The random crash to desktop bug is back again

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gugagan, May 21, 2020.

  1. Gugagan Journeyman

    No warning, just random crashes to desktop, 4 in 2 hours on 18 chars
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  2. Diani Elder

    Yep, no warning no message, just poof gone. Same here.
  3. Pelrond Elder

    I was playing on test yesterday and it hit me twice.
  4. MasterMooCow New Member

    Crashed twice within 15 minutes today. Planning on staying offline today as I assume more downtime is coming.
  5. Pano Augur

    Here's the dbg log of when it happens:

    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00649:Dump generation request succeeded: C:\Crash\8b635bae-1170-4f8a-83ba-0dc0b83f3169.dmp
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00650:Fatal error occurred in mainthread! (Release Client #630)
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00651:Client Version: May 18 2020 17:44:08
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00652:Skin Directory: UIFiles\default_old\
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00653:Graphics DLL Loaded: Graphics DLL Version 2.00.118134
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00654:Graphics Build Date: May 18 2020 17:46:18
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00655:Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER,
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00656:Crash (char = Panorramix, zone = guildhalllrg)
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00657:Local Player's World location at time of crash: 22.839165, -387.342224, -17.594238.
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00658:Gamestate at crash = 5
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00659:Processor: 24 of type 586
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00660:Memory: Load: 38, Total Phys: 32696, Avail Phys: 20060, Total Page: 37560, Avail Page: 17448, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2682, FreeBlocks: 2031,141,71,67,60,36,22,19,19,15
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00661:CPU: AMD K5 10000
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00662:Pools: Temp: 1441792(17524). Persistent: 45773004(45707398). OnDemand: 9245176(9230147). Zone: 5111748(5083187)
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00663:MaxTextures: 113671k, CurrentTextures: 108903k, HighQualityTextures: 103158k
    [Thu May 21 12:28:46 2020]00664:Memory Mode: Maximum
  6. Treygolas Apprentice

    It's happening on Cazic as well. I'm going back and forth between Zoom meetings like I have since March and today I've had 4 crashes in the past few hours. Note: I usually have 3 accounts running at once, but only one will crash.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Had a few random crashes in raid tonight of people who almost never crash (including myself).
    EQ just locked up.

    In my case I was near the GD raid giver and just tried to move with arrows and froze.

    Another player I saw was in the grand guild hall and froze up there.

    (about the same time)
  8. Razaria New Member

    Both a group member and myself crashed trying to "Always Greed" while looting a spider leg in Qeynos Hills, happened twice before we realized what the issue was.
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  9. Gnar Augur

    I hope they are looking into this. This is the most annoying bug. For no reason Ive crashed to desktop multiple times, im talking a couple times an hour. Im using default ui. It doesnt matter if im just playing one account or boxing a couple. it appears to happen randomly and its not server specific. Its happened to me on Povar, FV, and Phini. Its kind of making the game unplayable.
  10. Vumad Augur

    This bug has been present since the ADV loot system was implemented and has never been corrected. It is not easily repeatable, except in arc-stone, but it does happen a lot.
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  11. Soulbanshee Augur

    Its a memory hog. Having too many items and then changing an option will run the client out of memory. Let stuff roll and clear items out where you can before attempting if there's more than 20 items (just me picking a low number).
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  12. lockjaws Augur

    Happened to me a few times as well. If it's truebox code, they should be getting spammed with warning messages.
  13. Soulbanshee Augur

    Don't use memory mode maximum, it is not stable. Use Minimum or Balanced.
  14. Vumad Augur

    This seems logical, except that I've had this bug occur with only a few items in the ADV loot window. As few as like 5.
  15. Soulbanshee Augur

    It doesn't happen immediately, but eventually after trying to change options with a lot of pending loot will still cause memory to overrun even when you are down to a few items. I've had it happen where I set to roll a bunch of things when the loot window is full and later on it'll crash out setting roll with only a few things.
  16. Nataheln New Member

    This bug is hitting me as well. Haven't had any crash like this prior to this week's patch and now in just the past two days it has happened four times!

    Doesn't appear to have anything to do with advanced loot to me. I got hit with it just standing in PoK twice.
  17. Gnar Augur

    I think there are 2 separate bugs going on from what im reading on here.
    1: random instant crash to desktop, and
    2: crash to desktop from advanced loot bug.

    Im experiencing the random instant crash and it started after the recent long patch. It never happened to me before that. I can be on just one account running thru a zone and for no reason crash to desktop instantly. Or have a couple boxes loaded up and have them randomly crash to desktop. Its pretty annoying and It happens frequently enough that the game is pretty unplayable for me at the moment. I am a lifetime member maybe they will fix it in a few years and i can play again!
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  18. Omegga Elder

    I've had crash to desktop a few times and also full lock up where screen froze and I had to hard reboot.
  19. Vumad Augur

    I crashed to desktop recently in the raid instance of velks after I picked up a vomit ground spawn, right clicked it, I crashed as I left clicked it to splash it away from the raid. Same mechanic as the group vomit splash, just happened to be in the raid instance.
  20. Gnar Augur

    I wish we could get a Dev confirmation they see we are reporting this issue on here and looking into it. I will sound like a complainer but jesus the games down for almost 2 days. I understand that, they were patching and merging and ran into some issues and they did their best. Now games back up and we have have 2 new crash bugs( a random crash to desktop and interacting with looting item/advloot), Ive never crashed randomly before in this game so its definitely something new from the patch. Now i appreciate the extra exp, rares, sale etc. But I cant even take advantage of it because the game crashes me to desktop a couple times an hour = unplayable.

    So please let us at least know your looking into it at least.

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