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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Saeluuin, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Saeluuin New Member

    Howdy everyone

    I start by saying that i really love everquest and played it on and off since the beginning. I always come back after a couple of years to play it again. But lets face it, im no 20 years anymore. I got family, more work then ever so overall less time.
    Each time i come back i get hooked for a while and when i start seeing raiding pleople and how "uber" they are, im starting to loose interest. I just dont have the time to raid.
    Besides missing all that content of course. Never beeing able to enjoy any of it.
    Then i read of new TLP Servers for the casual and get excited, just to be let down again because it simply has a little experience modifier.. really?
    This is my vision of the casual. Im sure not everyone whould agree. But you have the tools to create servers with special rulesets. Why not try it, right? I wonder how much of the playerbase are hardcore raiders compared to the casual.
    • i wish to see a server with no raid content, everything is tuned around a group
    • i love the autogrant AAs, this is what holds me currently longer then it did befor. But up it and let it run until the last expansion.
    • id love for it be a progression server
    • double exp alwas.. maybe to much if autogrant runs up to the 2nd newest expasion. then again, me a casual whould like to enjoy content and not grind
    • if it goes by me, i whould even double the loot and chances of dropping good items. But i guess thats a bit much
    • somehow find a restriction so that the regular servers wont dry out. Because i bet money that this server whould explode
    • i whould pay double the monthly fee for such thing
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  2. Zamiam Augur

    wishful thinking .. but I seriously doubt that will ever happen ..

    Have you tried F/V server .. you dont have to raid and yet you can buy Raid gear for your toons..
    or Test Server has 100% (?) xp bonus I know its some kind of bonus.

    I do feel the auto grant AA's could extend thru 110 now .. lvling a toon is easy its the AA's that is the Mountain to climb.. I have a lvl 115 Ranger just 1 of my max lvl toons and she has from autogrant like 17k+ .. Ive made about 1500 aa's got like 18600 or so and the thought of me having to get 20k more still boggles my mind how a casual player will get those within a reasonable amount of time .. the rate I play will take me 2 years ..
    would be nice if Overseer gave a few Player AA's .. I mean it gives merc aa why not player..
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  3. code-zero Augur

    If you want to be casual play on live and FV is a great recommendation though you should make characters on several servers and give them a shot. You know, casually. There's really nothing casual about a TLP server
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  4. Saeluuin New Member

    The point of it whould be to tune raid zones beeing 1 groupable so a casuals like me, could enjoy all zones. Of course i can join a casual guild or i pump 1000s of real cash into FV. But since there are already alot of special servers.. maybe they could try it this way. I mean there is a server with everyone beeing a heroic toon at start .. so?
    I hardly can play 3 hours without a brake. Even with a casual guild i wont be raiding anything. then im from europe, cant raid at 3am either. Im also aware of the european server..
    As i told befor, its not like i just started EQ.
    The autogrant is another, new option, wich no one ever thought that they can make it happen. And still here we are. Auto grant and Heroic toons. This all just helps with less tedious leveling, but maybe for one time / server the content could be tuned instead of the player or advancement path.
  5. Zolav Elder

    Most raid zones have hero group level missions now that are like a "preview" to the raids. But You need a group so you can see the riad zones.

    Loot drops like candy as it is in eq now.. on group and raid missions. You used to be able to tell good players from casuals who didn't or couldn't put in the time and effort based on their gear. That no longer applies.

    Sounds like you forget what eq was meant to be.. a social game with high level of diffculty at the higher end.

    IMO I do not see a market for what you laid out above.

    I love the game but its pretty simple and streamlined these days, I think in TBL I raided (about 80 perc attendance in a higher end guild) 6 hrs a week. In ToV I raided about 5 hrs a week. ANYONE can make that happen if they really want to raid.
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  6. cadres Augur

    Not sure what server you're on?
    AB (Euro) has guilds you can join and raid with even with very occasional attendance as well as the more traditional raiding requirements guilds
    Others semi-regularly organise pick-up raids of very old as well as more recent content - there's plenty going on if you get to know some folks
  7. Yimin Augur

    FV is the best server for anything ! I have raided and played on many servers , been in the best raid guilds and family guilds and the best server hands down is FV , its got it all and you can do it all there !!

  8. Karanthal Augur

    As far as I know there is no european population on FV I liked myself probably a year or so back before starting up on Mangler so probably not ideal for the poster.

    I'd definitely share an interest in a TLP without the xp grind for AAs. I tend to play 3-4 nights a week, which is just enough for our 3 raid slots and to keep up with the useful AAs each expansion. During classic -> velious I feel I have time to do a few quests, play a an alt or two, level up some tradeskills. But once AAs kick in I'm either raiding or grinding xp.
  9. Wuvarien Journeyman

    I’m EU and play on the test server. The exp bonus makes it a lot more casual which I thoroughly enjoy.

    Try it out - hit me up if you do and experience the best community EQ has to offer, because plat is infinite there is no grief or toxicity!
  10. Mandrollen New Member

    I love your idea Saeluuin. You aren't asking to buy loot ( FV) and you are not asking for a casual stroll. A Group of friends grinding down raids in a select server and earning your own loot. What's not to like. The other raiders have their servers to raid on. Why not? Of course the dev time to tune that wouldn't be simple.

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