember seeing it drop from multiple jobs in Veksar.
  8. Act of Valor Augur

    They're a gamewide drop. There is no place to camp it other than the biggest concentrations of level-appropriate mobs.

    By the time you're done looking for it, you'll be able to equip something better, anyways.
  9. Hendar Augur

    I would seem odd for me to have *6* plate breastplates and no robes if there was no variation.

    I know that mobs in the Crypt of Decay were dropping 5x the armor (in pieces per hour) that I saw in Noble's Causeway. However CoD wanted to give me chain and leather. I think I got 4 silk slippers in CoD, but no other silk.
  10. Jarsi Journeyman

    have you tried bazaar? vendor hopping? /auction paying first born for 2 intricate defiant robes?

  11. Aurastrider Augur

    From my experience farming and saving defiant pieces for low level guildies and returning players and as a lazy method to stock a trader cloth is by far the rarest to come by. The fact that you got 6 plate breast pieces and no cloth is not uncommon at all. From my experience in order from common to rarest I would rank them plate, chain, leather and cloth. I have 3 houses full of the crap on Tunare and just recently after having to reinstall windows and losing all of my loot settings I was looting every piece of defiant gear I cam across. I only loot the chest pieces and robes now since they can still fetch ok plat if I need something to fill a bag slot on my trader. I don't know of any place that is better than another it seems to be more about mass killing and less about targeting specific mobs but I could be wrong here. All I know is this stuff drops like rain from the Seattle skyline when I am out farming trade skill mats.
  12. Hendar Augur

    Thanks everyone. I'll keep an open mind, and go back to CoD for a bit. I assumed that it was primarily plate drops, but if that is a game-wide thing then I can benefit from CoD's fast respawn and relatively easy mobs.
  13. Hendar Augur

    Robe finally dropped. 4314 fights.
  14. Shanarias Augur

    What zone were you in when you got it?
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    And that's just one point why magelo is bad or at least way overrated.
    The numbers on magelo have never matched my own experience - their sample size is just too small and has them miss much info really.

    "farming" defiant gear of any sort is next to impossible, since as you say what you get is completely random.
    As long as you are in the correct level range of mobs for them though, one place is as good as the next - killspeed and number of kills matters far more than any special "place" for this kind of drops.
    My hint on this like on so much "old":
    Take the oldest, lowest possible zone you find with a decent population and go slaughter them.

    Though as i also keep saying when it's about gear for low-levels:
    Unless it's for special purpose things (like Vox/naggy raids the original way), don't worry.
    Even with normal XPing/leveling you are far more likely to out-level some gear-level before you are likely to get a full set unless you already pre-farmed it for that purpose.

    I regularly get ALTs to level 60 or above virtually "naked" (i.e. in starting/tutorial gear) and only afterwards start stuffing them into defiant gear i've farmed in abundance in the elemental planes and similar places i've been to for TS stuff...
  16. Hendar Augur

    I got the robe in the Crypt of Decay.
    I gave Chardok B a shot, and it would be good for certain groups. However I'm farming the armor by having 3 L80s pull 15-20 mobs a shot. Chardok B barely has that many on track in the appropriate level range.

    So "old" is great, but I would also take into account number of mobs and respawn time. With CoD I can chain pull for hours. Enough to drive a person crazy, which is why I was hoping that Chardok would be a good alternative.

    I did get a couple of rings for my enchanter in Chardok though. Plus a tour of a zone I've never been in past the entrance.
  17. Frogbert New Member

    I got two last night while clearing Stillmoon Temple for DoN flagging purposes, in case you are a masochist and want to try another locale.
  18. Numiko Augur

    I got one off Gnolls in the Steppes on Phinny the other day, but yea looks like it can drop off any level appropriate mob in the game really. it's totally random.
  19. Rickate Augur

    It's likely there are places any specific piece of defiant won't drop. Doing the Caves in Grimling Forest just outside Acrylia Caverns for Windstones I completed 3 full sets of Ornate Defiant dropped gear except no Chain Boots, Leather Hats or Cloth BPs or any of the three 2h and only looted 1 Ornate Defiant Dagger.

    The two sonic wolves and/or the named mobs might have different gaps and that's probably how I got the dagger but it's likely there is a size limit issue and with 45 Ornate Defiant drops (incl 2 Range items) and then Windstones, quest drops, Crude Filth and such some Defiant drops end up being eliminated from the list or otherwise can't or are far less likely to be chosen by some parameter.

    Since Grimlings will equip defiant weapons the absence of 2h is most likely a deliberate decision.

    It's not really a small sample size, to have any parity in drop rate between 42 possible drops assuming 2h won't drop from non-named grimlings and to get 3+ of 38 items, and 1 combined drop of 4 other items would be an extreme statistical outlier.

    If you're looking to complete a set, farming multiple locations is most likely the best option.
  20. frankie78227 Augur

    Your best bet is to take a group of all plate/chain wearers to an appropriate area and kill. If no one in the group can use the silk robe there is a much higher chance it will drop. At least that's how the RNG works for me.
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