The Rathe Council Insta Respawning

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by sifonin, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. sifonin Augur


    Devs perhaps you could attempt to repop Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve? If the zone is reset for tonight and we beat it (which we have now essentially had the event bested on three separate occasions), our guild will have their last set for potime!

    Best wishes!
  2. yukan Augur

    The Rathe Council has been defeated several times now on Ragefire. Tempus had this same issue once, where we began burning the off tank mobs but they respawned far quicker than intended. It's not actually an instant respawn, its more like 30 seconds. But regardless it's far quicker than intended. It has not done this every time and it's clearly a bug. I think waiting for a patch to reset it, only to have it break again, without knowing whether or not it would actually still work is unreasonable. This issue definitely needs to be looked into.
  3. Dilf Augur

    When you encountered this bug, what did you guys do as a result? Keep resetting the event until it didn't bug out, or was there divine intervention from the devs? I'm genuinely curious if guilds have to wait out a fix, or reset it a million times.
  4. yukan Augur

    We let it reset, came back the next day, killed 1 of the mobs, and it seemed to respawn as intended. However for any guild that's pushing for their first RC event, I believe it's an unreasonable expectation to be left wondering whether or not the event will work as intended or not after making the push for your first win. The event is grueling enough as is. I know in False Prophecy's case they've tried on several occasions, and on every single one of them it's respawning in 30 seconds instead of 5-5.5 minutes.

    Guilds from Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinny have all confirmed the issue. I have no idea what the variable could be that causes it to work sometimes, and causes it to bug others. But given the long nature of the event itself it needs to be looked at sooner than later.
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  5. Silinius Augur

    We had this happen once on Lockjaw of the 4 or so times we've done the event. The first time, we didn't notice the re-spawn until killing all 12. The second go, we waited around 15 seconds or so after killing the first one and had a bard sit at the spawn point to keep an eye on it and it re-spawned immediately. The third time, we had a bard and a couple paladins sitting with the enchanters to make sure that the mezzed stayed engaged the entire time (had someone on target). We then waited 15 seconds or so after the first Councilman kill to ensure that it was working and kept an eye on it with every kill.

    It certainly adds another level of complexity to the first and I do think it's bugged... much like the Earth-A ring events being bugged out. Hoping that both will be fixed soon.
  6. Bewts Augur

    Be mindful there are certain requirements to be successful at the event; specifically all 12 mobs must be aggroed on a target when one dies or it will respawn.

    Perhaps there is something in your strategy that "randomly" may be creating an issue where a previously engaged mob is temporarily no longer aggroed (i.e. Has no target)?

    We encountered this as well on our first rathe kill, did everything correct and realized that upon killing the last one, all of them had spawned again. We took steps to ensure all mobs had a target and have been successful since.

    Good luck!
  7. Thorondor Augur

    Sounds like they're randomly proccing blur upon re-mezzing the mez targets. Perhaps the fix is as easy as making the mobs blur-immune. Are your enchanters immediately casting tash after every re-mez?
  8. Dilf Augur

    It seems like they are AE-tashing, punching, and doing everything possible to ensure they still have targets to prevent this from happening.
  9. Scornn Journeyman

    The RC is already flagged as immune to blur and you'll receive that message everytime you cast Bliss on them "This target is immune to the blur-portion of your spell"

    However, on Test they were NOT immune to blur even though the message was displaying properly, this was pre-pop launch on Phinigel when I last tested that.

    On live they DO NOT blur i've never encountered a situation there where they lost the agro of their target, but for safe measure we ensured we were casting tash after each mez on the 6 CC'able mobs.
  10. AgentofChange Augur

    This is because they did not have the mighty buff pre-pop. They added the mighty buff on all the PoP stuff like a week after it launched on Phinny.

    Or maybe that was just Time, I don't even remember anymore.
  11. Scornn Journeyman

    False, they had MoTM on RC on the test server at the time and it was never MoTM that mitigated the blur mechanics anyway, that safeguard has been there for quite some time. It was definitely PoTime that was missing MoTM
  12. sifonin Augur

    I just tested the event on the Test server with my 105 Necromancer.

    I face tanked all of the mobs to ensure they were ALL on aggro. As I started to kill the initial five mobs that were on me, I noticed they started respawning instantly after they were killed, as it has been occurring on TLPs.

    The strange thing was that, about half of the mobs did NOT respawn when I killed them outright. I pulled in the instant respawned mobs, killed them swiftly, and the Avatar of Earth spawned.

    What I believe is occurring, is that some of the Councilmen are appearing to be "double spawned" almost like the dusty warder ring event in PoE a. I was able to spawn the AoEarth after killing the second version of the initial mobs were killed.

    The bug is making it so that approximately eighteen councilmen were killed in order to spawn this Avatar of Earth. This really needs to be looked at.

  13. Dilf Augur

    Is it at all possible to burn down 18 in that ~7 minute span? That really sucks otherwise, and it appears that this isn't getting any Dev attention. Was this submitted to the bug tracker?
  14. sifonin Augur

    I think the idea Dilf, is that we would have to kill those initial six "clones" up front, one at a time, until they are respawning on a five minute and forty five second timer. Then we may give it a shot after trying to determine if all of the current councilmen up are unmolested.
  15. Holybeard Journeyman

    This is NOT BUGGED. This is intended to be the toughest fight in the game, it is intended to be a , and it successfully accomplishes both.

    I'm not getting into a pissing contest, but lets look at facts. Two guilds have killed it. It is MUCH stronger than the Phinny version, by design (like most things we get on our server, they are not gimped down everybody wins garbage). It is a little stronger than the live version as well due to motm. However it's not bugged, it feels properly tuned to me. We like it hard here. Separates the men from the boys. I believe FP will get it if they continue to try. Don't demand a nerfed version like Phinny has - defeat it properly like the rest of us.
  16. sifonin Augur

    How is it not bugged when they instaneously respawn after you kill the first councilman? The event was designed so that you had to defeat all twelve within a 5 minute 45 second time frame. How is it working as intended if you can't even expect the first mob you kill to start the timer?
  17. MaestroM Augur

    Don't feed the...
  18. Bewts Augur

    The very first attempt on Lockjaw yielded the same results people cannot seem to figure out. I don't think multiple spawns in the non-instanced Rathe is a viable issue.

    Did you knock the bark off each mob before killing the first?

    That seems like an intended part of the script and if you don't follow the script you're probably going to fail the encounter.
  19. sifonin Augur


    Last night, when we had the encounter nearly defeated, we had all six mezzables under 20%, and the other five tank mezz mobs at 3-5 percent each. We dosed and killed tank mezz six first, then swiftly killed 5 and 4 which were at 3-5 % each, at which point we realized 4 5 and 6 had already respawned (less than 20 seconds later). We then re worked the three Tm mobs that respaened, re beat down the mezzables, and got to the fifth mob before they started instantly respawning sgain. Big time head scratcher.
  20. Pinchos New Member

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