The Plat duper is buying up all Krono on Mischief and Thornblade

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  1. OpenSource Journeyman

    Just a reminder, the plat duper has 1+ billion in plat left on accounts that were never banned. They were laying low because it was kind of hard to buy Krono in the numbers they wanted in EC Tunnel.

    Now with the bazaar active they are now just buying out all krono at almost any price a few times a day. They do leave some of the most expensive ones though.

    Expect krono to be 60k+ on both servers by the weekend (they are already 45k up almost 50% since Luclin launch)
  2. Alnitak Augur

    Why do you think that is a "duper" ? Not true at all.
    I was informed by a source close to the Illuminati Council, that it's actually an EG7 intern has a project to buy up all the Kronos at any price. That intern just adds any amount of platinum to the bank and buys up all available Krono. 10 Krono per day justifies intern's salary, 20 Krono per day makes a pure profit. Invisible Hand of the Market freely grabs the content of your pockets.

    Illuminati forever !
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  3. Achillez Elder

    I predicted this happen multiple times. Krono prices went from 20-30 people selling at 32k-35k this morning to dozens being bartered for 40k+ this afternoon. It probably won't be overnight, but within the next week or 2 you will see giant jumps in krono prices and again nothing will be done. Luclin launch didn't double the economy's platinum in circulation but will certainly expose those accounts hoarding it.
  4. OpenSource Journeyman

    One of the telltale signs is that on every tlp since agnarr krono prices have DECREASED on luclin launch for the first few weeks, not gone way up like on these plat dupe/exploit servers.
  5. Achillez Elder

    Funny how after many people are talking about it and complaining in ooc and channels, the person buying 100 krono on multiple accounts dropped their barter prices from over 40k to 35k. Interestingly bought 2 krono this morning at 31k without issues.
  6. Slasher Augur

    lol this post lacks common sense. You do realize how easy it is to find an account with that much plat ? Even if you spread it out over dozens of accounts its all linked to your same PC same IP same everything. How would they not be able to find someone who duped that much plat just because he layed low ?

    You're here spreading false information so it spikes krono prices so you can sell what you got at a higher price. Its market manipulation 101.
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  7. OpenSource Journeyman

    Can't find something they havent looked for.
  8. Achillez Elder

    So you are implying the person that bartered 100 krono at 40k+ each when the next lowest price at the time was 33k was a ploy to upsell their own krono? This is not the commonlands tunnel anymore where you can falsely advertise, if you have a barter up - people can sell you it, sounds like way to much risk involved as a hoist to sell your own krono at marked up prices.
  9. Alnitak Augur

    Can anybody enlighten me about what can anyone do with those 100 Krono on Mischief ? Especially if you already have pp to buy those 100 Krono ?
    I am at a loss. The only use for Krono I know - to pay for All Access.
  10. Achillez Elder

    There is a certain market for them completely against the EULA where people sell, am not going to advocate or advertise it but feel free to google it yourself. I am happy to see in most cases though daybreak has taken strong measures in security for krono transactions.
  11. Gnothappening Augur

    A lot of us farm plat and buy kr with the plat, which we trade to raid guilds for raid gear. So when KR go up in plat prices it does hurt even the farmers, assuming there is actually duped plat in circulation.

    One person earlier mentioned that this is the first time kr have went up on luclin launch and I hadn't thought about that, but it is true. Coirnav and Mangler both had KR prices drop first week of luclin.
  12. Achillez Elder

    Agreed, for most people who farm plat/krono its a currency to upgrade gear for themselves/alts/friends.
  13. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    It typically dropped because the buyers in velious dried up and the pressure up was removed.
    Now the smart folk this time around were buying steady from about 28k - 32k for the last 6 weeks before luclin hit.

    In the last 2 days on luclin we've been buying everything below 40k and selling them between 35k - 40k even sometimes at a loss just because it makes all of the krono I hold more valuable. :D

    Early today on /barter over 4M in plat at 35k - 40k buyers and hardly any movement. :rolleyes:
    If you track /barter I'd bet that is is double or more plat waiting hoping they can manipulate it back downwards.
  14. RandomStrategy Augur

    You know how I know you're lying?

    You said "Intern Salary."

  15. suinegEQ Elder

    FV is also double the krono price of the other servers, must be “The Duper” with trillions of plat even though you can’t even have 1B on an account.
  16. ViciousEQ Elder

    Cowboys have been buying up all Krono on the Thornblade bazaar below a certain amount since launch of Luclin. This has at times left no Krono left on bazaar traders. Within a few hours usually more go up for sale. We had a lot of liquid plat on hand for Luclin launch but now that launch is over our need for it is dwindling. I imagine this has attributed to the perception that “some duper” is buying it all up.

    I disagree though, at least on Thornblade. In a few weeks I expect to see a massive amount of Kr for sale in the bazaar on both servers, and more competitive prices which will drive Kr prices down again a tad.

    Stay long and hold the Kr though, it will go up again.

    I firmly believe if anyone was holding 1 Billion plat we would see more evidence of that and daybreak would have addressed it/found it by now.
  17. Magician9001 Augur

    I personally appreciated the planed buyout price. I quickly noticed how much it was and was able to sell you guys hundreds of krono for 500p below it and then use that plat to rebuy an extra 8% krono back via barter. Making 52 Krono with a few mouse clicks a day made me very happy.
  18. Hashire New Member

    Do any of you guys actually play everquest or is this where you spend the hours you should be investing in real life capital, but instead sperg out on RMT pixels?
  19. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Half the fun of EQ is trading for some of us. It's a nice assumption to think that everyone trading is some lower class person you can be better than.

    I only make $1 dollar /quarter. I'm defiantly going to need some extra $ this year from income so long as I don't go above 19.75k I'm all good. :D
  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    What's the current krono price on Mischief?