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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zephiron, Apr 23, 2022.

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    True box did not save the TLP scene. Seriously, can you provide proof, other than "they're still here"?

    As has already been said MANY times, the people that choose to cheat to get around the mandate of only one client per computer, did so from the moment true box was first forced on us.

    The only thing we know for sure that true box has prevented, is limiting the number of active accounts owned by people the would other wise box an additional client, maybe three. I for one cancelled an account, simply because I can't run both on the same computer. I can't possibly be the only one.

    I personally would love for true box to be removed from all current and future TLPs, but I know it won't. I WOULD compromise and accept a relaxed true box philosophy, implemented now on all current TLPs, such as has been suggested for the two upcoming servers. However, I would be far more in favor of that relaxation to begin at day one on those servers, and all going forward. Have a limit of two accounts on the same computer, until OoW when it relaxes to three, and so on and so forth.

    The problem with the OP, and others like him, is that they are absolutists. They believe whatever it is they believe 100%, and no matter what anybody says to the contrary, even if they have the receipts to back them up, cannot and will not sway them. I do understand that way of believing, as there are modern political issues which I maintain an absolute belief. The problem arises when that person is just wrong. Rather than moving aside, and accepting that they are wrong, they plant their feet even more firmly, they double down, and then they get loud. And we all know what happens with the loudest voices on the forums. We often get change - or in this case see no change - in a way that really isn't good for the bulk of the players, that didn't know they needed to add their voices to the choir.
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    It saved it for me. I was a magefire victim too. 100% for sure would not have been playing EQ since then if not for truebox. I'm fine with the relaxed truebox (3 toons) post omens though. It would help to cover for some people leaving for new TLPs and it's 3 so it's a reasonable compromise because you will still want at least another 3 boxer for best performance, so it keeps at least the possibility of social interaction open.
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    I'm a Magefire survivor as well, and yet, true box has been a thorn in my side, rather than a blessing or savior.
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    Lots of people share this sentiment I sense.

    It's just what I think based on what I've seen from playing TLPs since The Sleeper. AoCs I'd say played a bigger role than Truebox, but I still think Truebox is key. Its clear it attracts way more players then TLP's without it, just look at Aradune vs Rizlona launch.

    You seem like someone that would enjoy Rizlona, should check that out.
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    AoC, Motm and Truebox all come together to make classic launch tlps successful. Not having as many mage armies - truebox, mage armies being useless in raid content - Motm, everyone getting a fair shot every week at raid content without stupid rotations or fighting other guilds - AoC. All of those things serve a purpose and all but truebox roll off at appropriate times. It's time for truebox to relax also at around the same times.
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    How many mage armies continue to exist on Ragefire? Why?
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    DBG will not make relaxed truebox on other severs because relaxed truebox is one of the reasons driving people to go play on the new TLPs it is a part of their marketing plan. If they allow Mischief and others to have relaxed truebox, less people will flock to the new ones which in turn drives down bag sales (current not the new ones) krono and DBG cash sales will drop.
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    That doesn't even make sense. Tons of people will re roll regardless. Relaxed truebox is for the ones left behind, they will increase subs across all their servers if they did it.
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    It makes sense you are just looking at it from a different perspective. DBG is looking to get as many people as they can to these new servers, regardless of how many are going to go already. They Keep dangling the carrot just enough so you can nibble pieces, but not the whole thing at once. This is how they keep attracting people who say they will never leave their current server.
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    You would think they would have more concern for the environmental impact and at least enable relaxed true-box at a point on the tips such as OoW or DoDh~
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    They don't need to rob their old servers, those are already subs. They need to attract back the ones who for whatever reason left. It's just a side effect that when Fred comes back and wants to play again he poachers Jimmy to "come play on the new server! There are tons of groups it's awesome!"
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    Those players play for a month then quit. DBG tries to keep them entertained, but no matter what these type of players are not Loyal to the game. Yeah DBG makes a short term gain but it is never continual.
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    Funneling should happen in any game. Dunno what would bring anyone back but nostalgia.
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    Did they, it was a direct problem I have and maybe others have, the accessibility to play during certain times of day with a family. It may have been addressed, but I find it important that all apples and oranges are not the same. Also focus on this subject as it should not be hidden nor silenced. I would like a vote, I am not headed to the new servers, even if they hide this option behind those servers walls. I will simply play until it becomes a cancer to obtain progress. Mischief is my ride or die server, I hope they give this QoL to this server sooner or later. Again, there are those of us that don't have access to all our boxes because we have children that use them, and maybe we shouldn't be forced to buy 2 more boxes to burn even more energy to compensate.
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    I am asking at a point relax the true box, there is a difference. You like to derail things you dislike, that is fine, but please keep in mind I am not asking for anything more than what is being offered. we don't live in a vacuum.
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    I am the OP and maybe you should reread. I like the idea of the relaxed boxing post GoD. I did not say that was an island to die on. Just that I would love it because there are times I am unable to play the 3 accounts I already play. Not sure why you are bucket listing me with anyone else for any reason, my ask is viable. I just wish the company that receives my cash recognizes me and others that pay their salaries to either listen, or at a point, they make their own depletion of work. If that makes enough sense, I want all voices heard, and make their judgment of that. Not your 100% whatever you were saying. By the way read my old posts, 4 years ago I was saying make a free trade when they were doing selos and Mangler back in 2018. Yeah, I had foresight then and telling them now. You, and your 100% triggered lol. Shhhh
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    I would love to see relaxed truebox on mischief/thornblade so I can sit in my comfy chair with just a laptop and my wife won't be like "why do you have 3 pcs playing the same game?" :)
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    You're preaching to the converted here, I'm among the most hardcore advocates of a hybrid Truebox model, Tweakfour17, Sieger and many others have also been very vocal about this kind of change being needed for all TLP. I just felt like both sides of teh discussion were adequately covered, advocates & trolls alike.

    Devs got the message, whether they agree with it is another matter entirely.
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