The queue prevents the majority of players with disposable income from playing

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shadix, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Shadix New Member

    Dear DarkPaw,

    By having this long queue for an extended people of time you are preventing the majority of working people from playing. As a result, you have less people actually buying subs or spending money on the DBG store. People who work tend to have more disposable income.

    What you are getting is people who can play 24/7 and do not have to pay for subs because they can farm for krono.

    Please find a way to allow people who work regular jobs to play this game, your company will benefit from it significantly with it's bottom line.
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  2. Nordgaren Elder

    They get more money for a Krono sub than they do for a regular sub, so how do you figure they are making less?
  3. Shadix New Member

    Most people buy Krono's for 5 dollars from a 3rd party. The system is saturated with Kronos so DBG is not seeing the money from Kronos they used to.
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  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They see the same amount of money from a krono regardless of the person buying it from Daybreak, acquiring it in game or via a third party site. The only difference is who originally paid for the krono.
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  5. Nordgaren Elder

    and all the new players who don't know about third party who probably bought Krono this month?
  6. Runes Augur

    I know these sites are out there and see this argument a lot that somehow money is being lost to Devs but unless these sites are cloning or somehow fabricating the Krono, the Devs got their money for the Krono already and its a resale.

    They may lose out on a particular customer who buys from the 3rd party site instead of a brand new Krono but the Devs have been paid for that Krono already.
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  7. Nordgaren Elder

    Not to mention, people are still buying Krono on other servers, and not all of them are buying from third party. Krono gets taken out of the system every day when people actually USE the Krono, and then SOMEONE has to buys more.
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  8. Nordgaren Elder

    So are you saying there's people duping/hacking in Krono?

    Wasn't that taken care of when it happened?
  9. Shadix New Member

    Actually they don't. The revenue from a krono is at time of purchase, not use. So if it was bought on ragefire and is now being resold by someone else for 5 dollars. DBG is no longer gaining money from Kronos.

    They need to instrument measure to pull krono out of the system other than subs. In fact it should be better then a sub so it draws an influx of the LARGE krono reserve that 3rd parties hold. Not saying pay to win, but something cool but not game changing. Bags, illusions, Resurrection coins, etc.
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  10. Nordgaren Elder

    So wait, you're complaining that there's not enough subs because the people playing don't have a disposable income, thus they are using Krono, but you also don't think a lot of Krono is being taken out of the system only to be re-purchased which and only happen via Daybreak?
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  11. Shadix New Member

    Actually not complaining, suggesting ways out of the current mess. Yes, people not working have plenty of time to farm krono and pay for subs. At least have the krono are free floating, purchased a long time ago. (If I gave you 17 dollars to help pay your electric bill 3 years ago, would that help you today with your electric bill?).

    DBG/Darkpaw's IT infrastructure is less robust then it was a year ago. This is a cutback issue because of lack of revenue. I am suggesting ways to help, not complaining. They need the disposable income of people working to keep the lights on. Businesses are about money. Working people 9-5 cant play on the server right now for the most part especially if they are on the west coast. If they cut the 3rd party krono sales business out then they receive revenue for new krono purchases and are able to upgrade their servers to end this login fiasco.

    Please note: I am not bagging on anyone who has the skills to do it all for free!
  12. Galaras Lorekeeper

    A Krono is worth exactly $17.99 (or different in bulk) to Darkpaw, no more no less. Not sure why people try and debate how much a Krono is worth to them.

    Also, generally speaking with Gift Cards (and probably Krono) the sales are not able to be claimed by said issueing company until they are redeemed because they still have an outstanding liability associated (game time in this case). As such, buying gift cards or Krono doesn't actually benefit the company until they are actually redeemed for goods and services.
  13. Sikkun Augur

    Why would I buy a Krono?
    There are many reasons to buy Krono. For example, if you're a veteran player with a lot of in-game currency, but not a lot to spend it on, you can use that extra currency to buy Krono from other players and turn it into game membership time. Alternatively, if you're a player without much in-game currency and can't buy things on the broker because prices are too high, you can consider buying Krono and selling them to other players to build up your in-game currency. You can also treat Krono as in-game commodities, and build up your in-game currency by buying and selling them on the broker for a profit.

    Notice subscription is a shortly mentioned one of many reasons you might want to buy Krono? People are using it exactly as intended, but for some reason EQ players like to argue that they are like gift cards or some other crap. Krono is a digital currency, like platinum, that can ALSO be redeemed for subscription time. It’s primary purpose is a currency.

    They are literally being used exactly how they thought they would enable RMT through them. Want an item? Buy Krono, get item. Need platinum? Buy Krono get platinum. Would Krono end up also being sold 3rd party? Of course they will. But you make more money being a player in the RMT market than not.
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  14. Itune1 New Member

    At the time of writing this there is currently a 136 minute queue to login just to play. I work a standard 8-5 and by the time I get home, eat dinner, hang out with my dog, the queue is already several hours long at 6:15. So by just past 8 pm I can finally play the game for an hour or two before I hit the sack for work the next day.

    It continues to baffle me that this company has implemented a queue system in a game that HIGHLY encourages players to play for long hours. tl;dr - cancel your sub if you're not happy with how things are being managed. Forum posts have never been a source of "change". Vote with your wallet.
  15. code-zero Augur

    I cannot believe that the stupid idea about "3rd party sites sell duped Krono" is still a thing. AFAIK every Krono has its own blockchain tracking. The illicit Krono in the past came from credit card fraud and got a LOT of people banned when they purchased it IIRC
  16. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I don't buy krono at all but after some google searching I still cannot find that mythical $5 krono everyone is talking about. Cheapest I've seen is $10 and the most expensive $13.
  17. Sikkun Augur

    Still amazing the amount of RMT that goes on. Especially in a time that gear is almost pointless and getting it yourself is not overly hard (ignoring server issues).

    So looking at those sites....plenty of people with disposable income are clearly still logging on.
  18. Kronotowin Elder

    Don't worry, the top Twitch Everquest streamer right now is a habitual RMTer. He makes at least Four Figures+ every TLP while streaming his farming. Ask yourself why someone would farm 500+ Krono every TLP.
  19. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Out of interest I googled the top twitch EQ streamer, the one at the top of the list has some streams listing 3 chars in his leveling. Wonder if there's another person on the stream with him or if he's three boxing on Aradune ;p
  20. Accipiter Augur

    No, he's just using it as a platform to whine about botters.
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