The Rathe Council Insta Respawning

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by sifonin, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Gremin Augur

    Just played with TRC for 30 mins, instant respawn of a councilman
  2. NoWay Augur

    Lol weaker version Holy pulled a funny
  3. Bewts Augur

    The script has an event that occurs when you bring a council member down to 8% or so that indicates the council member has been weakened (bark fallen off or similar text).

    Did you do that for all 12 before you killed one?

    I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure you need to do that to all 12 BEFORE you kill any of them.

    Fail conditions are you need to weaken all 12, you have to have all 12 engaged, and you need to kill all 12 within in a certain timeframe.

    Not following the script on this event is going to cause issues, it always has.
  4. Pikallo Augur

    Stop trying to shove a square box down a circle hole. We killed the Rathe council probably 20-30 times over the course of 3-4 months since PoP was released without changing tactics. We tried it again about a month ago for kicks and had this same bug occur. There is absolutely something abnormal with the script.
  5. Kantsyng New Member

    The 'bark falling off' emote only happens to the unmezzable ones. It happens several times as it's HP drop to indicate it is hitting more weakly. The final emote happens at 5% and indicates that the dps from the tikiman is at it's lowest.

    The mezzable ones never do this emote, so you certainly don't need to get all 12 'weakened'.

    Our normal strat is is to mez 6, tank mez 5 and then kill last one, on several occasions we have had a tank mez die with the 12th one still over 30%, so this is certainly not a requirement.
  6. Coreidan New Member

    Ugh. This conversation is asinine at best. There are no "fail conditions". There is one and only one fail condition, and that is failing to kill all 12, yes TWELVE rathe councils within a 5 minute period. There is absolutely no legit condition in this script that would allow a killed RC to respawn within under 5 minutes. That is the bug. Discussing anything else other then this fact is a waste of time.

    Aggro, distance, mez, memblur, HP remaining, stars aligned, secret handshake, or whatever ridiculous theory has no barring on the fact that RC mobs are supposed to respawn 5 minutes after death. It doesn't matter what state or condition any of the mobs are in when they die, they should ALWAYS respawn after 5 minutes after death. This is what we need to be discussing and this is what the DBG development team needs to address in order for this event to work the way it was originally designed to work.
  7. sifonin Augur

    For those wondering, we beat the rathe council last night, and proved that it is indeed bugged, as well as that the event can be debugged by the players looking to do it.
  8. Pikallo Augur

    Curious as to what you mean by this? You found a reliable way to keep them from respawning or simply killed the respawns?
  9. sifonin Augur

    We found a reliable way to make sure that they do not instant respawn.
  10. DryalRmog Elder

    Here is what FP found on the event based on facts we know today, and days of testing on live and test:

    Rathe is bugged when spawns (assume on server up) and will instant repop when any of 12 are killed

    After a Rathe is killed after server up, it only insta spawns THE FIRST TIME IT IS KILLED.

    So solution / work around for community doing live Rathes till devs can fix it is as follows:

    Single pull and kill each of the 12 rathe one at a time forcing them to respawn. This will insta pop a new version of rathe, that when killed will NOT insta repop.

    So to get this event down now, you essentially have to kill Rath 24 times plus Avatar of Earth.

    12 times single pull one of each Rathe to cleanse the bugged version from server (no time limit to do this)
    Then kill the 12 "normal" new Rathe as you would have in past, I.E. pull in 6 mes and beat down, pull in 6 off tank and beat down, kill all 12 together to spawn avatar.

    Hope a dev can get this event fixed as it's clearly bugged.

    Until it is fixed, I Hope what we found as a work around can save some other guild days from banging head on the Rathe wall as we did.

    Happy hunting

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  11. Pikallo Augur

    That's kinda what I figured. Not sure why I care since I haven't killed Rathe in months and will likely never do this encounter again(is it weird I'm actually a little sad as I type this!?) but I was just curious!
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  12. Soltara Augur

    I can't believe there's no response on this yet. This is a total block to an entire server.
  13. sifonin Augur

    Its probably "working as intended"!
  14. Silinius Augur

    It does not only happen on fresh resets. DHS ran into the same issue with Rathe last night and we (Faceless) killed it last week with no zone/server reset between kills. Now, that does not mean it won't happen after the EVENT gets reset (once it's killed and the event re-spawns). In any case, still needs to be looked into.
  15. Anthym New Member

    Also we killed it the day of server reset a few weeks ago, had no glitchy happen
  16. sifonin Augur

    Op here. We killed the council for our second time on the evening of the 14th with no bugs. However, the council repopped EXTREMELY fast. The respawn time was just over a day and a half, some two days earlier than we anticipated. I wonder if somebody from big brother was playing around with the tikimen???
  17. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    That's within the standard respawn window for current TLP's.
  18. phattoni Augur

    bumpity bump bump, this needs fixed asap.
  19. MabbuAgnarr#1 New Member

    I've never had this problem.

    Then again...When Mabbu shows up to kill the Rathe Council he brings the A-Team...and the A-Team DOESN'T DIE to little cartoon tree bosses.

    Mabbu brings the pain in its purest form. I mean come on guys, its a dozen little 3000 year old Trees, you can't kill some old, rotting, termite infested, trashcan TREES?

    You need a wiff of the greatest to inspire a victory...and this post is just that. :eek:
  20. AgentofChange Augur

    I also doubt Mabbu has ever killed a single open world raid boss in his life ;)

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