The Rathe Council Insta Respawning

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by sifonin, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. sifonin Augur

    My guild has successfully Tank mezzed the six tank mezzables, and had all the mezzables locked down, and for two nights in a row now, the tank mezzables (which we have been killing first) have been instantly respawning as soon as they are killed. We had two people punching each Mezzed mob for the duration of the time that we started killing the non mezzables.

    Is there any possibility of the devs looking into this event? Seems extremely buggy, when the whole goal is to kill all twelve of the councilmen before the 5 minute 45 second time frame? We have been beating our heads against this for half a week now, learning the event. We finally have it figured out, but something seems extremely broken.

    Thanks much!
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  2. Ziniktil New Member

    bump - please look into this.
  3. ctiveron New Member

  4. DryalRmog Elder

    This issue is on Ragefire Server.

    We have beat down all 12 mob to low life at same time multi times. Sometimes we kill one or two and get respawn (We are AOE tashing mes mobs, and beating on them with folks with no weapons on to keep them agroed).

    All 12 mobs are agro, all 12 are low life, but no mater what we do, in the middle of killing them 1-2 min in, we get insta repop, even when all are being agroed.

    Very buggy and frustrating.

    Can this please be fixed.

  5. Erichi New Member

  6. sivlle New Member

    This event is broken
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Had it happen to us on Phinny about a month ago in open world after around 3-4 months of constant kills with 0 issues. Never went back after that as it wasn't worth gambling that many peoples' time for meh loot on the chance the event is going to work correctly.

    Hopefully it gets fixed soon for you guys on RF/LJ and this doesn't get put off until Agnarr hits PoP.
  8. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Ran it just a few days ago on Thursday, worked fine on Phinigel server. So I guess it's not always broken, and we just got lucky. This was in instanced version though. Maybe open world is broken everywhere?
  9. DryalRmog Elder

    We have had the issue for 4 attempts in a row on Ragefire. Sometimes the resapwns are instant on first kill. Sometimes its on 4th kill. Sometimes its on 6th kill.
  10. Sindalari New Member

    This also happened to us as well, The Event is obviously bugged.. Something worth the Dev's time to take a look at.
    From Sindalari of Tempus
  11. crag79 Augur

    You realize that there is a 5-7 minute timer (never pinpointed it) that starts once the first is killed in which they all must die or they will begin to respawn in their original position.
  12. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Do you often just read headlines without reading any of the content in the article? :)
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  13. Anthym New Member

    Happened to us on LJ as well once. It also used to happen back in the way back machine. Event was always buggy as sin.
  14. DryalRmog Elder

    We realize there is a 5 min window to get them all killed, the issue is they are re popping instantly, or we will kill 4 of the tank mobs in less then a min, and they all repop after that. It's bugged, and as others have stated from other guilds that do it open world here have backed it up, the event is broken.

    It really sucks to call a raid, COTH or clear all the way to rathe, spend hours setting up , getting to the big moment having all 12 mobs perfectly under control, make the call to start killing, then the event bugs out on you.

    Then you call for a reset, it's alright, lets do it again! Then it bugs out on you. Then you try again, and it bugs out on you. Then you say it's alright we will get it tomorrow! Then you come back, do it all again. Then the event bugs out on you, for days, and days, and days.....

    It's broken. This is not our first time killing Rathe. Most of us come from guilds that's have killed it many times on live back in day, or from other recent progression servers. We know how he content used to / is supposed to work.

    It is broken

    Please fix it.

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  15. Pikallo Augur

    It obviously needs to be fixed, but if this statement is not exaggeration, you may want to consider not attempting the Rathe Council until it gets fixed.
  16. Dilf Augur

    So a guild who is ready for PoTime needs to wait until DBG decides to fix it on Agnarr?
  17. AgentofChange Augur

    This breaks after every patch. It's been this way for a few months. They'll fix it. One day they'll actually fix it to the point that it doesn't break everytime they patch the game.
  18. DryalRmog Elder

    Ragefire guilds have also reached out to phinny guild and it appears the broken Rathe issue only exists in open world, Not in instances.

    If it is not possible to lend development reasources to getting this live event fixed, would it be possible to add Rathe AOC on ragefire to allow guilds to progress to time without having to bang head on brick wall and hoping it doesn't bug out night after night?
  19. Pikallo Augur

    I'm simply saying that if the encounter is broken, and you know it is broken, perhaps stop attempting it and expecting a different outcome.
  20. Dilf Augur

    I know what you are saying, but it's near impossible for anyone to accept being blocked from progression due to bugs. With rotations going to kill all the other PoP targets, it's crucial to keep moving forward.

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