The Reason Why Some of us Are Frustrated with Daybreak Games

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  1. minimind The Village Idiot

    So if the channels of communication were eliminated, you wouldn't think your opinion has any weight and thus wouldn't feel bad for being ignored?

    Sounds like a solution for DBG.
  2. Athilnaur New Member

    My only issue with DBG is the might is right policy. It caters to the worst among us and does nothing to foster community spirit. First tag, while not ideal, would be better.
  3. minimind The Village Idiot

    What I'm about to say I mean with genuine mature respect as an honest suggestion without insult: DBG budgets didn't increase commensurate with your increased expectations. You may need to lower your expectations.

    Daybreak Games is staffed by humans who are working to make really old online video games continually relevant to one particular aging audience while trying to make sure it doesn't collapse under the weight of its 22-year-old structure. DBG is not overflowing with money and it can't just get more money by increasing subscriber costs without potentially losing a lot of those subscribers. I could pay more per month, but I know others who cannot.

    Ya, they could spend on more communicative customer service/dev interaction, but then there'd be fewer actual fixes and certainly less frequent content updates.

    When a company is short on resources, it's best to adjust your expectations as a customer.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Assume the people working for DBG are not jerks. Always afford people dignity and respect if not for their own sake then at least because of the under-appreciated observation that "Good customers get good customer service."
    2. When asked to provide feedback, do so without the expectation of receiving a response. Be clear, concise, and informative so that follow-up communication isn't required. If they need to ask more questions, it's likely that any resolving actions will be delayed.
    3. Assume the feedback will be taken seriously and may be acted upon without any notice or credit given.

    I definitely want EQ to be as good as it can be. As it can be. Within known constraints.
  4. sadre Elder

    I love the smell of perspective in the morning.
  5. sadre Elder

    See, one really has to consider the market. Veteran players are one of two things. Either hitting their peak earning years, or their peak burning years, if you catch my indica.

    The people in their peak earning years need to stop being such loot hogs and join the rest of us. Surely some of you halfwits can put out a functional server. Fire it up!
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    No system is perfect because people will always find a way to grief one another if they are that way inclined, and there are definitely ways to grief players with first to tag, watch you run at the mob, tag it right before you get to it with something that is lower than proximity aggro & it's on you and they laugh as you kill it for them, they then just follow you around & tag something every few mobs in the same way forcing you to xp them.
    Unless tagging it first locks it to the first player/group to tag and that mob will not attack any other player/group, which opens a whole other can of worms.

    Player conventions are a thing, the only people who made them happen were the players, and the only people who abandoned them were the players, ergo the people who have real control over how players are treated are the players themselves.

    And a funny thing happens once a new TLP opens, most of the people who either deliberately enjoy making life miserable for others, or who do so out of a complete disregard for others rush off to pollute the new server with their toxicity.

    That leaves the formerly toxic TLP server a much nicer place to play, albeit lower populated.

    GM's that were specifically looking after a few or even just 1 server are a relic of the past now, sadly, once upon a time we had 1-2 GM's looking after each server like it was their own little village, now all we have are a couple of GM dealing with customer service tickets on a website and they are rarely if ever seen on any servers.

    But a few conscientous guild leaders / leaderships working with each other instead of against one another and things can be very different, they can still be competitive without being antagonistic, that kind of thing does sometimes happen late in a TLP server's life, when there is a real need to cooperate or die, but what if it was much earlier that guild's cooperated?
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  7. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Lots of posts here with the expectation of a personal reply every time from a dev. If they replied to everything, the game wouldn't get anything fixed or anything new added to it. To the people that sent PM's to the dev of their choice and didn't get a reply, they read it. Just because you didn't get a reply, doesn't mean anything. Just because you didn't get a reply to every single forum post doesn't mean things weren't read.

    Oh, and if you routinely call the devs names because they don't do things that you want? You just might be on their ignore list, and rightfully so.
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  8. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I'm sure someone like Absor who has worked there for like 18 years or something is really quaking in his boots about needing to find a "new gig". Better paying maybe if he has some ambition, but acting as if this is some dying game is stupid.

    In 2020, in the first 9 months of the year, Everquest had $11.5 million in revenue. That does not include numbers from an expansion launch. It has 66,000 paid subscribers. Everquest 2 made $6.5 million and has 21,000 paid subscribers.

    It generates millions in profits, since their overheard is just payroll and operations cost at this point. So no, its not going to be put out there for free and lose the company that paid for the IP all its revenue.
  9. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    That's funny, saying that the premise of the thread is narcissistic is ad hominem? Maybe you should look up what that term means, considering I attacked the PREMISE OF THE THREAD and not the person.

    You want to be a pedantic tool, that's your right, but I'm uninterested in it. Your entire premise is in your OP, which you can go reread for yourself. You EXPECT the game developers to respond personally to your feedback, and implicitly threaten to "quit" via your reference to paying customers, as if that gives your argument more validity:

    So we as EQ players expect DGB to listen to our problems and suggestions and hopefully take action to address them. When our concerns are ignored, we feel that "we" are being ignored. Nobody likes being ignored, especially paying customers.

