The Plane of War (TLP PvP Server)

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  1. Zanarnar Augur

    I fail to see how thats true.

    Say I'm jerkbag #1 running 15 mages and 3 clerics; I roll up on your group at say, freeti.

    I push one button, 15 mages send their pet at 1 person and all nuke that 1 person; they're dead.

    sure you might manage to kill one of the mages before I target and blow up the next person in your group

    MAYBE one more before I've killed the 3rd

    by then though; your toast. The clerics auto-heal when someone gets hurt because scripting, so you might not even manage to kill anyone; even so if you do manage to kill a couple of the bot army off you won't stop them.

    Sure you could then convince your entire guild to come kill them but to say that you can't box in pvp is to ignore just how good the scripting and command mirroring is in these 3rd party cheat tools.
  2. Vlorg Elder

    it may be hard to 12-box army in the later stages of EQ ( I doubt that... bard speed mage pet with virulent talon on them, with DA rings on mages?)

    but in early EQ... send 6 pet on 1 guy, he's dead in 2-3 second.. next. mix earth pet with air pet in order to stun/root the guy.

    what about resist? it's not a problem in classic... but after OoW when everyone is running with nearly max'd resist ? On live whenver I duel as a wizard, even my lure-line of spell + wiz epic + focus of arcanum get an obscene amount of resist ( oh, and a ton of spell are disabled in PvP.. like instants or twincasts...)
  3. Dupre_MIM Elder

    I think people underestimate the amount of hunting parties there would be just out to kill mage box crews. Mage box crews would not survive. I know I would make it a sport myself.
  4. Vlorg Elder

    I think you underestimate how dedicated those mage armies are.

    There's a little guy on ragefire with 40 of them... yes, count them, 40 of them. that's 40 pet automaticly assisting and charging you at script-speed.

    Even better, those mage armies might unite themselves... so you'd actually have 80+ mage (shared amongst 5-6 player) sitting in plane of fear/hate, killing anyone that zone in and whose name isn't on the ''approved player'' script.
  5. Dupre_MIM Elder

    lol...Yeah not concerned.
  6. Reval Augur

    If hacking were locked out of the game, this might be interesting. I feel like pvp there would be a bunch of people fighting for a silver medal, but it doesn't mean that they can't have fun doing it. Also, mage boxes would probably end up being used with teams of people. maybe the clerics and a few key people don't box. The actual boxes if used well would still provide a ton of power. I would love to watch the "mage vs real player" battles as they evolve. I doubt it would end up being so black and white. Maybe you guys could post a few videos if this happens.
  7. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    PVP + M-Q-2 + Scripts would be the worst.

    PVP + no boxing / botting / scripts = maybe some fun.
  8. Porygon Augur

    You think 1 player, boxing 8 mages, a chanter and a druid, couldn't kill a group of 6 players??? I think you're nuts. And haven't played on these tlps.
  9. Ersatz New Member

    Box armies may have their moments when they're fully buffed and converge on a group, but they won't sit and farm spots for very long without being trained, beat down and corpse camped.

    I don't think box armies would be very rewarding in the long run. Being KoS to the population of an entire server has an impact.
  10. PvPer New Member

    I would still be playing if there was PvP in TLP.

    And to be honest, it is not that hard to kill mage armies. Moreover, it is easier to prevent the mage armies from leveling as most will be naked.
  11. Vlorg Elder

    how about a mage army sitting at the zone-in 24/7?

    '' you arn't getting in guk at all, there's 25 mage at upper guk zone-in killing anything that come in''.

    a GM can boot them out? wait, what, GM support on the PvP server?
  12. Sagnid Augur

    If you are looking for pvp. See our friendly Shadow Knight champion Sazzabi, or his apprentice Korrupt.

    Ps. Everquest pvp was always bad. It was never balanced, and never could be balanced with out major game overhauls. Keep dreaming please, but maybe you should do it on Red99.
  13. Thegoat Elder

    Do you think the attacking group is just going to stand still and let Mage pets hit them/nukes be cast on them? I'm not going to go in to detail but CC, environment, DA, and kiting can render Mage pets completely useless. Not to mention just 1 wizard getting a rain off will toast your group. Maybe if resists are completely hosed a bot crew would be semi-effective in small group PvP. There is no way they could be competitive in large scale or raids.