    Your feedback can be displayed on this forum for others to comment on, or you can type /feedback in game or send a private message to a developer to send them your feedback directly. You are not owed a reply. You are not owed action on your issue.

    You're also free to take your business elsewhere if that isn't good enough.
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  10. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'd consider the way DoTs factor into a DPS race a bug, but eh what do I know.
  11. Rauven Augur

    DPS race is not dealing 51% of the damage.

    Try this. Get on a lower level character, get a mob to about 45% (you having dealt 55% of their hp in dmg). Then have a higher level friend hit it with a nuke or two to kill it. Your lower level won't get exp for it.

    There's either something a bit more nuanced. Or that overkill dmg is calculated in who gets credit. I think its the latter. So DoTs are probably working as intended, kinda. Except for maybe their last tick contributing its overkill. Problem is DoT overkill is much lower than a nuke.
  12. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Yeah, which is probably why Magician thought he won the dps race but didn;t.
  13. sadre Elder

    Yeah. I know you are right. Those numbers are what they are, and even if I am right (this is workable ye olden dayes tech) that just solidifies why an 11 mill 9 month revenue is not causing headaches here.

    So let people make servers on their servers? Introduce new "WorldCrafter" level membership, charge whatever. It would likely be quite a fee, but crowd-funding can do strange things.

    Player made servers. p99 can be told to join or die.

    You access Worldcrafter servers via the standard server selection menu. This means, DBG can shut you down or take you offline, if you fail to have enough players to sustain the world or whatever.

    All access covers it all, as today, if you want to play on whatever server. If you or your friends want to try to run a server, you have to become Worldcrafter level members, which has to make DBG money.

    It depends on what that number is.
  14. Elfminster Journeyman

    This developer has, for years, created OP items and allowed a few players to farm those OP items and then shortly after replaced those items with inferior versions or removed them from the game altogether while allowing those who got them to keep them permanently.

    That's the mentality you're dealing with.

    This developer created Iksar with innate regen making all non-iksar Monk/Necro technically obselete.

    That's the mentality you're dealing with.

    This developer sells PP for RL cash.

    That's the mentality you're dealing with.

    This developer has, for years, treated its own customers with comtempt.

    That's the mentality you're dealing with.
  15. Stymie Pendragon

    I haven't seen any evidence if this. Care to share an example?
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  16. Kobra Augur

    Casuals don't deserve to kill Nagafen is the one quote that always comes to mind for me.
  17. Duder Augur

    I see the mentality we're dealing with from your crackerjack EQanon conspiracy theories touted as fact.
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  18. KrakenReality Augur

    Lying about key mobs being in game, while they actually weren’t so that they could finish an end game zone that they claimed was complete.
  19. Quik Elder

    I love how people feel like they are entitled to make demands of a company, or even simply suggestions.

    You can make all the suggestions you want but the company is in no way obligated to act on, or even listen to, those suggestions.

    Now some companies do listen, and they tend to alienate half the players because they are following the suggestions of the other half and this makes it difficult to know what to listen to. Also, only a VERY small percentage ever read the boards, let alone post on them.

    Do you truly think you speak for a majority, or even close to a majority with these suggestions? There is a decent chance a majority of the players in the game haven't read the forums in ages, if at all, and that they might all be quite content with how everything is in the game currently.

    I have no idea if most people agree with my suggestions, but I am certainly not egotistical enough to think I speak for a majority. If I had my way Bst's and Zerkers would be at the top of the charts in every category including spell DPS.

    They might be reading all of your suggestions, but maybe they simply don't agree with you, or maybe they don't read them at all. Either way it is THEIR game so it is THEIR choice.

    Now you have a very simply decision that impacts the game, you can keep playing or you can move on. It is up to you, but they have no choice in that just like you have no choice in their gaming decisions.

    Now if they want to listen and let people have input, that is also their choice.

    Keep playing and keep dropping suggestions, but just because you pay for the game on a monthly basis does not mean you get to have any input unless they choose to allow it. Basically by paying the sub you are agreeing to follow THEIR rules in every regard, not vice versa.

    Move to another game and stop paying DBG and that is your way of saying you don't want to, and that is your choice.

    A lot of games have collapsed because they DID listen to suggestions and changed things in the game thinking most people wanted it, only to find out they were wrong. Sometimes the best thing a gaming company can do is ignore the fanbase and go with whatever vision they had for the game.

    DBG most likely is simply following the money, and that is also their choice since they own the game.

    Never stop giving suggestions, because maybe someone will listen, but maybe realize they aren't obligated to just because you pay a monthly sub?
  20. Gnothappening Augur

    This is a blatant falsehood. You can buy krono and trade them for PP. You can buy heritage crates and sell the contents for KR or PP. But you can't just buy PP.

    I see nothing wrong with a cash shop for cosmetic items. I do dislike some of the things like teleports and mana regen and such, but it is what it is. What I don't understand is only being able to buy one 40 slot bag, but oh well, it is what it is. If they ever get to the point that they are actually selling PP for $$, then I think a lot of us will quit.

    Using your logic, Papa John's sells drugs because a few of us have had a buddy share their weed if we bought the pizza.
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